ROKR 3D Wooden Motorcycle Puzzle-Wood Model Car Kits to Build for Adults-Brain Teaser Gearjits Puzzle-1:8 Scale Cruiser Motorcycle as A Gift for…

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  • 🌍【ROKR BRAIN TEASER PUZZLE】A steampunk artwork to be built with your own hands! Twist the spring, the wooden motorcycle model can run up to 7~10 feets. Encouraging you for true cruising with maximum enthusiastic!
  • 🚂【BASED ON REAL MOTORCYCLE】A classic cruiser with bold style and no equal. It has an aerodynamic windshield, metal components and large-capacity rear backpacks. A vivid case of learning mechanics.
  • 👌【HOURS OF FUN AND LEARNING】Great sensory stimulation toy gifts and STEAM & STEM puzzle gifts for adults and teens.Children under 14 need extra help to build up correctly.
  • 🎁 【A TRANSFORMATIONAL GIFT】Gifts that require participation will be more impressive.We offer a detailed how-to booklet. It will be accessible even for beginners.
  • 👍【QUAILTY THROUGHOUT】All pieces are laser-cut and the error is less than 1/5000 inch. All the wooden parts are made from high latitude selected basswoods without toxins and can fit together easily.
  • 📝【TIP】Since this puzzle is made of wood,please don’t use too much force when assembling, but look for skills, which can improve the success rate of assembly.

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10.6 x 6.3 x 4.6 inches

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1.46 pounds



8 reviews for ROKR 3D Wooden Motorcycle Puzzle-Wood Model Car Kits to Build for Adults-Brain Teaser Gearjits Puzzle-1:8 Scale Cruiser Motorcycle as A Gift for…

  1. VoBenson

    I got this for my 13-year old and she loves it. Overall, she has managed to put almost all of it together by herself with no snapped pieces, but she is very careful. The kit does apparently come with extras — just in case — and it looks beautiful. Truly a conversation piece for any friends that come over. The only issue she ran into is that the pieces that connect the handlebar to the bike are very loose. Rather than use glue, I put some putty on them to make them fit more snugly, and that did the trick. I’d definitely buy another one for her.

  2. Alyssa Davis

    The helpful videos are not so helpful. But I enjoyed very much. I took my time and only 1 small piece broke. I did however use some E600 glue to keep the mirrors and a few other small things stable. This was the best fathers day gift for my dad! Pluse for me I got to tell my family I built a motorcycle for Dad… Priceless moments

  3. Seth

    I hate how the wood becomes too soft to put together when it’s at room temperature. Terrible just terrible.

  4. Philip A. McKinley

    fits in with my collection

  5. Lynn T

    This was fun to put together. The instructions were clear to me and there were quite a few extra pieces which was nice for those that just didn’t quite fit or delicate and broke. It is fun to wind up and watch it really move. I will do another soon.

  6. George S

    The design and engineering of this model is excellent. It is the first model I’ve assembled that has many steel/ metal pieces, many only 5mm long. Requires patience, good vision, and a steady hand to screw tiny pieces into small holes. The instructions are good but must be followed perfectly. The result is a very sturdy and detailed model. It’s fun but don’t rush to complete.

  7. David Masters

    In addition to the usual sharp hobby knife and fast setting wood glue or super glue, you’ll also need tweezers or small needle nose pliers (I would also suggest a set of small precison Phillips screwdrivers – they do include 2 small screwdrivers in the kit, but you can’t get much of a grip on them) . Many small parts in this (the screws for the hinges on the saddlebags are only 1mm, while the hinges themselves are only 3mm x 3mm), so be careful… though they do include more of the small screws than you’ll need. Many moving parts – in addition to all the gearing for the engine, the tires rotate, the forks can be twisted side to side, the pistons actually move up and down, and there are real springs in the front forks. Also many parts are meant to be bent, such as the fenders, gas tank, saddle, and exhaust pipes – while they include some spares of these, some they don’t – the pieces for the gas tank not only bend, but they’re meant to twist a lttle as well, so be very careful with them. Note: when building the gas tank (page 24), it’s acutally better (and easier) to put part D16 in place *before* both parts D13, otherwise follow the instructions in the order they show, and as usual, they have QR codes scattered throughout the instructions so you can see videos of those steps in the construction. At 1:8 scale, it’s 11 1/2 inches long and 6 1/4 inches high, and can go about 6-8 feet when fully wound. Construction is fairly easy, but it will take at least 2 days to put it all together. An interesting build, but a little frustrating at times because of the smallness of some parts.

  8. Kindle Customer

    My husband was injured and needed something to occupy his time other then computer or phone. This was exactly what he needed, kept him busy for hours. He loved working on it.

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