CubicFun 3D Puzzle for Adults Moveable Notre Dame de Paris Church Model Kits Large Challenge French Cathedral Brain Teaser Architecture Building…

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  • Upgrade and Creative Moveable Wall: New technology upgrade of CubicFun 3D puzzle, the openable wall allows the interior of the entire church to be seen, you can’t move eyes away from the awe-inspiring rose windows, as if you were traveling in Notre Dame de Paris.
  • Challenge Difficult Puzzles: CubicFun 3D Notre Dame Model included 293 pcs which may cost 6+ hours to assembling, all pieces fit together precisely. Achieve a great sense of accomplishment once completed.
  • Symbolic Centerpiece for Home and Office: Decorate your home and office with a realistic France gothic model kits. It will surprise anyone pass by. A best choice and birthday gift for men and women. Fun to build with friends and family.
  • 3D Foam Puzzles Assembly Experience without Glue: Made of green paper foam board, build-up size: 23 x 8.7 x 17.3 inches. Recommended age 14+. Be patient and careful.
  • 100% Satisfaction Service: All of our products come with a worry-free 12-month warranty, if you have any problems, please contact CubicFun Customer Service Team at any time, our friendly customer service professionals are always standing by to help.

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13 reviews for CubicFun 3D Puzzle for Adults Moveable Notre Dame de Paris Church Model Kits Large Challenge French Cathedral Brain Teaser Architecture Building…

  1. Shapley R. Hunter

    A good way to spend a few hours, and a nice display piece when done.

    The instructions are easy to follow. Pay particular attention to which side to install the stained glass window sheets, however.

    No glue is required, but it is helpful in a few places, as the connections do not want to hold. Overall, however, the pieces fit together very well.

  2. Charles Hines

    The game is so fun. A bit hard and requires focus so I don’t think it is for children but this is great for those who love to do something with their hands

  3. Charles Hines

    East to follow instructions and an appropriately challenging build. The end result is a detailed masterpiece great for gaming or just showing off.

  4. Erica

    This 3D puzzle of St Paul’s Cathedral is wonderful; the level of detail is incredible for a puzzle from the interior artwork and window panes to the brickwork and roof tiling, and the construction/’architectural’ design of the puzzle makes for such a marvellous and enjoyable project putting it all together one piece at a time.

    The pieces themselves are made of EPS and foam board, which makes them lightweight and pliable whilst still being strong enough to easily support the entire construction once fully assembled. The pieces are not ‘regular puzzle pieces’, instead the pieces are numbered, bespoke pieces that primarily intersect, which means each section requires something a little different.

    Constructing the structure is somewhat challenging compared to ‘normal puzzles’, but if you/the recipient has any experience with other construction models (Airfix, etc) or is simply able to follow instructions to the T, then they’ll be absolutely fine, a child could put this model together (provided they had the attention span).

    When fully assembled the entire model, inside and out, put together or opened up, looks simply superb! I am genuinely astounded by how great it looks, somewhat because my girlfriend and I have been building it whilst getting totally hammered, but mainly because I skipped over a fair amount of the instructions, yet I still have essentially zero complaints with how it looks or feels; it is solid even when manipulating the opening section, I am just so impressed!

  5. Ron P Anderson

    This is so well made, its beautiful. I am halfway through and its so much better than I imagined it would be when buying it. You get to put all the windows in and how it fits together is just perfect and well engineered. People who say the instructions are worthless I cant really understand as they are fantastic and well detailed. There are something like 76 steps well detailed (the book it huge).

    Hint: When you get to the spire it ask you to use a knife and make slits for the windows, just glue it in. The final effect looks better from the outside.

    I am so sad they don’t make other models this large as I would buy them all in a heartbeat. Im not really interested in the easy smaller ones. It the first one I did and its not overally complicated but its enough that its keeping me interested.

    Bought this for £35 on prime day and its really worth it.

  6. James H.

    I bought this model to do with my dad over lockdown etc.

    The instructions are clear, and easy if followed properly. Some fiddly bit, so if you have big fingers, you’ll need an assistant at some points. 🙂

    Two things I wish I knew at the start:

    1) The sheets are split into two categories. I got stuck on page 2 because my number 30 looked nothing like it should. You need to know that there are two types of boards, one with sticky back and one without. They are identified by round and square printed numbers both in the instructions book and on the sheets themselves. If you get to page 2 and it makes no sense, keep flicking through the boards towards the back and it will make sense.

    2) The windows needs to be applied so that when they are on the board, the letters printed on them are back to front as you are looking at them. This allows a thin plastic (at first unseen) film of plastic to be removed from the back of them after application – makes it much brighter, but I didn’t realise until I’d done the first set of windows.

