Box Of Imperial Roman Starter Army Miniatures

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Warlord Games

13 reviews for Box Of Imperial Roman Starter Army Miniatures

  1. Joshua Patrick

    If your interested in historic miniature war games, or just in historic miniatures like me, I think you’ll find Warlord Games Starter Armies a perfect way to get into the hobby. You will have a fairly large, quality, army at a very decent price. These figures are considered models, not toys. There is minimal assembly and as little or as much painting as your ability allows for. The figures are quite detailed and there is a fair amount of diversity in the poses you can assemble from the parts provided. For me this was a great purchase and I would recommend buying one or two if you are interested and I dont beat you to them first.

  2. Allan G.

    Excellent product. (perhaps a little expensive though) Fast delivery. Perfect.

  3. Andrew Marckini

    I was debating m giving this 3 stars or 4 stars but since I think the positives far outweigh the negatives. If you think differently then that’s fine. I do recommend this for anyone interested in Hail Caesar, the Imperial Roman military, or just want a bunch of models (specifically Roman models).

    -You will get a ton of models for a reasonable price (since trying to get the same amount as individual boxes would cost a lot more).
    -They are good quality like I said.
    -This gives you enough to make a few average sized Hail Caesar units.
    -many of the models are able to post in a few different positions

    -There are no instructions so while it is rather straightforward as to how to build them if you aren’t used to it you may have some problems
    -I’m basing my guys on individual bases and the auxiliary were not easy to base so they’d be able to stand base to base (because of the spears)
    -there are no officers. In hail Caesar a group of units is commanded by an officer and you’ll need multiple groups in an army. This set doesn’t come with any officers so you’ll either need to take 4 of the auxiliary guys and kitbash them into officers or just buy a few models that can be used as officers (Warlord Game’s site has a bunch you can get)
    -doesn’t come with bases. Wether you want to base the individuals or multibase is up to you but you have to get or make bases yourself since this doesn’t come with them.

  4. Amazon Customer

    these are great models solid detail and ideal for games like kings of war or other 28mm scale

    the quality of the plastic is good and the detail is nice its not quite games workshop for quality but they are not charging like GW either so i would say worth the money

    most figures are about 4 pieces with a torso and left arm, a sheild, a head, and a right arm with sword or javelin

    each model comes with its own oval base attached to the feet but you can carve off the base for a diorama

  5. Dylan

    A very value for money box. These are lovely sculpt in the classic Roman armour and shield. Down side is they are more a small 25mms than 28mm. Also the shields are smallish for the figures. But still like them and enjoying painting them.

  6. Ken B

    I ordered this set as a gift for someone who is really into figure painting miniatures. The detail is excellent and high quality.
    My original order was lost while shipping. When I contacted the seller they shipped a replacement the next day. If you are into 28 mm figures, these are well worth the price. I also highly recommend the seller for their excellent customer service.

  7. Sgtpjbarker

    Great boxset, a lot of fun to paint and build miniatures. As a Roman nut I ordered these to have but have slowly got more and more interested in the game. However I do not like the fact the box did not have the square basses nor instructions. Granted they are easy to build but it’s still a tad annoying.

  8. Dylan

    This is great product to start your Early Imperial Roman Army

  9. blucher1815

    Some sprues damaged which was disappointing. Relatively ok on delivery

  10. Richard95

    great little set, perfect for anyone looking to get into the hobby. You don’t get bases beyond the molded ovals on the sprues, but that means you can choose how your units rank up and so isn’t a problem as long as you have spares

  11. Diego Millan

    This company was no longer offering the full army, but since they forgot to take it off the site, they put the deal together and honored the product. It arrived in a day, which wad really surprising.

  12. Joshua Patrick

    Several arms that seem to be thrusting spears are backwards. Around d 15 or 20 arms like this.

  13. fofo gagw

    Al consultar el producto para su compra no advierte que son figuras para armar y pintar

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