Revell 25g Contacta Professional Plastic Glue

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Revell 25g Contacta Professional Liquid Glue

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25 Milliliters

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4.72 x 0.79 x 1.57 inches

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0.882 ounces

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13 reviews for Revell 25g Contacta Professional Plastic Glue

  1. Simon Geoffrey Lonie

    Cola perfeita para plastmodelismo

  2. Aditya Saxena

    Excellent product. Does not mess the hands as much as other products. The container with super thin nozzle is superb. Precise application with no unsightly spills around contact area.

  3. Adolpho Calazans

    Good Product

  4. John Evans

    The perfect glue for miniatures (mine were Warhammer 40K).

    A few tips:
    1. Squeeze super lightly when its brand new
    2. Wipe the tip with a rag (NOT paper towel) and isopropyl when done
    3. A high-E guitar string is helpful to have if the nozzle gets unclogged
    4. Definitely has an odor, so use ventilation or a fan.
    5. A little goes a long way
    6. Setting time is NOT instantaneous – which is good because it gives you some wiggle room to make adjustments, but also need to be patient before assuming things are dry and solid

  5. Adriano Zanella Junior

    My first time buying/using this adhesive and I’m really impressed.
    For precision application of adhesive this product is great, the needle is quite long and thin which allows you to apply a precise drop – the design is perfect for having to apply adhesive in deeply recessed parts.

    The parts i’ve applied the adhesive too have bonded well, and there isnt a lot of mess either like what other adhesives i’ve used have left me with, one of the parts is a atmospheric temperature control dial which sees a lot of use and forces exerted on it as it’s linked to a servo and the part hasn’t failed – where as i’ve used “top grade” epoxys which failed on this very same part after curing for 72 hours, this adhesive bonded and cured and was ready for use within 8 hours without me needing to sand the parts and treat them with solvents.

    Incredible stuff!

  6. BrettM

    Been using this glue for all my minis works great! Seller Caleb got me to quickly and really helped me out, Was well shipped!

  7. Richard S.

    fantastic small dropper end. great percision.

  8. John Evans

    I used gel super glue for 15+ years. Nothing compares to this glues longevity and hold. Highly recommend for model building!

  9. California Cowboy

    Sem acesso as colas da Game Workshop sem entrar em falência, essa é uma ótima alternativa para montar meus exércitos.

  10. TJ

    The bottle has a small diameter metal tube for precision application. Light squeeze for a tiny drop. Just right for assembling models. After use hold bottle with tube pointing up and squeeze top to bottom to pull glue in to clear the tube. Store with tube point up like the picture. Don’t leave glue in tube. A fine wire to clear the tube would have been nice. This is the same formula plastic modeling glue that has been around for decades. This particular formula is thin for precise applications, not thick like the glue in tubes. This type of glue is not fast setting and parts need to be held together for a few minutes. It is not CA and will not “fog”. It is not meant for all plastics.

  11. Dan Bennett

    I use this glue to assemble plastic miniatures. It is a lot thinner than I expected but it only takes a very small dab of the glue to bond two pieces of plastic together. The bond begins very quickly so you don’t have to hold the pieces together for very long. The applicator is like a long metal needle with a blunt end, which allows for precise application, although the very thin glue can still flood your model if you aren’t careful. This glue has a somwhat strong odor and I would advise using it in ventilated conditions, but I thought that the smell was not as strong as some other plastic glues I have used in the past. The shape of the bottle is perfect to set down so it will not leak or spill between applications.

    Overall, a great plastic glue that works quickly and makes assembling my models more enjoyable and efficient. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  12. Rosa Kunz

    Works well for cementing plastic models without the stringy mess of traditional model glue. I wish it was a little less runny but just be careful.

  13. Daniel

    I’m sorry that I didn’t get this item sooner. It arrived early and the price was brilliant. Its a must have item for the modellers tool kit. You can be very accurate and apply the glue where you want it. If you are model kit making, you must get this item, it’s a must have item for your model making kit.

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