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  • MOLECULAR MODEL KIT: This educational molecule modeling kit is designed for easy chemistry learning for organic, inorganic and functional groups. The model kit caters to both beginners and advanced science and chemistry learning. Develop, architect, and unleash your chemistry genius.
  • BONUS LEARNING GUIDE AND MOLECULE STENCIL: This model kit for organic chemistry comes with an 8-page instructional guide to easily identify all atoms and connectors as well as a molecule stencil for drawing structures on paper. Delivered in a sturdy plastic box with four compartments for storage and portability, its a complete toolkit to help learn organic chemistry.
  • 3D VISUAL LEARNING: The 239-pieces molecule model kit is built for students from Grade 7 to graduate level, with color coded bonds to help visually understand and demonstrate the structure and geometry of compounds. All atoms are color coded to universal standards, making the Old Nobby Molecular kit your best chemistry friend.
  • ASSEMBLE COMPLEX STRUCTURES IN MINUTES: The organic chemistry molecular model kit contains high-quality atoms and bonds that seamlessly connect and disconnect to ensure you don’t get tired fingers. Bonus link remover included to make the task of dissembling your molecular atom model kit structures super easy and fast.
  • FUN AND EFFECTIVE WAY TO LEARN CHEMISTRY: Learning complex structures in 3D with color coded atoms, plus your bonus learning guide means the organic chemistry kit is designed to serve your chemistry needs for years to come. Whether you or your student have used a chemical bonding kit before or not, getting used to this kit will be a small task.

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Old Nobby

13 reviews for OLD NOBBY Organic Chemistry Model Kit (239 pc) – Molecular Models Kit with Atoms, Bonds, Instructions – STEM Science Kits for Kids Toys Chemistry…

  1. LDonna York

    Great for O chem! I think this size set was about right when you need to build bigger molecules you have lots of carbons

  2. Thomas J. O’Pray

    I am a chemistry teacher and found that this is a great product students at a very reasonable price. It has just enough units to make small molecules with varying bond types and it can accommodate VSEPR shapes which is most helpful. The kit came nicely packaged and included a nice molecule stencil (shown in picture). The quality of the links and spheres feels durable.

    Typically my students would use the kits we have in the classroom, but with COVID and at-home learning, I have encouraged them to find a kit to keep at home for themselves.

    Of course, if you are looking to create large molecules (great than 15 carbons) or multiple carbon molecules at once, then you will need a larger kit.

  3. Alicia Hovanas

    I just received the kit in the mail this evening and my only regret is that I wish I would have purchased this sooner. I was able to get through a full year of General Chemistry without using any models but I got to a breaking point with Organic Chemistry. This would have been so helpful when I was learning how to conceptualize Newman Projections, but I was able to work really hard and mostly get by. Chirality and assigning absolute configurations feels basically impossible without the model kit.

    If you’re taking O. Chem, do yourself a favor and buy the kit as early into the term as possible. Skip a few meals. Mow your neighbor’s yard. Sell something on eBay. Do what you need to do to get this kit.

    The molecules are really easy to build and pretty sturdy (especially if you’re mostly building chains with some methyls throughout the carbon chain and some functional groups here and there). However, if you build a ring structure like a hexene with some significant groups, the weight of it will pull on some parts of the structure a little. As long as you’re using both hands, this isn’t problematic, and really, we want the pieces to be flexible. I found the weight to be a little cumbersome when I built t-butyl-3-fluorine-3-methylcyclohexane, despite using two hands. But really, it was just the t-butyl group that was the thorn in my side.

    All in all, I’m really pleased with this purchase. There’s tons of pieces and I like that the box it comes in is partitioned off into 4 sections so you don’t have to keep the atoms and bonds in the baggies in order to keep them organized.

  4. Alicia Hovanas

    It’s a family company with a good story! It was required for a unit in a course I was taking, and I found it helpful to visualze the molecules we were learning about.

  5. Caitlin

    Very helpful in chemistry class

  6. Noah

    Everything is good & as advertised. It also comes with a chemistry utensil that I wasn’t expecting. This will save me a ton of time in taking notes for organic chemistry.

    The only thing I wish for is just a few more carbon & hydrogen atoms. For instance, it would be nice to be able to build a phospholipid molecule (as shown in the picture) with longer hydrocarbon chains so an adequate version of an unsaturated lipids can be demonstrated.

    Great product.

  7. torontotraveller17

    I’ve always had trouble visualizing the molecules and now more than ever with my online classes. It’s high quality and so cheap for what it’s worth. Thank you so much for making my molecular chemistry classes easier and more fun!

  8. Allen

    The pieces are not too big and easy to join. Once joined, they are pretty strong and the bonds can only be broken if you apply a normal (perpendicular) force to the hole.
    One thing I don’t like is overall box design. Instead of making it an attachable lid, its just fully detachable and held together by rubber bands. Can’t wait to drop the box and having 200+ pieces scattered everywhere. However, if you overlook its flaw, the product is really good.

  9. torontotraveller17

    The set is perfect for students studying or interested in organic chemistry, the amount of pieces included is perfect for any model building that you would encounter in class and is very helpful in visualizing theoretical and complex structures. The box, although not as important as its contents does not have a lid that closes very well, it just rests on top of the box, which can make transport and storage difficult.

  10. ChemProf

    As a chem prof, I love molecular model kits. I bought this for two boys with interests in science. This resembles the old MolyMod kits, but I think that the materials are better and are slightly easier to use. It is of modest size, but then for me there is no such thing as a kit that is too big. For inorganic chemists, it is deficient in an adequate number of balls, with coordination numbers greater than four, but as a standard beginners kit, it is a good start.

  11. Whatley

    My college student is using this when studying for inorganic chemistry. The visual rep makes it so much easier to understand.

  12. Maude Bertrand

    Let me just say this is a fun molecular model. This is not what I want for organic chemistry, for instance, it doesn’t fully represent VESPR and I find it difficult to work with triple bonds. hence, I purchased another molecular model by the brand Darling, which my uOttawa Orgo professor reeccomended.

    That one set me back a cool $40 with shipping, but it feels more depressing than the old nobby. The darling molecular model is much less attractive and fun, but it is better suited for hard science. The Old Nobby is like a toy. If I was in grade 7-11, I would be very happy with the old nobby.

    In the end, my sister (12 years old) came in and took it. It sparked her curiosity, I think. I feel like she learned a bunch and I will be using this old nobby model kit when I tutor.

    It was shipped without a bubble mailer, which I don’t know if that was by Old Nobby’s choice or by Amazon, but I was glad. Less bubble wrap for me to throw into a landfill.

    This review was left because the family behind Old Nobby is delightful. I signed up for beta testing and received a prompt reply from them. Apparently Paul reads all the reviews. Hi paul!

  13. linda heath

    My granddaughter asked for this to use for a molecular biology class at UCBerkeley so she could learn to draw a 3D molecule for something for her class and said this was a great help

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