Cobi toys 424 Pcs Armed Forces /5809/ Av-8B Harrier Ii Plus

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  • 510 high-quality components
  • Includes two pilot figures and an display stand with a name plate
  • Manufactured in the EU by a company with more than 20 years of tradition
  • Clear and intuitive manual based on drawings and icons and step-by-step directions
  • Fully compatible with other brands of building blocks

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

17.72 x 2.37 x 12.01 inches

Item Weight

1.34 pounds

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Item model number


Release date

September 13, 2022


Cobi Toys

13 reviews for Cobi toys 424 Pcs Armed Forces /5809/ Av-8B Harrier Ii Plus

  1. Lisa

    This is a great product. Very similar to Lego very realistic and instruction manual was great. I would definitely recommend.

  2. Jim S.

    Very impressed with the F14 model, so we tried this one. Instructions were inaccurate and the item was missing pieces. We had to substitute other Lego blocks to complete. Unfortunately, after being so pleased with the F14, we had high hopes.

  3. Happy Family

    Optisch wieder ein sehr schönes Modell von Cobi.

    Die Bautechniken machen Spass und vertreiben schön die Zeit.
    Sehr gelungen finde ich das Design der Seitenflügel.

    Die Harrier ist etwas empfindlicher wie zB. die F15, kann aber auch bespielt, allerdings könnte sich dabei etwas lösen. (was aber kein Problem ist, dann baut man es halt wieder dran)

    Preis/Leistungverhältnis für ein Made in EU Produkt super

  4. Royals fan

    Easy for my 12 year old to assemble. Some pieces were small and more difficult, but overall easy to put together. Strongly recommend if you like military aircraft.

  5. PD S.

    Really like the Cobi range of modern military aircraft.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Not first Cobi build by a long shot. As another reviewer mentioned, product arrived unpacked with a shipping label stuck directly the box showing what’s inside. Wasnt an issue for me but may be for those purchasing as gifts. Pretty easy to assemble, only took me like 2 hours while recovering from a broken shoulder on percocet. Couple of things left me a little disappointed with the final product though. First and foremost is the “half” figure included, i.e. a pilot with a head and helmet and torso and arms and no legs. Just a torso stuck in the cockpit which is I guess not light enough for a full size figure. Another thing was the somewhat flimsy attachment of the wings, I dont think they’ll just fall off but they aren’t as sturdy as could be. And finally was the landing gear, I get the harrier has a complex landing system, and numerous gear legs, but it would have been nice to have the gear folding and stowing. As is all of the gear is fixed in position and has to be removed entirely for and “in flight” look. Overall the model looks pretty good and was fun to build, but a few things keep it from being perfect.

  7. Marshall Akers

    The model was an easy build and good size 1/48 scale. Pretty solid design and looks great once complete.

  8. Happy Family

    En general es un muy buen producto, lo recomiendo bastante si tienes donde ponerlo, es un poco frágil y las alas se despegan facilmente almenos en mi harrier.
    El proceso de construccion es un poco largo, a mi me tomó 6 o 7 horas para construirlo, la calidad es bastante buena, aunque como mencione, las alas son faciles de despegar, considero que vale la pena si piensas empezar a coleccionar pues si juegas con el quizá se desarme, recomiendo poner todas las piezas pequeñas en alguna bolsa o caja que sea segura pues las piezas son muy muy fáciles de perder, Como dije, es un buen avion y el resultado es enormemente satisfactorio.

  9. Martha Dominguez

    when i was building this model some parts were very fragile. most notably the wings as they are at an angel, they would often detach from the model.

  10. Rylee Hormel

    Fast shipping everything is great other than the fact it didn’t come in a box so my husband found out what it was 🙁 it was a Christmas gift 🙁

  11. MariOharaUeharaShiny

    The wings are extremely fragile and the clip holding them will for no reasons at times come off and it will be a pain to reattach every time because other pieces will keep popping off

  12. Steve Jennings

    I stayed away from the more modern Cobi sets, preferring prop plans and WW2 vehicles, but this was a fun nice looking set.

  13. MacRon

    Vorweg Teile, Anleitung, Prints alles auf Top Niveau. Wie immer keine Fehlteile, hatte ich auch noch nie bei Cobi. Der Bau macht viel Spaß und es kommt keine Langeweile auf, die Anleitung erfordert etwas Aufmerksamkeit, gerade bei Curved Slopes die Unterschiede Formen und Höhen haben und man hier und da genau hinschauen muss aber das erhöht einfach nur dem Bauspaß, einziger Kritik punkt ist die Aufnahme der Flügel die etwas labil sind, es liegt nicht an den Teilen sonder an der Konstruktion, es ist daher zum spielen eher nicht geeignet. In der Summe ist der Harrier ein Top umgesetztes Modell des Senkrechtstarters. Weiter so Cobi

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