Bandai Hobby – Gundam Wing – #174 Wing Gundam Zero, Bandai HGAC 1/144 Model Kit (10912)

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  • The ever popular transforming Wing Zero from Gundam Wing re-appears as a modern HG kit!
  • Part of the All Gundam project, it shares construction elements with other releases to allow for custom designs and kit bashes
  • Wing Zero can transform from neo-bird mode, comes with the iconic twin buster rifle that can split into 2, beam sabers, pile driver shield and machine cannons
  • Country of origin: JP

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2 x 3 x 5.5 inches

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9.9 ounces

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August 8, 2022

9 reviews for Bandai Hobby – Gundam Wing – #174 Wing Gundam Zero, Bandai HGAC 1/144 Model Kit (10912)

  1. C.So

    Not me…Cheap protect for cheap products. First time buying hg, but with not good experience .hope inside everything is okay

  2. C.So

    My son loved putting this together and displaying it. Dad is a superhero again!

  3. Swiffs

    Bought and assembled this as my first Gundam model kit! The written instructions were in Japanese but the pictures were self explanatory. It took me 4 hours to fully assemble this kit (with only a nail clipper) since I made some errors when putting together some parts. The kit comes with 2 beam sabers, shield and beam cannons. However, I broke part of the shield after skipping a step by accident (100% my fault lol). Some parts/joints are pretty loose and posing is pretty difficult since the model is prone to falling without a stand. In addition, the model won’t look like the product listing unless paint is applied, which isn’t a big concern for me. Overall, this model kit is great for beginners or anyone who shows an interest in gunpla.

  4. Marshall Palmer

    You used to watch gundam without a care in the world. Now, you’ve got kids, and the days of watching Hero absolutely destroy in his Mobile Suit are long gone.
    But this… this is an excuse to sit in the garage for hours and play Gundam in the background. You’ll spend 4 hours putting this together, and when you finally show your partner they’ll say “Oh”. You’ll tell them about the dual beam cannons, and the beam saber, and maybe even how it can transform into a plane.
    And when you place it proudly on the shelf in the bedroom, you’ll look up at it with bittersweet joy. Then one day your partner will hide it behind the houseplant, and you will write a review to show your appreciation for this wonderful kit.

  5. Tabletop Animations

    The wing gundam sky is a fantastic set, its build was fun and moderately challenging, while also not too advanced and did NOT leave me feeling like this was a chore or a task to build.

    Its design is very lovely with all the thrusters and I really love the ability to transform it into its neo-bird form.

    the only negative thing about this set is that 1. the red pieces are fragile so you need to be careful assembling the shield head shoulders, etc., and the shield is not attached in the way I would have liked, it attached loosely on a little clip that attaches to the arm but this isn’t very strong or posable, I would have preferred the classic way to attach it.

  6. Swiffs

    Super easy to assemble no glue required. the joints pop apart really easy makes it kind of annoying to get in to position maybe the stand will be better for displaying.

  7. JC

    Nice model.

  8. Adam Nelson

    While the instructions are in Japanese everything is labeled nicely to make it easy to put together. The only thing i didn’t realize while putting it together was in a small circle there is direction to add the stickers on thankfully i notice not to far into assembly. The only and probably biggest downside with this is some of the joints do not sit nicely together. Like i had a problem with the arms but a little muscle fixed the problem. While i tried to put muscle into the legs they are pretty flimsy, and still fall out from the joints with barely any movement. Other than that, took me maybe 3 hours to finish building looks great! just again wish the legs wouldn’t be an issue.

  9. Pat

    Doesn’t feel like a HG, but an EG instead. Too small for my old eyes, and not as sturdy as the RX EG that’s supposed to be a lower quality item compared to the Wing.
    As soon as my box got delivered there’s a 6 dlrs discoint from the seller. Not very pleased tbh.

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