Round 2 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 1:25 Scale Model Kit

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  • Assembled Dimensions: 10″ x 3.5″ x 4.5″
  • Molded in white, plus chrome and clear parts
  • Detailed equipment rack
  • Expanded decal sheet
  • The Ghostbusters’ car from the classic film
  • 90 highly-detailed parts
  • Modeled in clear, white, and chrome pieces
  • Includes equipment rack and additional decals
  • Can be built either into the Ecto-1 or the Ecto-1A

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Round 2





Cartoon Character


Item Dimensions LxWxH

10 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches



Item Weight

14.4 ounces

Number of Pieces






Product Dimensions

10 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Diamond Comic Distributors

8 reviews for Round 2 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 1:25 Scale Model Kit

  1. Randy Scarborough


  2. Vielfrass

    Bought this for my brother, who is a huge Ghostbusters fan, and overall he was quite pleased with it. He did mention that the lights aren’t 100% accurate to the film, but that he’ll be able to modify that easily during the build. He also expressed a wish that the instructions would have included some guidance as to the exact paints that are needed, the way most military models do, but again he said that finding the right colors will be part of the fun of the build. Considering how particular he is about Ghostbusters memorabilia and his excitement over the prospect of building this model, I consider the purchase a win and would recommend it.

  3. Dewey

    What a GREAT choice for a model project — what’s cooler than the ECTO1? This isn’t something you can do in 30 minutes. It’s really for a patient child. It’s got nontraditional parts (like the tools on the roof) that engage model building ability. You won’t find yourself putting this kit together without instructions just because you know what a car should look like, in other words.

  4. david enriquez

    Nice addition to my collection

  5. Patric Bateman

    I almost didn’t buy this because of the negative reviews. Turns out that this MODEL is awesome. Full detail, lots of parts, tons of stickers and lots of oppertunity to paint the hell out of it. Most, if not all of the negative reviews are from people that didn’t know this is a MODEL. Yes, you will need glue. Yes, you will need paint. It’s a MODEL. I am fully satisfied with this MODEL, it came out great, and all the reviewers that were pissed because it wasn’t painted and didn’t hold together without glue made me laugh for days. One guy even posted a picture of a fully assembled unpainted MODEL. Good stuff, can’t beat it. If you are looking for a MODEL, this is for you.

  6. Diceman

    Full disclosure: I researched what kit to buy for quite awhile before I made the decision to buy this one. I wanted to build the original Ecto-1 from “Ghostbusters” (1984). This kit does state that it builds either the Ecto-1 or Ecto-1A (“Ghostbusters 2”). THIS IS NOT TRUE! This kit does not include parts for the Ecto-1. This kit ONLY includes parts for the Ecto-1A. So there is a lot of misinformation here. To build the original Ecto-1 with this kit, you’ll need to fabricate some parts and patch others. The blue tubes on the drivers side of the model are too short to be for the ’84 Ecto-1. The roof rack has to be heavily modified and parts added. Even more, you have to file off the marquee mounting points on the outside of the roof rack. Another, issue I ran into, the chrome parts don’t all fit. For those that aren’t in the know, chrome parts are basically the same plastic pieces just dipped in a chrome color solution, which adds extra thickness and material. Is this a total “make or break” no, but it does require some clarification. Don’t get me wrong, a good modeler (or even just a decent one… example, me) can do great things with this kit. However, the aforementioned issues need to be clarified for this to be a better review. If you’re building the Ecto-1A, this kit should be great for you. If you’re building the Ecto-1, you have your work cut out for you.

  7. James Anderson

    It says it comes ready to make the ECTO-1 (first movie) or the ECTO-1A (second movie), but this is not true, it does come with the decals for both, but I had to do some serious retooling of the equipment rack on this to make it into the ECTO-1 version (fortunately I had some spare parts from other models that could substitute for things not included for making the ECTO-1 equipment rack), I had to sand down the tabs on the shell where the signs from the second movie were added, I had to paint the white walls on the tires (they come all black which doesn’t match up to the movies), there is no engine to put together for it, the front piece for the grill is completely chrome, I had to paint the white around the headlights, I had to paint the “fins” and the stripe leading from the “fins” to the front of the doors red because the decals that come with it for that aren’t quite right in color and there aren’t any decals for the stripe, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who is detail oriented and doesn’t have the time/willingness to do retooling and detail painting, however if you have the time/willingness to do retooling and detail painting this can look amazing.

  8. philip

    The ECTO 1A is a fairly good model, but even though it is well detailed, they should have given you the parts to make the ECTO1 from the original Ghostbusters film. It is feasible if you research it, but the roof rack will have to be modified, some equipment left off, and a ladder will have to be added to the right rear of the car, just behind the door.

    This is a “curbside ” model-that means there is no scale engine. Body details, plated parts and clear parts arte good, as is the decal sheet.The body detail itself is spot on and should easily convert into an ambulance or a hearse if you care to model one.Be prepared to do some sanding and filling.

    Wheels and tires are incorrect fot the Ecto 1. It has big “pimp” whitewalls and standard Cadillac wheel embelishers-hub caps. Also, the clear parts ofthe emertgency roof lights should be a transparent blue, not completely clear as they come in the kit.

    I got my model in damaged condition. A small semi circular chip of plastic was broken off on the right rear roof, just above the “C” pillar for the rear door, but I was able to fill it in with balsa wood, sheet styrene and body puty. Besides that, some of the roof equipment will hide this defect anyway.

    The only real complaint is not with this model itself, but with Amazon . The nature of the complaint is that it is very difficult to use a gift card .Make this process easier to use, and I`ll be back.Other than that, everything else was OK.

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