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  • 1:28 Remote Control German Tiger Tank with high level details.Not only a remote-controlled military vehicles toy, but also a good WW2 military tank model collection.Let your boy control the tank to move forward,backward, turn left and turn right,turn the turret and fire. Simulate military exercises and war adventures.Like a real commander.
  • Updated charger : USB charger. You will not get the wrong charger for USA.
  • Fire with realistic recoil action, drives on two treads (not wheels underneath), launch infrared ray “cannon”, 330-degree rotating turret left and right,move forward and backward,360-degree rotation left and right,with realistic sounds and light, and more.
  • Fort turret can turn 330 degrees left and right, firing and wiping out enemies in all directions.When simulated firing, it has a recoil effect with hyper-realistic lighting and sound that will make your boys feel like a true commander.
  • Within the 10s after starting, this RC tank will move into the auto-show for 45s if it don’t receive any operation. If it receipts any operation from the remote control,the auto-show will stop.

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Product Dimensions

14.28 x 5.12 x 4.35 inches

Item Weight

1.5 pounds


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



8 reviews for Rc Tanks,1:28 WW2 German Tiger Army Tank Toys for Boys,9 Channels Remote Control Vehicles with Sound and Light,RC Military Toys for Kids Boys…

  1. Amazon Customer

    La pila dura muy poco, y tiempo de uso despues el producto dejo de emitir el sonido del motor y el de dispato

  2. greg556


  3. Wolfshanze

    This is the most ridiculously badly designed electronics I have ever seen. You’re not going to believe this: there is no port on the tank to plug into a charger. You have to take out the battery pack to charge it then replace it. The pack is connected with a very tight, very small coupling clip that is designed to be used once, not every time you charge it. And the battery door has a screw. A tiny screw that requires like a glasses-sized screwdriver. The charger itself has a blinking red light, and NO indication when the battery is charged. (You cannot tell the difference between “not working” and “fully charged.”) How hard would it have been to have a port in the tank so you could charge it directly? Extremely easy.

    The remote control uses regular AA batteries–that’s fine (why not rechargeable? Who knows, but this isn’t a big problem). You need a screwdriver to take off the battery door on the remote control! The door doesn’t even “click” into place! It will ONLY stay secure with the screw! The screw is a different size (even smaller) than the tank battery door. And the remote control screw was so badly manufactured it was almost stripped straight out of the box. We were lucky to get it unscrewed even one time. We’ll use tape to secure the door from now on.

    The thing is, the actual tank is really fun and works well. The mentality that would not spend an extra 30 minutes to engineer a charging port is completely baffling to me.

    So, I’m giving it 2 stars because the actual tank is fun (haven’t tried its battle capabilities yet). But it would get negative five stars for the difficulty in recharging. If you actually bought this for your child (instead of yourself), impossible. It will be broken in frustration in a day–not because of the operation, but because of the recharging. I don’t think small fingers will even be strong enough to unclip the battery wire from the tank clip.

    It’s really awful.

    EDIT: I gave this two stars because I wrote it before I had a chance to actually do battle. BATTLE IS AWFUL. It’s ridiculous. One hit incapacitates the left track. Even though it takes three hits to kill you, after the first hit you can’t move so the battle is effectively over. It’s extremely lame. The most unfun game I’ve ever played. These things are just really really bad, and it’s a shame, because they drive well.

  4. Carley

    Purchased this product for an Autistic young adult who enjoys German products because of his heritage. He was able to assemble and play with the product. He also painted it and added items to it. Came out amazing and he uses it in his back yard frequently

  5. Anibal Carranza

    I bought this tank for my soon to be 8 year old grandson as a soon to be Christmas present. Knowing that there could be “issues” I decided to get it set up before Christmas day. I am glad I did. Unpacking the product was frustrating. While it is packed well, there are two screws holding a protective plastic shield around the tank. Very hard to remove the screws and I had to cut the plastic to get past one of the two screws. It remains attached to the tank. Not a big issue there. Then the same type of screws are used to seal up the two battery compartments. Again they are very tight and annoying. The second time accessing them will be easier. I ended up using a #4 precision screw driver. The product is working fine and at this time I recommend it. I also recommend setting it up prior to gifting. Perhaps a better screw can be used, not so tightened down and perhaps a screw driver for those who do not have what I had available. Without the screw frustrations this could earn a five star so far.

