A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 3

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This is book no 3 in the „Dioramas and Models“-series by Bjørn Jacobsen.The book has more than 500 pictures and numerous tips and guidance that will help you create your military diorama.All the books from Bjørn Jacobsen have been written with one goal in mind: To give the readers ideas and impulses! He uses his world-renowned dioramas as examples and explains in text and pictures how they were made and points the reader in the right direction and urges him/her to use their imagination and creativity. The intention with the books is not to create the best model or diorama but to encourage model builders to seek new adventures and to expand their ambitions in model and diorama building, but most of all, to have more fun than ever before with this great hobby!He tries to keep everything as simple and straight forward as possible and are not making things unnecessarily complicated.This book presents an understandable way the tips and tricks to differentiate your work from the productions of the masses in our hobby.Building dioramas do not get the same after you have read his books!As one modeller put it: His books should be on all modeller’s wish list – yes, it’s that good.

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1 review for A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 3

  1. Enrique García

    I received the third volume of Bjorn’s books for my birthday. It is fantastic and I cannot put it down. It’s full of good advice and easy to read. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have enjoyed the first two books and the third volume is just as great! I admire the superb craftsmanship and photography, and many of the techniques can be used on simple models as well. These books are what diorama builders really need!

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