POWERUP 2.0 Paper Airplane Conversion Kit | Electric Motor for DIY Paper Planes | Fly Longer and Farther | Perfect for Kids & Adults | Ready to Use…

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  • -FLY LONGER & FARTHER – Beat the world record for the longest paper airplane flight time easily by fitting your paper airplanes with our high-quality paper plane engine designed to provide you with over 30 seconds of flying time.
  • -FOR ALL AGES TO ENJOY – No matter the age, flying your POWERUP 2.0 paper airplane is a fun activity from kids to grandparents. Whether you would like to relive the good old days from your childhood or you are looking for a fun game to play with your child, our paper plane can do it all! Our conversion kit can also teach your kids the basics principles of physics and working with simple electronics.
  • -FLY WITHOUT WORRIES – Crashes are an inevitable part of this hobby. This is why we designed our paper plane conversion kit to be super durable. Its carbon fiber propeller shaft and ultra-tough rear propeller are virtually crash-proof.
  • -LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD – Engineered to work with a wide assortment of paper plane designs, you can experiment pretty much whatever type you could build as long as it flies on its own.. The pack even comes with simple designs to help you get started.
  • -FLY MORE OFTEN – What good is a plane that’s always on the ground, right? Well, you won’t have to worry about that with the POWERUP 2.0 DIY paper plane conversion kit, which only requires up to 20 seconds before flying time.

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8 x 1 x 1 inches

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3.2 ounces

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3 AA batteries required.

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December 1, 2014


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13 reviews for POWERUP 2.0 Paper Airplane Conversion Kit | Electric Motor for DIY Paper Planes | Fly Longer and Farther | Perfect for Kids & Adults | Ready to Use…

  1. Edward Espinosa

    My son enjoyed playing with this but it was not long before it broke.

  2. Mike in Califoria

    Love the idea, especially with my adolescent grandson discovering physics and engineering the fun way. Keeps the airplane flying a long time, Easy to see the effect of design and small adjustments, trial and error. Gave it 5 for durability, keeping in mind that it crashes into the ground every time – this has yet to break. Good exercise is a given. Definitely gift-able to the right person. Thought it a bit pricey before playing with it, but changed my mind, it’s a 5.

  3. mis

    Got this item quickly. Box came undamaged. Product as described. This was a gift for my 23 year old, on the spectrum, son, so would be great for all ages, id say. As for testing it out we have yet been able to do that successfully. Our region has come into a cold snap this winter that seems to be lingering. Box said it won’t fly below °45F which is our normal daytime Temps but it has yet to come close since he opened it on Christmas. I hear it may happen this weekend idk. What we Have been able to accomplish shows it’s pretty durable. The charge is only 20 seconds but it only takes 10 to power it back up. It does not run on a battery to keep it light. You have to keep tweaking your airplane to get it to fly straight so don’t give up. If weather permits I’ll update my review in a few days or so. Fingers crossed🤞

  4. andy

    Smart design to help power your paper aeroplane. Comes with instructions and two pre marked pieces of paper. I bought two and even though you must not charge over 20 seconds, one broke within 2 days. For the price tho and as long as you take care charging, great value for money

  5. HappyShopper

    This is a really neat little product. I’ve used the motor arrangement to power a small balsa glider with some success, but you will NEVER have seen a paper aeroplane fly like this… Beware you need a large space (i.e. a field not a garden) and still air!

    in good condition this thing flies and flies. A well constructed paper plane (with instructions and the heavy paper provided) will climb to 30-40ft and fly for 30+ seconds, and on one occasion it circled us 3 times before levelling out and flying the entire diagonal length of a 10 acre field, landing in a puddle! It could easily have been a full loss but the electrics still work.

    A really fun idea but sadly one that will not last I fear!

  6. Sarah H.

    I got this as a little gift for my partner last Christmas and we only just got around to trying it out. The packaging and item seemed alright, and the paper provided for the paper planes is really convenient, but we took it out for around 10 minutes and it’s completely stopped working… I don’t know if this was a dud but not worth it IMO

  7. Amazon Customer

    It was fun for the first 10 minutes but it crashed into the grass and the propeller snapped in half- so not a great purchase unfortunately. Not really worth the money.

  8. T. Griffiths

    The lightweights paper deforms easily in the lightest if winds. The motor isn’t powerful enough for a thin card airframe. More if an understanding of aeroelastic bahavuir than aerodynamic behaviour you’ll be studying. Also front cell difficult to attach to paper airframe partly because one of the clips is not very exposed and mostly the lightweight paper crushes easily. I noticed in one of the videos that some power 2 models are supplied with a cross brace, why isn’t this one? I’ll be after a refund?

  9. Michele

    The media could not be loaded.

     Davvero ottima l’idea di iniziare a provare le basi del volo con i modellini in carta . Funziona a dovere basta seguire le istruzioni riportate e facilmente imparare i principi del volo . Realizzate i vostri aeroplani in carta e sperimentate le varie soluzioni possibili basta collegare il modulo realizzato in fibra di carbonio e via volo libero per 30 sec circa . Appena finito ricaricate in 20 secondi e via così vi divertirete. Usatelo con i vostri figli in giornata di sole e con poco vento io l’ho provato sono soddisfatto veramente una buona idea . Ricordo di settare bene l’aereo inizialmente e avrete sicuramente un volo divertente lo consiglio

  10. Joshua

    This is a fun little toy to add some flair to paper airplanes. It is simple, and comes with directions on how to make some compatible paper airplanes. This being said, it was rather heavy and the paper airplanes didn’t fly well at all – usually just straight to the earth. What this really needs is some way to control it (which I believe is a product that is offered by this same company. I would recommend checking that one out compared to this one.

  11. Ramona Bowen

    If your going to maybe the expensive one with phone app is better . We flew it a few time propeller broke they do send u a spare but doesn’t fly far not as good as it claims wouldn’t buy it again

  12. John

    It is totally worth its price.it is crash proof .I bought it and immediately started flying it. Great product

  13. James B.

    Never thought a paper air plane would fly up 30ft in the air and across a football field, my child loves this, he can run for a long time chasing it, deff need a very large area with no tree’s

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