Bandai HG 1/144 Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch of Mercury LFRITH Model Kit

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  • Beam saber x2
  • Receiver gun x1
  • Shield x1
  • Shell unit clear parts x1
  • Beam blade effect parts x1
  • Joint parts x1
  • Joint parts x1

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

5 x 4 x 2 inches

Item Weight

9.2 ounces

Item model number


Release date

November 28, 2022



13 reviews for Bandai HG 1/144 Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch of Mercury LFRITH Model Kit

  1. tim

    The kit itself is phenomenal, other than an issue with the stickers on the torso (some of the backing came off with them so they wouldn’t stick, used superglue to get them in place). However for sume reason the kit was shipped in a plastic amazon bag. This resulted in the box being dinged up and may result in damage to the kit itself if the shipping is particularly rough.

  2. Barzam02B

    bought my Hg lfrith locally along with the aerial, the build was nice, nothing complex besides the great color separation, articulation is alright, though i would have thought the ankles would swivel as usual, but they do not.
    Comes with the beam rifle, two beams sabers, a effect part for the beam rifle, and has a cool gimmick of combining the gun bits behind the gundam to make its shield. Pretty unique gundam without the v fin.

    A note. I would NOT recommend buying any witch from mercury kits here, or even any popular gunpla in general. resellers are crazy for wanting to price these kits more than $20, their is nothing special about these kits to be resold for $50 or ludicrously more. I would highly recommend buying elsewhere with the intention to purchase a bulkier order, at least you will get mostly what you want with some possible sought out re releases of other gunpla kits at a more reasonable price.

  3. Sigma

    A genuinely fun build that looks fantastic even without detailing or panel lining, my only real complaint is that the connection for the ankle joints are weak and can come off easily.

  4. マルク



  5. Amazon Customer

    My grandson love these

  6. 私生活が、極貧の翔姫

    2022年8月6日 土曜日に、発売開始したガンプラです。

    メーカー希望小売価格 税込1760円。

    8月6日 土曜日 お店の開店30前から長蛇の列でした。その殆どが、一番くじやカードゲームがお目当てみたいでした。





    後。情報が不確かですが、今年一杯毎月 ガンダムルブリスとベギルベウが出荷されるみたいですよ。

  7. Evelyn Andromeda

    Firstly, the box arrived really banged up. Some other people have mentioned this, but since it’s shipped loose in a thin envelope, the box gets dented on all sides. Not a huge issue for me since everything inside was fine, but if you want to keep or display the box don’t order it this way.

    As for the model itself, it does look quite pretty. The pink/white/grey color scheme looks great, and there’s a lot of nice looking parts on this model. Unfortunately, it’s articulation feels incredibly limited and wonky. The shoulders, head, arms, and feet are all frustrating to pose and maneuver, and it’s far more stiff than other HG sets I’ve made. The hands are also very limited, with only a single mold that’s in a grasping pose – there’s no open or relaxed hands. And while the shield is pretty cool, the weapons and accessories on this model are very limited.

    I wouldn’t recommend this as a first time model, nor as a “I want a really fun build” model. If you want a cheaper gunpla to assemble, like the show, or just enjoy how it looks, then sure pick it up. But don’t expect anything incredible.

  8. ガラスの腰


  9. A. Dinsmoor

    The kit is great, need to do very little to make it look fantastic. That being said don’t buy it from Amazon. You are paying $20 more than anywhere else.

  10. 永遠のにわか


  11. 永遠のにわか


  12. Amazon Customer

    The product arrived well in advance of the target date, and was easy to build. All of these kits are currently over market value, so weigh whether you want it now or if you can wait. Otherwise, the product was authentic and went together with ease.

  13. Traci Haljean

    A relatively simple kit. Seems like it’s a cross between the 30 minute mission kits, entry grade kits, and modern hg kits. Good overall articulation. Not great, but good. The ankle joint is a little limited, and the C clip is a little weak. Minimal stickers. No polycaps. If you can get this for roughly 20 dollars, definitely pick it up.

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