Rowood 3D Puzzles for Adults, DIY Wooden Model Kit for Adults to Build, STEM Mechanical Building Kit with LED, Birthday Luminous Globe

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  • [ 3D Puzzle Model Kit] – This model kit 3d puzzles for adults is inspired from the combination of educational globe and night light, equipped with 25mm mobile magnifier and USB interface for lights. The final assembled size of this building craft: 6.57 x 8.0 x 11.54inch.
  • [ How To Play] – Such globe lamp 3D wooden puzzle model for adults to build not only offers the fun of assembly, meanwhile, the 25mm miniature mobile magnifier allows for a better view of every detail on the globe’s map by rotating the pedestal wave wheel and the left gears. What’s more, charge the USB interface and the LED light will illuminate the entire room.
  • [ Exquisite & Unique Craftmanship ] – The unique interference fit process, combined with high-precision CO2 laser cutting technology, controls the error within five microns, ensuring consistent assembly accuracy under different temperature environments. Undoubtedly that the time zone sign, Gothic latitude bracket and 25mm mobile orbital magnifier are also ingenious and impressive.
  • [ Assembly Tips ] – 147-pcs-project requires great patience and carefulness. Eco-friendly wood sheets, necessary spare parts, illustrated English instructions, all in one package. Any problems occurred during assembly of the 3d puzzle, pls feel free to contact us for assistance. Please be noted that do sand the gears with sandpaper and wax before assembly, which will make the globe lamp model kit operate more smoothly.
  • [ Scenarios of Exquisite 3D Puzzle ] – Such exquisite 3d wooden puzzle for adults can function as desktop ornaments, birthday chirstmas gifts, what’s even, as one of many practical choices for family parent-child interaction is also feasible. Because the assembly process does favor to cultivate creativity, imagination and hand-eyes coordination of kids.

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8 x 11.54 x 6.57 inches

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2.2 pounds

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6 reviews for Rowood 3D Puzzles for Adults, DIY Wooden Model Kit for Adults to Build, STEM Mechanical Building Kit with LED, Birthday Luminous Globe

  1. Jerry Ruiz

    I had a great time putting it together

  2. Douglas Scott

    First, when the product says age 14+ it really means it. This globe will just frustrate younger children and even teenagers that are not proficient with difficult puzzles and models. It took me over 4 hours to completely assemble and consider myself pretty good at these things. I did not use any glue or additional tools and the finished product looks exactly like the pictures. Having given you the reality of difficulty, I am impressed with the finished product and it will have a permanent place in my office. The interior light makes it glow nicely and while it does not look like a thousand dollar globe it will catch the eye of anyone that sees it. Any puzzle builder that you are gifting for will love putting this one together. Every single gear works and the entire globe both spins and adjusts for the spyglass to look at any part of the world. While this is not intended to be studied closely with the interior lighting it does stand out as a nice shelf decoration.

    Pros – Difficult construction makes if a fun adult project and creates a memorable piece. Makes an awesome night lite. Quite sturdy once fully constructed. The wood pieces come out of the frame easily and are well labeled. I did this sitting on my couch and did not setup a project area. Definitely use the wax provided to help the gears work better and move more easily.

    Cons – the nice picture of the younger child helping is simply not realistic. Younger children will be either frustrated on simply not interested due to the small size of the pieces and strength required to assemble. It can be difficult to follow the instructions which are step by step pictures with almost no words. While the model is quite sturdy when finished, adding some glue to the construction process would solidify it further.

  3. Douglas Scott

    Ok, first off, I’m getting there….but I will say it’s a lot to build one of these. Getting the map panels to sit properly was a delicate and time-consuming task. This wooden puzzle has a ton of pieces and steps and each one is as fun and challenging as the last. I am an adult and I love to build Legos but this Rokr project is way more fun than any Lego I have built…well the Death Star was pretty cool but the price difference is a whole other story.
    The pieces separate from the boards very easily and a little sanding of any spurs makes the piece perfect before you install it. This is wood so there is a bit of “handle with care” that must be taken. I did break a piece but was able to glue it back together as it wasn’t a structural piece, so I was lucky there. The instructions are easy to follow, and the pictures are great to guide you. There are even some YouTube videos it will send you to, to watch tricky steps of the build. I just have to make some time to finish it, but I really enjoy the fact that it’s not something you can complete in a few hours or a couple of days. To get to where I am now it’s probably been 12+ hours and I still have a long way to go.
    I think the instructions say ages 12 and up. I feel with assistance yes, a younger person could complete this but really it would be better as a father/mother and son/daughter project it is challenging. All in all, this is a great project and I’m having a ton of fun building it….and you will too.

  4. Connie reinig

    Directions difficult to understand. Pieces would not go together and stay parts were broken. Not a good kit.

  5. N. Herman

    This is the fourth wooden model I’ve put together recently and each one has has its own challenges. The instructions are always mostly vague, with photo-driven guidance for construction. This does make some of the steps a little less clear, but if there is a language barrier, makes it work without the confusion of words. This particular model had a good amount of sturdy pieces that didn’t break easily, but also had some very fragile parts that didn’t come with spares. I managed, even with taking my time and being careful, to break a few pieces, but thankfully they were not paramount to the over completion of the model.

    Wheels are my nemesis though and it seems like I can never get models with wheels to move properly once assembled. This was no exception. I did everything as correctly as I could, but the darned thing will not rotate. I’m not sure what went wrong, but it just won’t turn. I’m ok with this as I don’t need it to turn to look good, but I wish I knew why things with wheels never work for me. Maybe it’s not just me? Perhaps it’s in the design of these models. I’m not sure. What I will say is that the lack of movement doesn’t take anything from my feeling of accomplishment in the end. This model is beautiful and sturdy enough to sit on my dresser and look good in its immobility.

    I still recommend these models and love putting them together. They make a great past-time for someone with a delicate, yet firm touch, since some of the pieces can be challenging to assemble. Take your time and this model should come together nicely.

  6. Anthony T

    This was a big challenge to put together, but it was fun every step of the way. Instructions were easy to follow and parts were very clearly labeled. Even after breaking 3 or 4 pieces entirely due to my own heavy handed clumsiness, the model still came together beautifully and works perfectly. The magnifier is clear and easy to use. Just make sure to wax all of the parts it tell you to wax, and you wont have any moving part issues. Electrical was easy to set up and works great. Love this for myself, but would also make a great gift for anyone who loves puzzles, or building things.

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