Guillow’s Junkers JU 87-B Stuka Model Kit

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  • Junkers JU-87B Stuka a 16 1/2″ wingspan
  • Features die-cut balsa parts, full set of decals, tissue, plastic parts and a 24-page building booklet
  • Perfect entry-level model plane kit for builders ages 10 and up
  • Complete instructions for building either to fly or for static display
  • Made in the USA

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Cartoon Character


Item Dimensions LxWxH

13.69 x 1.75 x 4.5 inches



Item Weight

4 ounces

Product Dimensions

13.69 x 1.75 x 4.5 inches

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Flat River Group

Date First Available

October 2, 2001

13 reviews for Guillow’s Junkers JU 87-B Stuka Model Kit

  1. Ronald Boyd

    Really good example of the Guillows range, be careful over the wings sections as you could get them the wrong way around!! and good history for this plane.

  2. Maury

    Real fun to build. I build a lot of balsa models and this was one of the best I have seen. I only build for display, so I added bomb and everything a Stuka had and it looks great! I always replace the stock propeller with one that is more historically correct. If you buy Guillow, make sure you buy the laser-cut models as the other can be hard to punch out the parts.

  3. SimonPaytonArtist

    Excellent model when completed but the instructions need to be upgraded.

  4. James

    Great seller- really fast shipping. Also was not aware that this was a laser cut when I bought it which was surprising for the price! Lazer cut in my opinion is the only way to go anymore since the pieces are much more accurate and easier to assemble.

  5. Anonymous

    love their product. Have purchased many.

  6. Charles Flevill

    Excellent product. Perhaps a little disappointed with el cheapo plastic wheels!

  7. Stephen Johnston

    Great kit from Guillow’s – updated from die cut to laser cut makes it a better kit as well as from 1/20th (.050) thick to 1/16″ (0625). Built these kits back in the late 1960’s but these are much better than those days, as well as the tissue paper is much better quality. Paired with the new CA adhesives (Zap-a-Gap) they are a great hobby I am glad I got back into. And the advise to use white glue/water mix to attach the tissue is much better than the old clear dope option.

  8. M R TEALL

    The lazer cut bits are easy to build,the stuka kits not the best flyer but its still alot of fun to build and looks great

  9. J. Miller

    First build, P-51 Mustang, went very well and looks great. Used the now hard to find Nitrate Dope for the covering. Yeah, it can get you high and then make you sick but just treat it with some common sense (like people used to have once upon a time) and read the precautions. There is nothing better as a long lasting paint base for the silk span covering or as a sealant for the balsa in a non-hot fuel situation. And, it gives a medium shrink not pulling the covering to tight causing it to pull away from the frame in places. And it won’t sag when you paint it. And you won’t find it on the River. Just make sure your glue is compatible. Your can always test it on some scrap pieces first. One of the grand-kids saw the Mustang and liked it a lot and began asking for his own. But I have 4 grand kids so I bought 4 +1 more of these for myself in this series with close model nos. All with 16″ – 24″ wingspans. The larger ones are just stupid $$$$ for what they are. The only Con so far is the thickness of the balsa is not what it used to be. Even decades later since I built these in the 60’s I can tell it is all thinner. But, the pieces all separated easily and fit well, even the non-laser die cut ones. The Mustang does actually fly some but I beefed up the landing gear structure which seemed quite flimsy as designed with the thinner wood. You don’t get more than a few seconds of power out of the rubber band though. Be sure to shop around for the best prices. They vary a lot and it adds up esp if you are buying more than one. If you are really interested in flying these get one that says “Endurance” on the box.

  10. JEM

    cannot go wrong

  11. Joseph J.

    I’m very experienced at building these. The Stuka is the most difficult of the 500 series. The longer trailing surfaces on the wing need cross bracing or the shrinking tissue may deform them. The inverted gull wing is also a challenge to get right. As noted, the instructions aren’t that great and the lack of laser cut parts, cheap pieces of balsa, make accuracy more difficult. I find that half of a double edged razor blade is handy for cutting balsa. Also, the quality of the decals varies a great deal from kit to kit.

  12. andrew sanders

    A good product. Would order from seller again with confidence.

  13. Maury

    this kit…so you want to build a balsa kit…total fun until you want to paint it. you need to develop this skill before you try it on the kit you just built. guillow no longer has any paints.soo..when you go to the hobby will find out you are on your own, a lost art .they will tell you to make a test set up a grid with balsa sticks and doped tissue …and try to see what diffent paints do to it….do it or you will ruin your kit..if you followed guillows book and use wood glue as a dope. the tissue will sag with each painting….good luck, these kits are not for the faint of heart..the guy at our local hobby store started to buid one tossed it in the trash. went back to plastic.

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