Bandai Hobby Star Wars 1/12 Plastic Model Boba Fett “Star Wars” , White

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  • The Most Famous Bounty Hunter In The Galaxy Is 1/12 Scale Model Kit From Bandai
  • It Features The Same Detail And Articulation That You’Ve Come To Expect From The Line
  • Comes With A Full Array Of Accessories Including Interchangeable Hand Parts And A Dedicated Display Base
  • [Set Contents] Dedicated Display Base ×1, Water Transfer Decal Sheet ×1, Tetron Sticker Sheet ×1, Runners X 8 Manual X1

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

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9.2 ounces

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2 x 2 x 6 inches

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Boba Fett







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June 7, 2021

13 reviews for Bandai Hobby Star Wars 1/12 Plastic Model Boba Fett “Star Wars” , White

  1. Alan C. Davis

    This Boba Fett kit is excellent. The detail and sculpt work is some of the best I’ve seen. It’s relatively easy to assemble and it’s all snap-together, no glue. You must have a lot of patience and care however, because it will take around 2 hours to complete. Rushing it will just ruin it.

    These Star Wars model kits are cheaper and look better than any figure out there, including the black series. For me these kits are a no brainer! If you’ve got the time and patience, definitely choose these over action figures.

  2. Elias

    what can I say, What a fantastic kit this and all the bandai kits are. I built this shortly after the first order storm trooper and I have to say that I loved every minute of building it. The quality of the pieces that slot together and in all the correct colours is just superb. I decided to go one step further and add extra paint and detail to make the figure more weathered and was very happy with the results. I honestly can’t say enough how superb these models are especially as they are fully posable too.

  3. Tiny

    I saw this while I was away in Japan and loved the look of it, but was originally put off by the idea of having to make a model. When I was home I watched a few YouTube videos and realised that it looked a lot easier than I had originally thought. The model goes together very easily and doesn’t require any glue, although I did buy myself a beginners set of model tools to cut the parts out of the frame.
    The model doesn’t require any painting, but to make it look like it does in the photos you will need to add some paint. It also has the option of using stickers or decals that you soak in water to decorate the model. I was cautious at first, but after doing one decal it was very straight forward.
    The cost to get this sent over is the same as it was in Japan, so I was pleased I waited and didn’t have the hassle of fitting it in my suitcase.
    It did take a while to arrive (2 weeks) but it did say so on the listing, so no complaints there.
    I liked this model so much I have already ordered 2 more! I can’t wait to get my hands on Darth Vader & a Stormtrooper.

  4. Frankie hensley

    Nothing to dislike about bandai kits, I currently build Gundam kits as well. Excellent detail in every kit. And this one will not disappoint . Only drawback is since his body suit is cloth you may want to apply a blue/gray mix of paint, and armor a flat olive green, the red around the visor is a mix of rust and red or oxidized red, silver for damage spots and flat medium brown for shoes and belts.

  5. Christine O.

    I don’t think I can add anything new everyone has said about this kit other than this simple summary:
    Good – Fit and finish is typical of Bandai, Excellent. Assembly is almost idiot proof. Kit comes with decals and stickers – stick to the decals, they are much better.
    Bad – None that I can see

    If you just assemble the kit, you’ll be done in a couple of hours, tops. If you want to paint him up and accentuate the clothing + weapons and add wear and tear (which most people may opt to do) – it’ll push the time up to 5-10 hours, depending on how much detailing you like to put in. This is an example of how the folds were accentuated with a simple airbrush, the weathering used the hairspray method to chip off the paint over a polished aluminum, errr Beskar undercoat.

    Like the other Bandai Star Wars figures in this series – Highly Recommended

  6. Tiny

    This was my first bandai build, having had very little experience with model building other than the obiqlitory airfix model now and then. These kits are something special, no glue is needed, they simply click together, instructions are in Japanese but are easy enough to follow and are a feat of engineering. I am a star wars geek through and through and collect the elite series die cast figures and once completed my model lacked the finishing touches to give it pride of place amongst my other items. At this point I took to YouTube and found multiple videos to aid with painting and weathering although the only video for boba fett is a series of tutorials lasting for several hours. What I did instead was look at the simpler build tutorials chiefly ModelChili’s shoretrooper build and applied it to Boba Fett. My model with very little experience or expertise looks great and I’ve definitely got the bug for these models-I’ve ordered several more and joined groups online that deal specifically with bandai star wars, I’d also recommend for supplies.

