Games Workshop 99120107013″ Grey Knights Strike Squad Plastic Kit

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  • Grey Knights Strike Squad
  • This multi part plastic kit contains ten Grey Knights with Nemesis force swords, one of which can be built as the unit leader, a Justice.
  • 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases with which to make a Grey Knight Strike Squad.
  • grey knights strike squad
  • this multi part plastic kit contains ten grey knights with nemesis force swords, one of which can be built as the unit leader, a justice..10 citadel 32mm round bases with which to make a grey knight strike squad..Number of players: 2

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0.79 x 2.56 x 3.66 inches

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7.8 ounces

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10 reviews for Games Workshop 99120107013″ Grey Knights Strike Squad Plastic Kit

  1. Jacques-alain Lavallée

    Très bon.

  2. DMac

    If you’re the type of person who enjoys painting and detailing models as much as you enjoy actually playing the tabletop wargame, then these have got to be *the* coolest default Troops unit of any faction, with their intricate mix of SciFi, medieval, and religious trappings. The models are incredibly detailed, with engraved text on the Justicar’s pauldrons, as well as on the chest and leg armor of all 10, and a variety of intricate textures and accessories. The different helmets are relatively unique, and each backpack, chest plate, and leg set has different words/symbols and slightly different accessories, adding a lot of individual personality considering it’s a basic unit that can only survive 1 Wound per model. Different arm/weapon type/backpack options allow for a wealth of customization; the models can also function as Interceptors, Purifiers, or Purgators, and you can choose between a sword, halberd, pair of falchions, hammer, or Staff of Warding depending on the squad’s intended function within your army. …You might want to learn how to magnetize the weapons and backpacks.

    On the gameplay side, Grey Knights fans are all still patiently waiting for their 9th Edition Codex (soon?); maybe these guys will go up to 2W and Falchions will go back down in cost and we’ll see a lot more of them, or maybe the meta will continue to favor filling out your minimum troop requirement with Terminators and this box will remain more popular among lore fans, hobbyists, and kill team players than tournament competitors.

    Biggest complaint I have is the price point for 40k in general, but Amazon sells cheaper than Games Workshop at least.

  3. Dave Robinson

    He spent so much time on this and enjoyed every minute. No regrets.

  4. Chris C.

    Got the product sooner than expected. Brand new in box so all is good.

  5. Cassady Quigley

    This kit lets you build a squad of 10 Grey Knights, as either a Strike Squad, Purifier Squad, Inceptor Squad, or Purgation Squad. There is a huge choice of weapons, and the models have a lot of great detail not found on most other space marine chapters. They were a lot of fun to paint, and even more fun to play in Kill Team!

  6. D. Lee Loftis

    Fast shipping, arrived a little sooner than expected. Very pleased!

  7. Lorgo

    Great, high quality models. Easy to assemble and highly detailed.

  8. Scott Liddell

    Quick shipping great quality good price all good for me👌

  9. AlphaGeek

    Arrived fast, local shops didn’t carry these. So glad to have in .y collection

  10. Damian Hall

    Great minis for 30k or 40k (I think)

    Tough to put together as my first attempt at this sort of construction.

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