    Generally whilst it’s not easy enough to put together in a couple of hours, like the London Bridge one, as long as you follow the instructions to the ‘T’ it’s perfectly achievable.

    I’d definitely recommend it to anyone that has a fleeting interest in this sort of thing. Difficult enough to keep interests, but not so difficult that you give up. I’m half0way through, and it looks amazing – really impressive.

    (I used the £8 off voucher and took out the credit card offer to pay £11 for it in total).

  7. l.chandi new

    Take your time and familiarise yourself with the detailed visual instructions and you’ll end up with a stunning, beautiful model of Notre Dame. The instructions are given through diagrammatic pictures and are really easy to follow. Some instructions may need a bit more concentration so be patient.

    The thought behind the design is commendable to say the least. I wouldn’t recommend this to a novice modeler but anyone familiar with level 3 Airfix capability should be able to work through this construction.

    At first sight it may look complex. Follow the instructions without deviation and you will succeed. I was tempted to “race ahead”, I’m pleased I didn’t and I stuck to the instructions without deviation.

    You will come across some fiddly bits but again, take it easy, don’t apply force and just coax the pieces together. Careful when you’re fitting the flying buttresses because it is possible to allow the top inside of the buttress to slip between the inner wall and the window sheeting. This happened to me but it wasn’t difficult to correct even though I’d moved a few steps ahead.

    The material used (plastic foam sandwich) is great to work with and I found if I squeezed some of the harder to fit tabs the bits fitted easier. The foam expanded again providing a very robust join.

    Since building completion, I’ve added internal lighting and these can be found at:-

  8. Anna Shtein

    Well worth the money, What you see is a very nice project when completed! HIGHILY RECOMMENDED!!!

  9. booklover

    I loved this so much, it was more fun than Lego and more interesting, one or two pieces were more flimsy but they were smaller and thinner, it’s quite sturdy and the color and design of the pieces are done very well!

  10. Ron P Anderson

    This clever model / 3D Puzzle manages to combine both seamlessly. I am about one third of the way through building the model and it is looking fantastic. The instructions are clear but require careful reading, as sometimes a part can only go together one way. A very clever design. Many of the joins disappear as the build progresses. The individual parts are clearly numbered and come in about 20 separate sheets of foam board. The individual pieces pop out of the sheets easily without leaving any scars or bumps, and click together without difficulty. The Stained Glass windows come in a large sheet, and look excellent. the instructions show when and where to apply these.
    I can’t wait to complete my beautiful model of Notre Dame Cathedral.

  11. Susan Reilly

    Let me start by saying I enjoy building models. I enjoyed building this. Sometimes.

    But sometimes it felt like waaaaay too much tedium. I almost always had to trim down the plastic around the windows to prevent it from blocking tabs or holes. So, make sure you have a small exacto knife.

    Speaking of the windows, they were poorly labeled and I made a few mistakes that meant I had to take things apart and rebuild. With each rebuild, the tabs and holes became weaker and more difficult to work with, making the hole structure weak.

    I also think that some of the buttresses could have been better secured to keep them
    In place instead of dangling all over the place, getting in the way, and being damaged. The pillars are sooooo delicate!

    I also think that the connection points between the aisles and the towers needs another connection point with a secure tab. The tab on one side was damaged when I tried to force them together. As a result of this one problem, my cathedral doesn’t stay together well. For such an important joint (where you’ll be opening/closing), it really needs a stronger joint.

    I am someone who puts together 1000 piece Lego sets in about 6 hours. This took me about 40-50 hours.

    So, don’t give this to someone unless you KNOW they really love cathedrals AND love tedious builds. Like, super tedious. AND that they are very detail oriented with surgeon hands. Give them the Lego version instead. It builds more quickly. It’s less delicate. And there’s a lot less frustration involved.

  12. booklover

    Gift for my puzzle loving parents. This was a great alternative. The picture is the work in progress. Doing a bit at a time to make it last. Really an amazing feat of precision and detail. Highly recommend.

  13. David B. Green

    There’s a sequential element to its construction, so it’s not so much of a big group effort like a jigsaw puzzle. But you could do it in three distinct parts (front, left, and right) and have fun together with two others. Finished product looks very nice and begs to be displayed. One review complained about the dangly nature of the flying buttresses. I initially thought the same thing until I realized you don’t just slide the buttress parts into the slot. You overlap them on to the adjoining wall -which made it VERY sturdy. You have to be ready to trim some window material or maybe even glue frayed pieces if they get mishandled, but it’s worth it to make the finished product perfect. Anyway, that’s why we build models, assemble things, and solve puzzles -to make it perfect.

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