  7. Matt Bramer

    Gave this to my BEST best friend and he loved it sooo much he was grateful! Definitely worth it 👌

  8. Josep Acón

    I’ve been a kit builder for most of my life and decided to give this one a go when I found it on sale. Didn’t care for the multiple action figure like joints so I addressed them all with 2 part epoxy putty by filling and then resculpting those areas. Once that issue was addressed I primed the kit, checked it for errors, then used acrylics and oils to finish it. Included some before and after photos. Regardless of how I chose to do it, still a nice addition to anyone’s collection. Give it a go your own way and enjoy yourself.

  9. Josep Acón

    Loved putting it together

  10. shawn Williams

    I am usually an armor modeler for 30 + years. I have never built a Star Wars model (even tho I remember watching it at the drive in …back in 1977. MY nephew is a big Star Wars fan, and he always wants to me to build bigger then 1/35 scale models… So, I bought this Bandai Boba Fett, and have to say for it being a snap tight kit, which I haven’t done in over 35 years, cool kit. And the figure is fully posable and articulated. The detail is very nice and crisp. I will be of course gluing this kit and adding my flare to it with painting and weathering. It does not need painting if you want a basic toy or display model but being a seasoned modeler can’t wait to customize it. If it all works out i will be buying more of the Bandai line. It comes with both stickers and decals, i highly recommend using the decals over the stickers, All -in-all a great kit for beginners or a nice weekend project for more experienced builders. The pictures are painted custom and are not what kit looks like!!!

  11. Alan C. Davis

    It looks more like dumbed down version of the one in the pictures doesn’t have any fancy stuffy or cool intricate details and has none of the cool scratches I’m guessing they were painted on very misleading but it’s still an alright figure

  12. Elias

    Another superb model from Bandai. This is my third, after R2D2 and C3PO. Quality of moldings and the sprue cuts are usually hidden once pieces are assembled. My recommendations are, use a scalpel to cut parts from sprue and clean up where needed, it is probably easier to weather ( and apply silver paint for scratches ) when some of the armour parts are not put onto the body. You can also remove armour panels later to make this easier. I am weathering with Tamiya powders just to dull down the shiny plastic, and add a little Tatooine dust :). Superb kit, buy it.

  13. shawn Williams

    First of all, there are several things that I need to clarify regarding this Bandai Boba Fett model kit so I will divide this review in 2 parts the one for the Average Customer (that might not be as picky as us STAR WARS classic fans and model builders) and another for the STAR WARS Collector so that we are clear on everything that could have been better in both sides of the story.


    1. This model is not the easiest of STAR WARS Bandai Models out there, honestly, it has several super small pieces that need to be handled with care or they will break easily! If you never built a STAR WARS model and want to get into the classics I recommend you start with the classic Stormtrooper, this one could be considered a medium level so start small and work your way up!

    2. This model requires painting, as you can see in the pictures, this model comes in a green and grey flat base color, the worn out or scratched metal effect has to be done by hand so keep that in mind before you buy!

    3. it has A LOT of stickers! If you are not experienced with model kits, this part of the review needs special attention. Normally, these model kits come with a few stickers but this one comes with a lot of them, these stickers have to be placed with an extremely firm hand and with pointy small tools such as needles and tweezers, keep that in mind before your purchase.


    1. The green colors on this model vary inexplicably, the forearm pieces and the jetpack are the same green, but the chest pieces are another tone of green. It’s a mess, only the helmet has 3 different tones of green, make sure you use a color reference from the original trilogy and buy the right color to paint all green areas of this Boba Fett in the same tone of green before assembly! Also, the cable for the flame thrower (gray), the rifle stock (brown) and the helmet antenna (gray) come in black so you need to paint those as well before attempting to assemble!

    2. For the worn out and metal scratched effect I recommend several tones of grey and white as well as metallic silver applied with sponges and very tiny and thin brushes, if you mess up at any part of the process you can scratch the paint excess with a cutter or scalpel and it actually looks more realistic FYI!

    3. For the Stickers try to use the water ones as much as possible as the regular ones are really bad for a collectors edition, (you can see all borders and the paint just brings those defects even more) the glue ones doesn’t last and if you try to paint over them chances are they will fall apart. As always, place all stickers before attempting the metal scratched effect, but be extra careful, the water stickers are super thin and can be torn easily! Also, there are stickers for the bullet impacts, these are not really necessary you can easily make more realistic blaster impacts using the brush and the sponge with the metallic paint and some shades of dark grey and black.

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