Revell of Germany Pirate Ship Plastic Model Kit

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  • Typical pirate ship from the 16-18th centuries, as shown in current pirate films – This model kit is super detailed and fun to build
  • Details include: Rigging yarn, textured sails, decks with wood finish, two anchors, rowboat, cannons and a swan figurehead
  • Also includes a decorative display stand
  • A Jolly Roger flag chart and paint guide are included
  • This model kit requires model glue for construction and paint for finishing – sold separately

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21.65 x 4.5 x 18.5 inches

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Pirate Ship Plastic Model Kit



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4.04 pounds

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21.65 x 4.5 x 18.5 inches

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October 29, 2013

13 reviews for Revell of Germany Pirate Ship Plastic Model Kit

  1. Roland F. Wiens

    I am very pleased with this purchase and the seller, “sellerbon”. The ship came factory sealed, but was missing 4 sprues. Sellerbon responded to my request within two hours of my notifying them of the missing sprues, and they sent replacement sprues from a spare kit they had. I received those sprues in under a week. This was phenomenal customer service! Thank you!

    The model kit itself is fantastic. There are plenty of little parts but probably the most complicated aspect of this kit will be the rigging. The detailing is amazing. This was not the cheapest model kit but it is worth the price for anyone wanting to do a serious ship from the Age of Sail, but aren’t ready to move into a true wooden kit. I plan on updating with pictures once we have finished.

  2. Impy

    This is the first time I’m writing a review, even though I have been using amazon for the last 10 years…this product is that good. I got this as a birthday present for my husband…something new for him to do over the summer. Initially we were intimidated by the gazillion pieces in the box, and I thought I had made a mistake….but I was so wrong. Once you dive into it, you get addicted and we finished making it under a month. We were complete novices in making any kind of models, so don’t be put off by reviews that say this is not for the beginners. The instructions are very clear, the pieces are well labeled and the material itself is ace. Do rinse all the pieces first and use good quality paint and brushes.
    I hope you enjoy making this as much as we did.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Build the model and the finish product came very nice. Revell has very good instructions, but, they do miss some points that allows for areas were confusion can become a problem. Also, some of the parts do not align properly making the use of some putty a necessity.

  4. In Miami

    The media could not be loaded.

     I finally saved enough money to buy a brand new model ship for my husband for a Christmas present. Instead, what I got was a box that has already been opened. I was worried it wouldn’t have all of the pieces after reading other reviews, so I GRUDGINGLY opened the box to check the contents inside. It had loose pieces rolling around inside, and one of the parts bags had already been opened. I am unsure if all of the parts are there still, since I do not want to completely open the entire gift. Furthermore, the sails are not fabric. They are plastic. I am VERY disappointed with this EXPENSIVE purchase.

  5. KM

    This model is the same as the Black pearl but she will be fun building

  6. Roland F. Wiens

    I had a hard time wrapping the ropes around the pegs on the deck, so I got as close as I could. Lots of painting before assembly. Kept bumping yardarms I had previously attached while working on new one, but I am a klutz. Even though, I wish there were more plastic ship models available.

  7. Clarissia Bent

    This was my first venture into serious modelling (some might consider it somewhat overly ambitious for a first timer, but with an art degree & lots of experience making jewellery, I felt I could handle it).
    I have to admit, it isn’t fully complete yet and I’ve taken a break from completing the sails & rigging, as this is the most complex and fiddly part of the process, but I will get back to that soon.
    Though at the time of starting I didn’t have other detailed models as a frame of reference, it was evident from the outset that this was of exceptionally high quality. Every detail is exquisitely moulded and it’s incredibly satisfying to watch it develop into such an authentic looking ship.
    I chose not to approach it as a pirate ship, instead building her as a 5th rate British naval frigate (I used the historical information for the Surprise, as she was almost exactly the same length and contained the same amount of guns for a period whilst in Jamaica).
    I therefore painted her in Naval colours and will eventually be including a number of crew from the HAT Napoleonic British sailor/marine set (unfortunately, this only includes gun crew, fighting crew and marines, with no officers).
    The pieces are (mostly) a joy to put together (though the lamps have been glued, knocked off & reglued a few times – hopefully this will cease to be a problem when it’s safely displayed and not being put away between building sessions).
    Providing you have plenty of patience, reasonable vision (or magnification) and a fairly steady hand, putting the structure of the ship together is pretty straightforward. Most pieces required a certain amount of filing to remove sprue spots & some seams, but the moulding was very good (especially after examining the poorer quality of the Airfix Cutty Sark I’ve bought since).
    Most pieces are better painted before being glued (and small items such as cannon truck components, cannon and blocks are much easier to paint while still on the sprue & touched up after cutting).
    I probably spent an average of 20 hours a week on it for a couple of months before completing the structure and starting on the sails & rigging.
    I coloured the sails by spraying with Matt white then building up layers of thinned Revel enamel in dark browns & black, then added pastel to further “dirty” the edges & corners.
    I won’t lie, the rigging is complicated and, at times, extremely frustrating. The instructions are very thorough, but wrapping thread around hard to reach pins isn’t easy. A beading needle is very useful (these are thinner than sewing needles and go through the small blocks and sail loops much more easily and reduce the chance of splitting the plastic). I tended to feed the thread through the pins in the direction of the intended wrap and used a small drop of jeweller’s/watchmaker’s adhesive on the underside of the pin rack, so that, during subsequent efforts to complete the wrap, the thread wouldn’t slip out of place. Once a wrap was complete, I used the same glue to seal & fix the wrap in place in an inconspicuous spot.
    I also used the same glue to fix every knot as I went along, as it’s not amusing to spend an hour feeding & knotting a thread & have the first end you knotted & trimmed come out of place and it’s too short to reknot without unthreading all your hard work!
    There are about 10 sails, and each one (so far) has taken about 6 hours to put in place and right up. The main problem I found was ensuring that all rigging was balanced for each sail – if you secure one side’s rigging before starting on the second, it’s likely the tension will be out when it’s completed, so I learned to rig each side and only wrap the thread on the pins when all rigging was set up. That way you can adjust the tension on each side until it’s even before fixing and wrapping the threads.
    This final task can be omitted, but it seems a shame to spend all that time making her perfect and not showing her off under full sail.

