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  • [ Classic Design ] – This is a 3D Vintage ship model wooden kit you can build by yourself. Its a lot of fun and a great sense of accomplishment when completed.The final product is great for displaying.
  • [ Meticulous Workmanship ] – Made from natural wood. Using high-precision laser cutting technology, the parts are precise and easy to punch out of the sheet sand stay together without glue.
  • [ Educational & Challenging Project] – Great family project. Assembly model set will bring the family together by keeping children away from eye-straining tablets, and instead promoting comprehensive brain development.
  • [ Perfect gift & Room decor] – It is an ideal Christmas or Birthday gift for parents, kids, boys, girls, friends, etc.It is packaged wonderfully, easy to assemble, and the finished product creates a beautiful display for home, office, etc.
  • [ Easy to Assemble] – With English instructions that are easy to follow, and have all pieces labeled and they are easy to locate and assemble.There are spares just in case. There is a dedicated after-sales team, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. Do not worry.

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Package Dimensions

8.94 x 6.06 x 0.47 inches

Item Weight

5.3 ounces



13 reviews for RoWood 3D Wooden Puzzle for Adults, Vintage Wooden Watercraft Model Kit to Build, Best Gift Ideas – Sailling Ship

  1. Things

    Got this for Christmas and was very excited.

    Beautiful cutting and no splinters, however my finger tips where very sore from all the tiny parts.

    Took about 4-5 hours from start to finish. I’m the type to sit down and work on something until it’s done, so it wasn’t boring in the least.

    Not super complicated but instead intricate!

    Stands well on its own and isn’t wobbly or loose anywhere. Came with everything needed (except scissors ofc).

    That being said, I did snap two slimmer pieces, but had no issue gluing it back together.

    Individual pieces are sturdy but still delicate, would not recommend for anybody that doesn’t already enjoy this specific type of puzzle or for a beginner.

  2. MimiofTwo

    It will take quite the patience to put this together, but he has the patience. He’s done many little miniatures and displays them in his home office. Pretty cool, though.

  3. Vilad

    Pour la majorité du casse-tête, les pièces s’emboîtent bien a l’exception du quelques unes qui ont du être sablé avec le papier sablé fourni avec la casse-tête. Le résultat fini est conforme et joli. Cela fait une belle décoration. À faire attention car c’est fragile. De bout à bout du bateaux (incluant les fioritures et décorations de la base), il fait environ 19,5 cm de long, selon la photo avec la règle. Même si l’angle de la photo peut porter à confusion, la règle va vraiment de l’arrière à l’avant. La ficelle pour le cordage est fourni, mais il faut le mesurer et le couper soi-même. De plus, la petite ancre est un détail fort apprécié.

  4. Vilad

    This ship is pretty cool, its easy to put together, but you will need to take it slow, there are small parts that can easily brake, but luckily there are spars, and you can just glue it together if you want, which is why you may need a little help if its a gift for someone, its fun to put together as a team, or just for fun by yourself, overall I love it, “we” love it .

  5. Matt

    It comes in a very small flat box. Very misleading from what you see in the picture. I was planning on giving this to someone as a gift and now I have to purchase something to go with it because it looks so cheap. Not worth the price I paid.

  6. Nicholas Peterson

    Challenging enough to keep me engaged, but easy enough to keep me motivated. It’s also a great addition to my decore. Some of the pieces had a tendency to split, but thankfully there were a few extras of certain ones. I wish they had added glue for some of the piecesz because not everything fit quite tightly. All in all I got exactly what I was expecting, so I really can’t complain.

  7. Sebastien Roussel

    Don’t waste you money…. its very small and the pieces are so fragile they break whilst assembling. What’s the point of having a broken ship on display?? Horrible.. money wasted… literally!!!

  8. B. Shaw

    Highly detailed and precisely cut, these are great for all ages (over maybe 6yo), particularly the technically minded. Worth every penny

  9. R. B.

    This is a very cheap product not at all on par with other company. the plywood kept delaminating and made the assembly harder then it should have been. The instruction are picture only and are at time hard to understand further more the order they suggest to assemble is not very smart where you constantly have to work around delicate pieces instead of having you assemble the bigger piece that require more force first then do the delicate part. I will stay away from that company in the future.

  10. R. B.

    I quite enjoy these little puzzles, I’m a big guy and did break the mast and rear hook while I was putting the base on. Luckily there’s a bunch of spare parts provided and I just replaced the 2. Pretty satisfying for the price.

  11. Mim

    Gift looked chesp

  12. Stephanie

    I was hoping it would a challenge for my nephew but it was easy for him and not very big at all.

  13. Neelie

    This was a gift for my 75 year old father. He enjoyed assembling it. Some pieces were harder to detach at first. Overall tho a fun gift

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