UGEARS Dragster Car Model Kit – Top Fuel Dragster Model Kits 3D Puzzle with Powerful Spring Motor – Drag Racing Model Car Kits 3D Puzzles for…

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  • Racing masterpiece: The Dragster 3D wooden puzzle by UGEARS is track-tearingly fast and powerful. The inner mechanics of this mechanical model are amazingly precise and function incredibly smoothly
  • Quality time: UGEARS model building kits for adults and 3D puzzles for kids delight people of all ages and occupations. Little hands can snap the pieces out while grown-ups fit them together. Plan 8+ hours of assembling joy
  • Everything is in the box: Our building kits for kids and wooden 3D puzzles for adults come with step-by-step illustrated instructions in 11 languages plus all necessary tools and extra parts
  • Great playtime: Line up all your UGEARS racers, invite your buddies and have fun. The dragster model can cover up to 26 ft/8m on a single wind-up
  • Perfect gift: Model building creates special moments for friends and family. Assemble your Top Fuel Dragster and enjoy drag racing vibes anytime, anywhere

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14.88 x 6.69 x 1.22 inches

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1.37 pounds

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13 reviews for UGEARS Dragster Car Model Kit – Top Fuel Dragster Model Kits 3D Puzzle with Powerful Spring Motor – Drag Racing Model Car Kits 3D Puzzles for…

  1. Vallangley

    Toute les maquettes sont un plaisir à construire.

  2. Ian Gurton

    as i thought my husband will be busy for a long time building it 🙂

  3. V. Hutson

    This model is more challenging to put together than what I was expecting. This is because often it is difficult to separate the small wooden pieces from the larger sheet they come in. I use the round end of a small painting brush to push the pieces out from the backing piece. The other challenge is that the directions are often hard to see and follow.

    If you like challenges–I believe you will like this. Just be prepared that this is not an easy model to assemble. That is the reason why I gave this 4 stars instead of 5.

  4. Big Al, H

    Money well spent. A great build. I had a lot of fun with this one.

  5. Russ A.

    This was a great kit to build. The engine part was a little tricky but it helps to really follow the instructions closely as some parts are very critical to their installation. But when it’s done and runs, it’s cool!

  6. Amazon Customer

    This is a working model kit aimed at more experienced model makers and 14yrs plus children.
    Everything you need is in the box, it would make a great gift for any crafter with an interest in cars.
    There are over 360 pieces and the kit predicts most crafters will need 8 hours to complete it.
    This is an accurate assessment, even though this is the third kit of this type I have constructed I needed all of the 8 hours to complete it.
    When it is finished and working you will probably have a far greater respect for the clockwork toy makers of old than you did before you started, like I now do.
    The parts do require some care when removing them from the laser cut laminated boards, the whole kit is made out of laminated wood which is stronger, flatter and easier to work than any regular solid wood.
    The good news is every piece is clearly numbered and the instructions take you through the whole process in a very manageable way, be careful to put the pieces together exactly how they appear in the instructions, it is easy to put a piece on back to front and then you have a real trial trying to unpick what you have got wrong.
    I have made the transformer style robot and the pick up truck, I wish I had made this model first because this one doesn’t have many / any flexible panels unlike my first two models, the flexible panels are easily the weakest piece and are far too easily torn or broken when putting together, no such problem on this model!
    When you have spent an enjoyable rainy day creating your new masterpiece you are left with a nice display piece or a toy you can play with if you dont mind running the risk of breaking it!
    I enjoyed making it and the finished article is good enough to show off in a display case.
    Best value of the three I have had so far, I wouldn’t hesitate the recommend it.
    Happy to help.

  7. Ian Gurton

    Still under construction, but Ugears models, I think, are the best

  8. Vood

    Ugears always makes very cool wooden puzzles that have very interesting features and movement. I struggled with this model but it was all due to my own error early on, I had to take it apart and start over at one point. Even after all that I was able to identify my error and ended up with a well working model. My husband thought it was pretty cool too. I crashed it a time or two and so far it is holding up well.

  9. Heather W

    I had a few issues with the drive but got there eventually, and that is what I like making it work fettling gears etc , all adds to the fun

  10. Deon M.

    Only half of parts were in the box. I was so disappointed I threw the box in the trash.

  11. Peggy A

    I ahve done other UGears models, they are fun to do and good quality

  12. Bird

    The media could not be loaded.

     The only reason I gave this 4 stars rather than 5 stars is the instructions in this kit are not as clear as they could be. Many opportunities for mistakes so take your time and review each step carefully. This is a very challenging but very satisfying fun to build project for a young adult (recommended age 14 or older) and adults with better than average modeling skills.

    This model is very cool with its built-in features. It is highly detailed and works great when properly assembled. This model is powered by an actual spring rather than rubber bands and is large, roughly 13” long x 5” wide x 5” tall when completed (see included video).

    I found it somewhat difficult to remove the tiny parts from the frames in this kit, so I would recommend taking your time removing the parts from the panel as they can break if care is not taken.

    Overall, it took about 15 hours to build working slowly and carefully and I am very satisfied with the results. Highly recommended mechanical model for those who want a challenging but fun project.

  13. Bird

    I grew up at the strip as my father loved darg racing and when I got in to my teens he had a bracket car and a rear engine sbf dragster. We used to go to the Gator nationals and watch the Top Fuelers run. This was a must have and it is great for anyone who loves drag racing. I built it with my son and we gave to Pop as a little gift. Such a great little piece. Kudos guys, good job!

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