Atlantis Model 1/48 Russian Army Stalin Tank Plastic Model Kit

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1/48 Scale. Features elevating 122mm gun, flexible tank treads, traversing turret, 12.7 MM machine gun, opening hatches, Molded in russian green. Skill Level 2Check out this great video build by HPI guyJS-III Stalin Tank.In 1943 the Russians developed the famous T-34 tank which did much to help drive the Nazis from their homeland. The T-34 was heavily armored and mounted a large caliber gun in a single 360-degree traverse turret. This tank set the pattern for future Russian tank design and strongly influenced foreign designs including the world-famous Panther Tank produced by Germany during World War II.

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0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches

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3.2 ounces

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4 reviews for Atlantis Model 1/48 Russian Army Stalin Tank Plastic Model Kit

  1. Cancelled for Non-Performance

    Can’t compare to a newer Japanese versions for build and detail, but if you remember this from your youth, it really is a fun project. I built all the other similar kits released about the same time, but never got to this one. A great chance to rectify that gap.

  2. Bruce Miller

    Have wanted this model for 50 years.

  3. Mrs Gillian D Fellows

    I had this for my birthday back in 1960 and loved it ! But what really did it for me was the
    amazing box art, and it still does now ! The kit mouldings are still superb with only a small amount
    of very thin flash, which comes of easily. I just love these old kits from my childhood !
    Highly recommended !

  4. Bruce Parkes

    Reissue of an old kit. Basic but appears accurate

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