Warlord Games, Prussian Hussars, Black Powder Wargaming Miniatures

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  • Scale 28mm./ 1:56
  • Required assembly and painting.
  • Glue and Paints are not included.
  • Include: 12 Cavalry Warlord Resin miniatures.

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

8.86 x 6.02 x 1.81 inches

Item Weight

3.87 ounces


Warlord Games

2 reviews for Warlord Games, Prussian Hussars, Black Powder Wargaming Miniatures

  1. CrossClan

    I’m generally a fan of Warlord Games’ products, but this set of Prussian Hussars, molded using their proprietary resin, included several figures with defects and a great deal of variation in the quality of casting across identical figures. On some figures, the details are relatively crisp, while on others they are shallow and muted. The trumpet on the trumpeter included in the set I received was missing due to a molding defect, one of the riders was completely missing the end of his foot, and several figures had indents that needed major filling. The horse miniatures in this particular set are also odd. There are three horse poses. One of the horse models has a neck that resembles a dromedary, while another horse model’s pose is so low to the ground that the rider’s feet almost touch the earth. The remaining horse model and riders’ poses are more natural. In the end, I purchased additional horses from another company and used some of the better riders from this set. I have purchased other kits from Warlord’s Prussian Napoleonic range that use the same resin, such as their Prussian dragoons, and Warlord Games seems to have overcome whatever challenge plagued this kit. Overall, I would give Warlord’s range of Napoleonic figures a better rating. Given better moldings, I would give this kit 3 1/2 stars as the horses are still relatively odd sculpts.

  2. michael mcminn

    These were brand new models, and I received two smashed boxes. Some of the models were broken. I am not satisfied.

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