Model Expo Insta Cure+™ Super Glue CA 1 oz. (Gap Filling)

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4.8 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches, 1.59 Ounces

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October 15, 2019


Bob Smith

8 reviews for Model Expo Insta Cure+™ Super Glue CA 1 oz. (Gap Filling)

  1. Sgonz

    Wood ship model
    Very easy to use
    Just what I was looking for

  2. William Imhoff

    Glued my pla printed Rc plane together. Glue a life sized printed cow print and worked fine.

  3. RoyMoebs

    I’m a avid bowler and have to change my grips a lot and found out this is the exact glue my ProShop uses to glue grips in. Just a different label but same ingredients!! Strong and fast drying!!

  4. D. Abbott

    I’ve been using allanner of adhesive for around 30 years, inclusive of other common cyano acrylates (super glue, etc.). In that time this is the absolute worst I’ve ever come into contact with. 5-10 second set? Ha!!! I timed it. 2.26, no that’s not seconds, it’s minutes. Knowing the dangers of cyano acrylates sticking things together, I was worried about getting it on my fingertips as I worked. Not with this stuff, I’d confidently bathe in it knowing I could hose it off before it dried.. any that managed to dry would peel right back off like snake skin. I am thoroughly dissatisfied, and even for you hobby modelers, this is not the stuff. Look elsewhere. Your results would be better with Elmer’s.

  5. William Imhoff

    I typically use other glue but this time I chose to use this and it did not go well. First, i got terrible allergies with this glue. It was my first time using it and did not realize that this caused me severe allergies. It has a strong smell too. I did work with with for long hours so that made it worse.
    Second, it does not glue as fast at it says. I had to wait a few 2-5 minutes for it to glue and dry.
    Will not buy again

  6. Jordan Thomas

    Its defiantly Super and Glue. good for what it is.

  7. big daddy

    When I tell you I was flabbergasted GAGGED at how well this stuff works.

    The bottom of my Demonia was peeling off. One day after applying and it’s good as new. Foam to rubber and it feels stronger than before.

    Worth every penny for shoe repairs, and it could probably stick whatever else you got together.

    Definitely not for craft purposes unless you’re going sicko mode, but hey I’m not gonna judge someone who wants industrial strength adhesion for scrapbooking

  8. Stephen

    This is a private label for Bob Smith Industries super glue, which is simply some of the most reliable CA glues for the price that I’ve come across. I’ve tried a dozen different brands, and I’ve been most satisfied with this one. This is a thicker glue, which means it will stay in place and not run all over what I’m trying to assemble.

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