  6. Mtjimbob

    Love this tank. Well made
    Fun to play with. Liked it so much we ordered another one.

  7. Wolfshanze

    The media could not be loaded.

     If you’re like me and trying to find a RC Tank for your family, the choices on Amazon are both quite large and bewildering to those just wanting something simple without breaking the bank or getting some tiny useless toy.

    I came across this tank, and let me mention scale… this tank comes in the 1:28 scale… meaning if you increased the size 28 times, you’d have the actual tank in front of you (a smaller number means bigger toy… 1:16 is considerably bigger than 1:28 and 1:28 is much bigger than 1:72, which is tiny). At 1:28 scale, this tank is roughly the size of a shoebox.

    The tank is plastic and drives on two plastic treads (not wheels underneath). It comes fully assembled, with an optional turret top machine gun and tank commander which you can choose to install either/both/neither at your discretion.

    The remote has individual controls for either tank track, so is driven like a real tank (both tracks forward to move the tank forward or only one track forward to turn… it also can drive in reverse. It also has buttons to turn the turret left or right, a START button and a FIRE button.

    The tank is controlled by either a 40MHz range if you just hit “start” or 2.4GHz range if you hit both the “start” and “fire” button at the same time for two seconds than hit start a 2nd time to complete the connection. 40MHz is very short ranged, and 2.4GHz is much greater… its trickier to set it to 2.4GHz, so I’m sure people complaining about range are only using 40MHz start.

    My main/only complaint about this tank, the rechargeable battery in the tank can only be recharged by unscrewing the battery compartment lid, unplugging the battery from the tank, and plugging it into a separate charger (which might be a wall adapter or USB charger, depending on which one is included… mine was the wall adapter). This is very inconvenient to recharge the tank and there is no way to plug the tank into anything to recharge, you always have to remove the battery pack from the tank to recharge… this is my biggest gripe with the tank, though I played with the tank for a good while without having to recharge it, so that’s nice.

    The tank drives at a decent speed, the turret turns slowly, and I had no problem driving on my carpet or running over minor obstacles… if you think you’re going to get an RC Tank that tows your car for $50… ya, that’s not happening (and don’t fall for that).

    Here’s a very interesting fact about this tank… though sold alone, and can certainly be played with as a single vehicle… the features of this tank (the lights and firing action) are actually part of a “tank battle game” (think laser tag) if you have any/more tanks from this series. There is a row of four red lights on the back of the tank, and as hits are recorded you lose lights… first four solid hits knocks your enemy out. Fun game.

    I looked around Amazon and E-Bay for other tanks in this series (and attached a picture), they go under many names, might be sold alone or in pairs, but to make it simple, look for any RC Tank in the 1:28 scale (which is a rare RC scale outside this series) and tanks that use the same controller as this one, and you’ll have a compatible tank for “RC Tank laser tag”.

    If you’re a tank aficionado, or into military history, you might want to pair up appropriate tanks for battle, as I’ve found some of the “sold in pairs” kits, quite odd… like a modern American Abrams tank vs a WWII German Tiger tank (the Tiger would lose badly irl).

    Tanks from the series I could find include…
    Modern tanks:
    American M1A2 Abrams (in two colors/patterns)
    Soviet T90 (in two colors/patterns)
    Chinese ZTZ96

    WWII tanks:
    German Tiger I (in two colors/patterns)
    German King Tiger (in two colors/patterns)
    Soviet T-34

    All of the above tanks (in the 1:28 scale with the same remote) are compatible with each other for the laser tag tank battle and can be bought separately… I found many here on Amazon under different names, but they’re obviously from the same series. Sadly, there’s no American or British WW2 tanks in this line-up (I would have loved a Sherman to play laser tag with). I really wanted the T-34 as it’s the only non-German WW2 tank in this series, but I couldn’t find it on Amazon or Ebay in America, I could only find the T-34 on overseas sellers like Alibaba dot com (who carries all the tanks in this series and does ship to America, but they are a Chinese seller, so it takes awhile to get to America).

    Well, that’s my full review of this tank… I do love this tank and was pleasantly surprised that it’s more than just a stand alone tank, and can be paired with others for tank laser tag, even if it’s not advertised that way on this tank!

  8. Jose l.

    My son can not stop playing it. One of the best presents he received!

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