Wood Trick Hot Rod Wooden Model Car Kit to Build – Rides up to 32 feet – Detailed – 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults and Kids to Build – Engineering…

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  • [DETAILED & FUNCTIONAL] – operated by a unique eco-friendly rubber band motor, the Hot Rod scale model car kit will uninterruptedly ride straight ahead for up to 30 ft until the motor’s resource is completely released
  • [PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL AGES] – the roadster car already comes in an attractive package that will be awesome to get as a gift! Our 3d wooden puzzles will always be a welcome gift and a worthy addition to your collection
  • [SUPERIOR QUALITY] – our classic model car kit for adults and kids is made of safe, pollutant-free wood, targeting the current international demand for eco-friendly toys
  • [EDUCATIONAL] – model diy kits by Wood Trick help people to understand the principles of mechanics, by introducing to the fundamentals of mechanics, cultivating patience and attention, promoting fine motor skills, and encouraging imaginative artistic thinking

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Product Dimensions

0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches

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2.07 pounds

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Wood Trick Hot Rod

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Wood Trick

13 reviews for Wood Trick Hot Rod Wooden Model Car Kit to Build – Rides up to 32 feet – Detailed – 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults and Kids to Build – Engineering…

  1. Katherine Day

    He absolutely loved it but recommended taping your fingers to help reduce getting stabbed by the toothpicks.

  2. Todd

    This was an extremely Fun and challenging build, with a couple semi intricate assemblies that Require time and attention in order for the model to operate properly. I really enjoyed building this, and will be doing more soon!

  3. Anonymous

    Tooth picks need sanding before use (!!). Worked on this with my 13yr son. Looks incredible and detail is wonderful, but we couldn’t get the drive mechanism to work so was never able to fully enjoy the end result. There are too many frictions between the wooden cogs / components to make the mechanism run smoothly, even after sanding. Such a shame.

  4. Dave

    I got this model to help kill some time. It absolutely did that and more!
    This model has some challenging assemblies. The two gear boxes (one in front, and one in the rear) have to be carefully sanded, tolerance checked and matched in order to accomplish smooth operation. I ended up using CA+ superglue on the mating surfaces of the moving parts and then sanding with 240 grit to take out any rough spots. I would also recommend using a dry graphite lubricant for all contact surfaces of moving parts.
    The engine assembly took me a while to complete because I hardened the wood surfaces with CA+, built up the rod journals with spare wood and then sanded them round. I also glued each rod together (on the crank), sanded and tolerances for smooth movement.
    I highly recommend CA/CA+ superglue, a sanding block, a variety of round items that can be used as sanding blocks, and sand paper ranging from 180 to 400 grit.
    The toothpicks that are provided are low quality and made of wood. I stopped by the supermarket and picked up round toothpicks made out of bamboo (higher quality and very strong)
    In total, this model took me 30+ hours to complete. The fun of this model is in the assembly of it and the satisfaction of a job well done when finished. It now sits on the shelf and is a nice conversation piece.

    *If you plan on putting this model together in an afternoon and then play with it, you will be very disappointed.*

  5. Ian

    J ai essayée de mettre les pieces du moteur en place et aucun morceaux restait en place.Après plus q une semaine de travail j ai email Wood Trick a propos de mon problème et il mon répondu de montrer les pieces qui reste pas en places.Comme j ai dit a Wood Trick si je peut pas le mettre en place j ai essayée encore et meme probleme alors maintenant.Comment .J ai bâtis 10 modèles ou plus sans avoir de gros problèmes

  6. Amazon Customer

    Hard work cocktail sticks to fit it together absolutely stupid idea nothing fits dreadful idea hard work all the through don’t buy

  7. Stanley salata

    great product

  8. Useful wendy

    Ok to build but doesn’t work

  9. FGood

    The BIG issue with this model is the sanding down of all the toothpicks. I got as far as step 2 and hit the issue. I read all the reviews and found out you have to sand down the toothpicks. No thanks! The model sat for a month, then I decided to drill out all the holes with a 5/46 bit. I just drilled them out all at once while the pieces were still in the brackets. Took less than 10 minutes (I just drilled them, I didn’t bore out the holes). After that the model was a breeze. and FUN!

  10. Nora Sealund

    If you don’t like challenges and don’t buy it. It will take time but my husband really likes the challenge since he’s now retired.

  11. vee

    All joints nice and tight

  12. Julie Thompson

    My boyfriend is having a blast putting this together!

  13. Dave

    I dont often review, however I have built alot of these wooden gear models (mainly by ugears) and as much as the end result of this is okay it has alot if flaws.

    The wood trick models for some reason are higher priced than many others but do not be tricked into thinking this means better quality, I found the wood in this model to split easier, have alot of burrs when removing pieces and my biggest issue is that none of the toothpicks provided where usable (i used spares from other sets)

    It is alot smaller than I imagined, it works fine but certain parts don’t feel of great design, for £50 I feel ripped off by wood trick and will not be buying there models again

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