General Jim’s Military Building Blocks Set – World War 2 Military Army German Tiger Tank 131 Model – 1018 Pieces Building Brick Set – Toys for…

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  • General Jim’s Military Building Blocks Set – World War 2 Military Army German Tiger Tank 131 Model Set
  • The Tiger I is Germany’s most famous heavy tank of WWI. It’s main weapons were a 88mm gun and two 7.92 mm machine-guns. The Tiger 131 was built for a crew of 5. It was employed from 1942 in Africa and Europe. It was called the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E often shortened to Tiger. Tiger 131 is the world’s only running Tiger I tank, it is in the UK Tank Museum. It was captured on 24th April 1943.The Tiger 131 was the first intact Tiger tank captured by British forces. The set has 1018 pieces+ a set weapons for soldiers. The turret rotates 360 degrees and can be adjusted horizontally.
  • Great addition to your military themed building lock bricks collection. Compatible with all major brick building brands.
  • No Builder Left Behind Guarantee: Have a problem with your order or need replacement parts? Please contact us through buyer/seller messaging. We strive for the best customer service!
  • Product comes unassembled in original packaging with detailed printed paper instructions.

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9 reviews for General Jim’s Military Building Blocks Set – World War 2 Military Army German Tiger Tank 131 Model – 1018 Pieces Building Brick Set – Toys for…

  1. Jeremiah Turner

    What a great build this one is. If you’re a wwII buff this is a must build. Great customer service to boot.

  2. ralphjesmer

    Had NO idea the Minifigures would not be included ? It was the main reason for the purchase ! It mentioned in add the the weapons for the soldiers are included ,silly me just assumed the soldiers that are in the picture would be included? Seeing how there’s weapons for them ??? NOT happy ! And I cannot find anywhere that I can even get them ??

  3. Jason Bee

    Before I even begin writing a review of this tank, I want everyone to understand that this is the Quan Guan Tiger 131; it is not made by General Jim’s, but instead resold by them. Quan Guan’s set is a knockoff of Cobi’s own Tiger 131 Tank–thus, you are basically purchasing a knockoff of a knockoff. That being said, this is still a great set. If you’re like me, you were probably hesitant about buying this product. There aren’t a lot of in depth reviews, and there really isn’t that much available from the seller. Allow me to put your mind at ease; General Jim’s shipped me my tank quickly and even included minifigures in the box. The set was originally made with minifigures, but this site states that none are included; maybe I just got lucky. I wouldn’t get your hopes up with regards to included minifigs, but I did receive six of them. As far as bricks go, most of these are pretty good quality. I only ended up missing one piece and even had some very basic bricks leftover. The build is of great quality and the tank is extremely sturdy. The tank tracks are also excellently designed and great for play. While I was building the tank, I had several very frustrating experiences with my assembly. I would not reccomend this set for children under 16; if I struggled to get some of these pieces together so much, I can only imagine how it would be for a child. The included weapons are cool; I really like the MG42 model and the added shovels and grenades are nice as well. The tank itself really is awesome; the chassis is huge and turret fits well. I’m not sure if the model is to scale, but it certainly looks menacing! You can find this set for FAR cheaper in multiple places, but I would suggest you buy from them at your own discretion. If you can spend the extra money, buy from Amazon. IMO you are more likely to get your product and won’t have to wait for extended amounts of time. All in all, I recommend this set! I think General Jim’s will receive more money from me in the future; they have a lot of interesting products and even include a catalog in the directions for the tank.


    It was easy to assemble and I had no missing pieces.

  5. Matt

    very nice

  6. Isaiah M.

    Got this for my 9 year old son that fascinated by world war II. I was surprised by detail the tank has totally wasn’t expecting that. The assembly instructions could be a little more detailed son struggle a little to build it . Over all very happy with the purchase

  7. Frank Jansen

    I Managed to Somehow Build it completely, but 2-6 different pieces didnt work how they were suppose to, or Were just bent completely to where they are absolutely useless. But It was Fun, and I have a cool looking Tank now. 👍

  8. Isaiah M.

    I want to like this product! I’ve been trying to collect some historical Lego tanks from General Jim’s for awhile now! I love General Jim’s Lego Tanks! But this one, I think I just got a bad batch. There are a lot of pieces missing from this one and I was very disappointed. It may not matter to others but I know that even the small details matter here and there to some and I hate that I had to use substitute pieces for this build. I even had to use pieces from some of the other General Jim tanks that I have. (Spare pieces of course) Over all, I think it’s a great build but probably the most hardest one. It’s very fragile. I did not experience that with my other General Jim tanks. I own a T-34-85, IS-2m, and a Panzer IV and I didn’t have as much of trouble as I had with this Tiger 131.
    I hope that others who read this, don’t experience the same thing I did. General Jim’s makes great tanks and mini figures and I’d recommend them to all! Just please add more pieces to your sets!


    my son loved this i spent half of what i would if i would had bought it on the military lego sight.

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