Vallejo 1940-1945 Acrylic German Colors Model

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  • 8 paints in a set
  • With camouflage patterns by Euromodelismo
  • 17ml plastic squeeze bottle

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Item Weight

8.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

1 x 1 x 3 inches

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Age Range Description

168 months to 1200 months

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German Colors 1940-1945

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Specific Uses For Product

Dry Sanding

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4.56 Fl Oz

Special Feature

Dishwasher Safe

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136 Milliliters


0.57 Fl Oz (Pack of 8)

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Date First Available

April 5, 2017

13 reviews for Vallejo 1940-1945 Acrylic German Colors Model

  1. Go Away

    Very decent value for the money Good information on package.

  2. Luis Fernando Betancur Jaramillo

    A base de agua, excelente priducto.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great paint for the air brush . Plus it’s also very easy for using with a brush as well

  4. Mark Chisholm

    Being of a certain age – ahem – my childhood was filled with the fumes of enamel paints and thinners when making models of what would best be described as ‘workmanlike’ standard…

    Today, this hobby has exploded with every conceivable niche catered for and models of all kinds available at the press of a keystroke. It’s a wonderful time to make models.

    And along with that has arrived high quality acrylic paints that are much safer to use and allow easy cleaning. If you have children or grandchildren then of course using a non-toxic paint is a no brainer.

    And for me when I discovered Vallejo paints was the superb bottles. No more gummed up tins and problems pouring paint. No, a quick squirt and off we go.

    Vallejo has been my choice from the get go using acrylics – possibly because they were the first I used and because of that really appreciated the ease of use – but mainly because for me they have been absolutely rock solid reliable. Whilst on various forums and on Facebook I’ve read and hear people complaining about various things, not once in the last four years have I ever had a problem with Vallejo paints. Not one.

    This set maintains that record being easy to use, great paint finish and of course easy to clean. They are of course the pre-mixed type so specific to airbrushes and no good for use with a brush. I’ve tried and failed on that one.

    But, straight out of the bottle they spray perfectly with my cheapo Chineseum air brushes, my Aztec – which I loathe and have used once and latterly with my Harder and Steinbeck one. All work perfectly.

    Colour wise this set covers the bases for sure. Okay, maybe the odd rivet counter might have discovered some particular shade of unobtanium used once on a half track but, fundamentally, these colours if used will present a model that is unmistakably that of a German vehicle of WW2.

    All without having to think to hard or research too much. Brilliant.

  5. Mike Rhodes

    Take your models to the next level!! Get this kit.

  6. WBC

    I have been using Tamiya enamel and acrylic paints since the 80’s. I tried Vallejo paints for the very first and am very pleased with them. They mix well and spray in very fine particles. Also I like their specific color selection for the German tanks. No need to make your own mixture.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Did spray out of airbrush very well, don’t recommend thinning it down, it’s at the right consistency for spraying.covers well.

  8. Preston

    Everything you need to paint up German model kits.

  9. James Cheung King-tat

    Good product

  10. li’l bamboo

    I’ve recently returned to model making and needed to upgrade my painting supplies. I got the Vallejo paints and I’m happy that I did. I like the waterbased cleanup as it simplifies the workflow. I’ll keep using these paints. I have yet used them in my airbrush so I can’t make a comment about that. I do like the colours and they cover well.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Vallejo is a great paint there’s no doubt. But these two paint colors can’t be so different in color just because one is air and the other is not. Names of the color are the same, RAL#is the same Vallejo # is different. As you can see in the photo of the stug model the color on the left is air in the middle is 70.978 dark yellow on the right is middlestone ( I thought it looked like the dark yellow but it obviously doesn’t). The air paint is the proper color unless there’s a German dark yellow. So don’t let the RAL numbers fool you 70.978 dark yellow is not right and should be looked into I’m sorry to say I don’t know how or have the time.

  12. Amazon Customer

    This brand (VALLEJO) IS BRILLIANT ESPECIALLY for new people starting airbrushing its pre mixed and looks brilliant on the model’s so easy id recomend it to anyone

  13. Samuel W.

    These paints are very nice. It sprays through my airbrush without the need for thinner, and sits nicely on the the kit. The eye dropper bottles are a nice feature as well. The only downside to that is that it does not allow extra paint to be put back in the bottle. That can be fixed if one has multiple projects going or extra jars to put paint in.

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