UGEARS 3D Puzzle Mechanical Aquarium – Creative 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults Driven by a Spring – Aquarium Wood Model Kit – Unique Wooden Puzzle -…

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  • Underwater adventure: The mechanical aquarium is an ingenious mechanical model building kit of a saltwater fishbowl with two pet tropical fish chasing each other around in a forest of macroalgae fronds that shelter a tiny seahorse
  • Unique mechanical action: Up to now, UGEARS 3D puzzles for kids and adults have been propelled by rubber band motors. This aquarium engineering kit opens a new chapter: engineering toys driven by a spring-loaded mechanism
  • Everything is in the box: No extra tools or glue are needed to assemble our wooden puzzle pieces for crafts. Enjoy this challenging yet fascinating kid’s building project and model building kit for adults
  • Expand your knowledge: Our 3d wooden puzzles for adults showcase the action and interplay of drive gears and driven gears, the function of pendulums, and how spring-action mechanisms work
  • Exquisite artifact: Choose UGEARS wooden models for adults to build memorable gifts for the fishkeepers in your life. Get your mechanical aquarium kit now

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14.88 x 6.69 x 1.34 inches

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1.61 pounds

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13 reviews for UGEARS 3D Puzzle Mechanical Aquarium – Creative 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults Driven by a Spring – Aquarium Wood Model Kit – Unique Wooden Puzzle -…

  1. Amazon Customer

    Looks the part. Needs some help to continue rotation but a conversation piece

  2. Mary A

    Just finished the aquarium. The engineering of this product is remarkable. All 325 parts fit together precisely. A few were quite a tight fit. sometimes a little sanding helped. I did use a needle nosed pliers a few times, especially toward the end when you need to fit some pieces into tight places. Several times I thought there was a mistake in the instructions or a piece was mislabeled, but every time it turned out to be my mistake. Take your time and follow the instructions EXACTLY. Mine did balk at turning at first (Test it as soon as the base section is complete.) There are a lot of wooden parts that need to move. I just looked for places where there were parts rubbing together that weren’t supposed to be touching. I found them and pushed on parts to free the up. Also the moving parts need to wear into each other. I just kept puttering until it moved freely. Truthfully I am amazed that with so many wooden parts so close together that this thing works at all, but it does. One thing that really surprised me was that the fish are articulated – they wiggle just like a real fish!

  3. Trevor Dustin

    I have done many of these wood puzzles, and this is the best. First, the pieces are thick and do not fall apart when somebody next door sneezes.

    Second they fit together snuggly, not to tight or too loose

    And most of all, the company stands behind their product. I did have one piece that needed to be replaced and they sent it to me free. I might add however that it was shipped from the Ukraine so it did take about two weeks to get here.

    The only tricky part was the first few pieces. Make sure the opening in the middle of the screen is wide enough to except the parts that fit inside.

  4. Amazon Customer

    My Mom had fun with this.

  5. Denny Teichow

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     I am a retired stained glass builder. I miss using my hands. These puzzles can be challenging but UGEARS are the best one’s out there.

  6. xkey

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     This project was very satisfying. There were times when I assumed how a part or parts would go together. When something didn’t fit properly or was interfering with another part I found out it was me that made a mistake.
    I had a lot of fun putting the colors on parts. Sometimes I would look ahead and pre-paint parts with spray paint. Then I would have to wait a few days for the paint to dry throughly. Most of the time I used Artistro oil based paint markers.
    When this 3D aquarium was done it felt very solid and worked smoothly.

  7. thomas j gregg

    I have been through two of these kits. Both broke. I used the tools provided and pushed through using a piece of wood, but the laser is likely just not cutting enough material. The last time, there was a slice through the back of the board that compromised the integrity of the pieces I needed and when I tried to pop them out, they snapped at the slice.

  8. Trevor Dustin

    My 16 year old has gotten many of the wood puzzle things as gifts, he’s completed a robot, music box, globe, carnival style plane ride swing, Santa’s workshop, marble run and cuckoo clock: with zero help from dad. THIS one looks cool but the directions are sorely lacking so it’s sat untouched for quite awhile. Disappointing, because it looks very cool.

  9. xkey

    Challenging to put together but that’s the fun of it. I am disappointed the mechanism doesn’t work. Before adding the fish it worked fine but it’s like it’s not powerful enough to make them rotate. I even took it apart and re assembled when it wasn’t moving because I thought there could be friction somewhere holding up the gears. I sanded and waxed everything. It’s nice to look at but it’s too bad it doesn’t function.

  10. Christina

    Took several hours over several days. But looks great. Very fiddly, but thankfully if you have an engineering mind you’ll be ok. Only issue is like most of these UGEARS Products even when you do your absolutely best to get it’s perfect .. they’re still temperamental and this catched meaning the fish stop swimming and then you have to give it a little nudge. Which is a shame. Given the price..

  11. Mal28

    Couldn’t get it to work so disappointed. Could not work mechanism and leaves of plants seem to touch fish so if it did work on winding would catch. Don’t know what I did wrong though. Managed other types of these things perfectly ok. Looks lovely done though. Lots of little tags flaked off this one pressing them out and putting together. Bit more flimsy than others constructed.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Another ugears success! My husband has been enjoying building the aquarium. Spring is in place and it is coming together!!

  13. Bella

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     I have bought quite a few of ugears models and have found them very therapeutic and a great sense of satisfaction when finished.

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