  8. KM

    The first time I built this model I did a few mistakes, so I bought it again and corrected all the mistakes I made, this model is fantastic and a good build, not for beginners, it is well detailed, the rigging is challenging, model displays well.

  9. Mr. S. P. Johnson

    New to model building (did a bit when was younger) have bought this as a long term project and have really enjoyed the process. It is quite difficult and complicated however a slow and fairly methodical approach should help.

    The model is cast beautifully all the parts I have used have fit together flawlessly with minimal cast marks etc.

    The instructions are good however bewildering initially until time is taken to understand them then the format used becomes clear and conscice.

    I would thoroughly recommend, I’m going to adapt my ship not as a pirate ship but as a royal naval vessel from around 1750’s which were similar as a previous customer pointed out in the comments above.

    Enough rambling from me i hope you enjoy this if you buy 🙂

  10. Greg Lanterman

    This boat is loaded with detail. My husband wanted a pirate ship model for Christmas. He is completely impressed with this one.

  11. James Conacher

    Fun to build

  12. Mr. S. P. Johnson

    This is the second part of my review and would like to add some more information that may help others in building this fab kit.
    Before I start I would recommend before you dive into this kit is to read some of the reviews in Amazon especially from Theodore Tzitzimbounis Sept 18 believe me he’s spot on.
    I have so far got to just finishing 42 in the instruction booklet taking full note of Theodore’s recommendations.
    Section 20 & 21: Items 21 before I stuck these on I looped some white cotton through these as in the past with other ships if you knock these off they will be very hard to find especially if you have carpet on your floor like me, my carpet is grey same colour as items.
    Section 23: items 20 & 21 when it comes to installing top deck cannons you have to stick items 12,4 or 13,6 to 20 & 21 it would benefit you if you drill a 0.7 hole (not all the way through) to attach these items (you will see the indentation where they need to go) before you attach to the ship.
    Section 40: I opened the holes out to 1mm on the deck where cannons go once I decided which ones were to protrude as there is only enough parts for eight cannons version 1 so the other four had to be version 2 even though the instructions show all twelve as version 1. I did also file the bottom of cannon wheels slightly flat and added glue as I did not want them coming away later.
    I made a silly mistake and glued in Section 35 & 36 (ladders) in place making it very hard to insert cannons under ladder, hence you must follow instructions.
    Just remember take your time, follow the instructions and read reviews its all up to you.
    If I have any more information I will post on Amazon review as and when.
    Hope this helps others.

  13. Carl

    The kit, although sold as a pirate ship, is a fairly accurate reproduction mid eighteenth century 5th rate. The parts are very well tooled, and to scale, not often seen in plastic construction kits. The rigging blocks and Deadeye system for instance are quite accurately made and the upper masts and yards are to scale, not over thick as is often the case. Those are all the plus points.

    A couple of negative points let it down however. For anyone not familiar with eighteenth century rigging, the rigging instructions are both difficult to follow and in places inaccurate. The relative size (diameter) of the rigging elements isn’t well explained or even expected. A little bit of research by the builder will sort that however.

    The worst fault are the sails. These are moulded onto the yard arms this not giving the option to rig it without sails. The moulded sails are quite thick heavy plastic and utterly unrealistic. This badly lets down an otherwise excellent kit.

    As a semi professional model maker I chose to rig the ship without sails and the upper yards lowered, known as harbour rig, the way most museum models are displayed. It meant very carefully cutting off the unwanted thick plastic sails with a sharp modelling knife and then carefully sanding and paring the spars until the last trace of sail was gone. Fortunately this was quite easy.

    I can thoroughly recommend this kit to anyone who wants to make a fairly accurate and detailed ship, with the provisions I mentioned above.

    Photos show my finished model.

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