UGEARS Wolf-01 Handgun Wooden Mechanical 3D Brainteaser Best Gift Puzzle for Adults and Teens

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  • UGEARS presents a new unique item for your collection of wooden models – loaded with fun, aimed at positive emotions, the Wolf-01 mechanical handgun.
  • The Wolf-01 shoots rubber bands of 60 х 1,5 mm calibre and has an effective firing range up to 10 meters. Smart and elegant design ensures that your gun fits your hand perfectly and is very convenient to hold and aim. Quite simple and comprehensive assembly will not take much time. In one evening you can equip your whole family with these new toys and have a grand family fun-battle or shooting match.
  • Self-assembly, no glue needed

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14.57 x 6.69 x 1.18 inches

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14.3 ounces

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10 reviews for UGEARS Wolf-01 Handgun Wooden Mechanical 3D Brainteaser Best Gift Puzzle for Adults and Teens

  1. Jessica Hawthorne

    This is only a 2 sheet kit, so it went together fast. There are a few fine breakable pieces that are mostly used for decoration, and you get extras of them. The only issue I had is some of the connectors have to go through two layers of plywood and we a pain to push through. Also the gun uses one rubber band to power the slide and trigger “spring”. I can see needing to replace it in the future, but I think I can get to it by removing the two most outer slide pieces.

    Now for the gun, it shoots straight and long way and has only had a few miss fires. The kit includes two targets and a way to attach a small laser, and the gun itself holds 5 shots. There is also a small drawer where the clip should be that holds 3 extra rubber bands.

  2. SonnyDe

    I purchased this as a gift for my son-in-law who loves assembling models and is a gun enthusiasts, so this was perfect. It was a secret Santa gift where we had limits on price. My son-in-law loved it. He had it assembled in a little less than an hour and was using it (playing with it) all day. Everyone wanted to try it. It looked cool, well constructed, sturdy and is fully operational. Highly recommend it.

  3. SLW806

    It is a sturdy wood that needs minor sanding/waxing in a few places to fit together/move properly. This was a gift for my father. We assembled it in about 1.5 hours.
    The instructions don’t have any written steps and you follow along with pictures which sometimes was confusing. I read that some people found an assembly video on YouTube.

  4. Andy

    The media could not be loaded.

     Tips first; WAX EVERYTHING! This includes the asymbly “pins”. The tolerances are VERY tight! And that’s a good thing. Also after the build is “complete”, give everything a good squeeze. The frame, slide, and rails. At this point they are all as supported as they get and it’s a good time to get those pesky pins to fully seat. So anyway…

    This is my second wood build. The first being the Rokr cruiser (which was a Xmas gift) and I wanted to see how UGEARS did things. If this is any indication they know their stuff. With the VERY tight fitmits there is little to no slack to the asymbly. On the cruiser some of the pin-and-slot was a little jiggly. That said Rokr’s “tool kit” wins.
    As with anything of this nature patience is key. Don’t let the “beginner” dificulty fool you. Take your time and use firm but careful force.

    All and all I’m quite impressed. The mechanism, the laser etching, and overall detail is nice. The addition of an underslung rail to mount a small laser pointer for a “sight” was a cool little touch. It shows a bit of childishness and geeky nature went into the design. Which when making what are essentially toys is a perfect approach.
    In the end this may be my first UGEARS purchase, it most certainly won’t be my last!
    (attached a slow-mo video of the piece to highlight the slide action and the function of the mechanism)

  5. Michael_DN

    This is a great model, it works really well. It’s accurate within 1M (3ft) and can barley knock over the targets at 3M (10ft) with the included rubber bands.

    The assembly of this one is tight and I would recommend a small hobby hammer with gentle taps to seat the pins, but with a bit of care and proper sanding of pieces and light waxing to lubricate the pieces everything runs smooth.

    Sandpaper and wax is provided in the kit, lightly sand then apply wax and rub off the extra wax so the surface is smooth as too much wax will gum up the sliding of parts. If you lost the small wax stick generic bar soap will work too.

    I do wish it came with more targets but you could easily make some out of the cardboard packaging. I can’t say much for the longevity of this toy but most will build it and leave it on a shelf after a few days, the rubber band slide might need replacing in the future but this is not a hand-me down as others are expecting.

  6. mmkred

    You really need to pay attention to the instructions since it is hard to take pieces apart. Interior rubber band broke first day. Wooden parts are constructed well.

  7. Hoosier Delboy

    Large hands a hindrance.

  8. JaiShankar

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     Took less than 30 minutes to assemble. Looks fantastic and works fine.

  9. William F.

    This is cool and a short/quick build; but, the design depends upon an internal rubber band to move the “slide” and reset the trigger. After a few weeks of intermittent use, that rubber band starts to stretch and the trigger does not always return to reset and the slide moves forward only slowly, and eventually this rubber band will break and then what does one do? Disassemble and install another rubber band? Not even sure if that is possible. Kind of overpriced for what you get, considering competitors provide finished rubber band guns with over double the shot capacity, already assembled, for slightly over half this price. This kit leaves you with a pistol with no longevity and an uncomfortable grip comprised of uncomfortable “edges”. Build something else and get a different rubber band pistol, even one already made.

  10. Scott D. Lumry

    I have bought and assembled most all of the UGears products. Although many will not self propel as advertised, the quality of the materials is good and they are fun to put together. They do take time to build so if you are in a hurry -don’t waste your money. You’ll end up breaking pieces and just get frustrated. I have learned to use special wire cutters , small adjustable pliers and other delicate tools which are a great assist in getting the parts out of the trees or sanding and adjusting for assembly. You have to test fit everything, use lots of tea light candles for lubrication and again. Take your time. I get tons of compliments on all of them

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