A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS

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This book is made for all who would like to make a military diorama and for all those who already are making military dioramas. Many have been building scale models and now want to put them in a diorama context. This book is full of ideas and describes the way the author has made many of his world-renowned dioramas. This book is not about building the perfect model or diorama. It is about creating a snapshot of history, to freeze a moment in time and, about all, to tell a story.The beauty of building a diorama is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. It is entirely up to your creativity and imagination. The options are endless and fascinating!This book describes more than twenty-five different dioramas and gives you a fantastic insight of how these were created. With more than 800 pictures and in-depth description, it gives you numerous tips and guidance which will help you building your own diorama. The Autor, Bjørn Jacobsen, built his first scale model in 1957, 15 years old. Since then he has made numerous models, mostly WWII planes, but also many extraordinary dioramas. After years of modelling, he found it more and more rewarding and challenging to make dioramas, because it required not only modelling skills but also a sense of realism and a lot of research and scratch building to get it as realistic as possible. It also gives him the opportunity to let the models tell their story – and a story, they always have.For years, he has posted his work to the many model groups around the world and he often has been asked to publish some of his amazing work.He has now taken those requests seriously and has written this book.His hope is that his models and dioramas might inspire some to try out this exciting hobby.

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13 reviews for A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS

  1. D. Coren

    Nice pics, not so nice explanations. Expected more from a relatively expensive book. Not recommended.

  2. Trey Jeck

    Awesome reference!

  3. Emperors Chosen

    I got this from Amazon at a really good price, it’s packed with colour photos and ideas. Paper quality is a bit poor though, and to be honest having seen the prices and reviews of the others in the series I’m not sure if I would buy more.

  4. whammer

    Very thorough and knowledgeable book. If you want to increase your education on model building, this book will certainly help.

  5. David Engel

    Very much enjoyed this book, a great take on dioramas.

  6. Afrikaneer

    A real good work with a lot of inspirations and ideas. It’s a real help for every kind of modellers.

  7. andrew m.

    Love the read

  8. Eric G

    Ce livre présente de façon simple et compréhensible les trucs et astuces pour se démarquer des productions de masses dans notre hobby.
    A noter qu’une traduction en français est en cours.

  9. Anonymous

    I really can’t recommend this if you’re looking for tutorials. There are A LOT of projects here (I’d estimate a couple dozen at least), but there’s very little in the way of breaking the projects down and explaining how the individual steps are done. I would have preferred fewer projects and more instruction. If you were only looking for inspiration, this might be of use to you. Also, the writer favors World War 2 models, including the Axis, so if seeing that makes you uncomfortable, stay away (the writer really likes talking about one particular Nazi tank commander who was apparently very successful, so that’s more than a little cringy.) The pictures are well done as are the models, but if you’re looking for instruction, look somewhere else.

  10. tswing

    Overall, great way to impove your skills

  11. Antonio Algar Espejo

    Decepcionante, lo he devuelto

  12. Enrique García

    This diorama book is absolutely amazing. The things you can do with simple things like chicken wire and cotton…great book. Thanks for writing it and letting us all in on your diorama secrets. The book has tons of color images and steps on how he did his magnificent dioramas. It also has in-depth explanations of why he did them that way. Lots of things you can learn from him. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who want their work to stand out.

  13. DVD

    Lots of pictures but not much information on how to achieve the diorama. Seems overpriced, the Verlinden books are better.

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