New-Ray World War II Replica Fighter Air Planes ClassicAircraft P-51D Red Tails 1:48

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  • 1/48 scale Model
  • Hand assembled and hand painted model
  • Highly detailed throughout including fine panel lines and intricate cockpit
  • Molded completely in plastic to ensure fine detail

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

9.84 x 3.54 x 12.6 inches

Item Weight

7.4 ounces

Item model number

20235 SS

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



New Ray

13 reviews for New-Ray World War II Replica Fighter Air Planes ClassicAircraft P-51D Red Tails 1:48

  1. BrightSide

    The box included two right-side elevators instead of a left and a right; they’re not interchangeable, so it couldn’t be assembled. The fits and flashing on the main gear and their doors on the one we got were such that they couldn’t install and/or function. The mold parting lines on the stand were so far apart that they couldn’t engaged the mating component on the plane. So… not great.
    My 10 year old saved up a lot of his $ for this ($21 after S&H and taxes) and was super excited when it arrived. So the contrast was pretty heart wrenching to watch. Actually, I guess it was a pretty good life lesson for him -and that’s kinda worth $20 I guess.

  2. RHMC-buyer

    Easy to build and looks great! Most everything fit well together, just a couple of misfits, but overall fun and great looking!

  3. Thomas J. Doran

    When I was a kid I I made loads and loads of airplanes and cars from kits form. But this isn’t like that: this is made to be assembled by a professional in some sweatshop somewhere. You absolutely have to have glue or you’re juggling three or four pieces together and try to hold them in place when you assemble. After quite a while I did get it together although the landing gear was pretty fudged. This will try your patience. Yes, it does look cool when assembled though.

  4. Manuel G.

    Ce modèle est en 2 partie pour le fuselage et est à viser. l’assemblage est au final une catastrophe et le montage des trains sur le fuselage n’est pas mieux. Ce modèle est au final à déconseiller à l’achat d’autant plus vu le prix du modèle. Il ne vaut clairement pas 30 euros.

  5. Townya

    Nice colorful and durable

  6. Amazon Customer

    Wasn’t aware that would have to glue together. Glue wasn’t included.

  7. Client d’Amazon

    Vraiment, pour ce prix, les pièces de l’avion étaient de très mauvaise qualité et même certaines d’entre elles de pouvaient être placées ensemble. Mon petit-fils a été extrêmement déçu !!! À ne pas acheter.

  8. Bryan

    Arrived quickly. But it is NOT a model to be built in the normal sense. Only a couple of pieces to be snapped together, comes prepainted and decals attached.

  9. Patrick

    I bought this as a gift for my friend who actually flies her plane. She was very surprised at the attention to detail!!!

  10. Liz

    I’m not a big model builder or collector, but I enjoyed this purchase. I wouldn’t be afraid to let a kid play with it. A few things to know (I bought several of these for a project, so I got experienced putting them together): the pieces are in the blister wrap TIGHT and will go flying out when you finally pry them free. Look sharp for the clear plastic part, it’s hard to see! I threw my first one away without realizing it was still tightly wedged in the plastic. No glue required, but some were easier to put together than others, and a needed a metal nail file to file down some plastic parts (especially by the landing gear) to make everything fit. I also had to file the plastic on the stand to get it to fit in 1-2 of the planes. Not everything fit perfectly, and sometimes it was difficult to get things to stay together long enough to get a pin on. The directions aren’t very helpful, and I put a pin in close to the tail, but put it in where the tiny back landing wheel was supposed to go and it was HELL to get it back out when I realized my mistake.

    Overall, fun building project to make a toy plane, and talk about the Tuskegee airman!

  11. Jose Gutierrez

    Los Pernos no entran debidamente algunas piezas se les tiene que recortar el material de muy baja calidad instrucciones muy difícil de entender hay piezas que tiene uno que adivinar

  12. Suzanne M.

    An absolute waste of money. Not sure how it received the reviews it has but it comes in kit form, cheap plastic that doesn’t fit together. Please don’t waste your money. I now have the hassle of returning it!

  13. Book Gnome

    I bought two of these kits as “escort planes” to accompany a large B-17 bomber model of the same scale I plan to hang in my home library. The kits look just okay, with imperfect painting, mediocre parts fit, and one very visible screw. This is not a kit for kids, despite its apparently simplicity and no need for paint or glue. What makes this kit hard to assemble are VERY tight parts fit, and the amount of pressure you need to apply to the screws when tightening them all the way. You need a fair amount of strength and a better screwdriver than the kit comes with to do it. From more than a few feet away this model looks acceptably good and I’ll have no complaints from the distance I’ll be viewing it hanging from my ceiling, which is mostly what I based my review score on. However, if you gift this to a child make sure an adult will be around to help.

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