FOXBITE Miniature Painting Holder, Painting Handle for Miniautres Paint Handle Compatible with DND Miniatures, Scale Model, Fantasy Figurines…

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  • 🎨MINIATURES NOT INCLUDED!!!By June 25th, We added 2 ends now so you can use the bottom for another base also added a metal plate with sticky tape for so you can use as base. Carry pouch, Wire stabilizer, Main holder, sample sticky tack, 8 bases in total, 3 small round, 3 small hexagon, 1 big round and 1 big hexagon.
  • 🖌️The mini holder makes your hand more steady which in turn improves your painting (rest your choice of fingers on the wire and have a point of contact that makes any shakiness less likely to ruin your finest strokes)
  • 💠Rotate the mini without rotating the handle, Paint up to 8 miniatures at a time,warhammer dnd
  • ⚔️The model should suffer no damage from the locking mechanism which consist in Sticky putty, Getting the miniature in and out of the holder should be quick and painless.
  • 😜You are going to hold onto this thing for long painting sessions. Getting a grip on your holder that fits your hand size and painting style is important to avoid cramps and hand injury.
  • 🪓Black Walnut Handle with a perfect fit for your hand allowing you to rotate and stabilize your pulse by using the metal support.
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8 reviews for FOXBITE Miniature Painting Holder, Painting Handle for Miniautres Paint Handle Compatible with DND Miniatures, Scale Model, Fantasy Figurines…

  1. Aaron Perkins

    Works great for painting miniatures. Looks nice. The support bar is fantastic. Happy with it

  2. Michael

    I absolutely love this handle! It’s so great that it has 6 small bases and 2 large ones. Means you can have multiple projects going without needing to buy a bunch of handles.

    You will probably need to glue the metal plate back into the bottom, but that’s easy enough to do with superglue. It would be nice if they would address that issue for future products- but for the price and the value you get, I’m not gonna focus on that too much.

    The handle is a great size, the metal bracket is extremely handy, and the finish on the product is super smooth so it’s nice and comfortable!

    I definitely recommend it and may even buy a second to have on hand if I ever need it.

  3. Benet Reynolds

    First off, it’s worth knowing this is the first painting handle I’ve ever used. I never understood the appeal, but I do now! It’s sized well for my pretty average-sized hands & its ergonomically curved to fit comfortably in the palm. I really like the metal hand-rest for stabilizing my brush hand. Since I started using the handle I’ve noticed my typically gnarled & carpal tunnel syndrome-prone hands have definitely felt better overall. I personally prefer the hexagonal topper to the circular ones, because I think they offer a better grip to rotate them. It’s lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap, and obviously the dark woodgrain looks great. Only one reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars: When it arrived, two of the magnetized bits in the toppers (seen in the first photo) had fallen out of their housing. This was an easy fix with a dab of super glue (which anyone buying this should have), and they’ve all been fine since. Thinking about picking up a second just to facilitate batch painting!

  4. Amazon Customer

    I get the feeling this will make me retire my Rathcore V3. Seems so much more user friendly. Review on my YouTube channel coming soon. UPDATE: The Holder Artifact has been absolutely amazing. I hardly ever paint anything below 150mm. This holder has not faltered or failed a single time while holding my larger pieces for painting. I do enjoy the larger “plates” because it allows me to paint a couple pieces at a time. I use museum mounting wax to hold my pieces in place so I cannot speak to the provided putty. But I do know there are no issues getting my museum mounting wax to work on the surface of the plates. The provided hand rest is very firm and stays in place wonderfully. The handle is extremely well balanced. There have been a few times I’ve bumped my table pretty hard and the holder has not fallen over. It’s such a great product and my son was so impressed, he decided to taker it with him when he left from his last visit. I’ll be ordering another one soon. Give the Holder Artifact a try, you won’t be disappointed, and you won’t be returning to your old method of holding your figures while you paint.

  5. Ketesah

    Please note: I don’t typically give out 5 stars unless an item truly surpasses my expectations.

    As far as mini painting holders go, this one is a bit above average. Handle size is reasonable and the magnet placement suits the work pretty well. It comes with a variety of “platforms” suitable to fasten varying sized miniatures on. I typically use blue tac under the base of a miniature to get things to stay. The removable stabilizer bar with top or bottom slots to attach it is nice. I did have one of the metal plates under a disk come loose but just glued it back in. (it’s not like I don’t have super glue handy while working). The only thing this holder lacks is a good way to connect small, pinned components like heads or parts that you want to paint separately from the main piece. If the creator made a platform that had a cork insert, that would likely solve the need.

  6. Mrs Shona Rhydderch

    Used this holder mostly for more GW models and its been absolutely perfect. The seller is super responsive and works with content creators and painters to consistently and continually improve this product. it holds large base GW miniatures easily and that has been its biggest draw for me.

    The smaller “Pucks” it comes with are great and allow for batch painting super easily.

    The rest/guide is super and the 360 rotation lets you paint in alot of awkward spots with a huge degree of comfort. The holder is really attractive and feels great in your hand.

  7. mark catalano

    I use this painting handle for my painting streams on Twitch, and it’s super handy. Great ergonomic grip, lots of swappable toppers so you can switch projects very easily. The wire handle is great as a hand rest, and I find that my hands aren’t nearly as fatigued after using the mini holder.

  8. Benet Reynolds

    This was a gift for my son. He loves to paint miniatures fits his hand very well. He’s able to paint several different characters with only a few quick changes of the base he loves the field of the wooden base in his hand. It’s not too heavy, where he his hand gets tired.
    Absolutely will purchase it again from the this seller

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