Vallejo Black Primer Paint Acry-Poly 200ml

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Vallejo Black Primer Paint Acry-Poly 200ml is a high-quality primer that is perfect for preparing surfaces for painting. It is made with a durable acrylic formula that provides excellent adhesion and coverage.

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Vallejo Black Primer Paint Acry-Poly 200ml

Vallejo Black Primer Paint Acry-Poly 200ml is a high-quality primer that is perfect for preparing surfaces for painting. It is made with a durable acrylic formula that provides excellent adhesion and coverage. The primer is also self-leveling, which makes it easy to apply and helps to create a smooth, even finish.

One of the key features of Vallejo Black Primer Acry-Poly 200ml Paint is its versatility. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and wood. It is also compatible with a variety of paints, including acrylics, enamels, and lacquers.

Another advantage of Vallejo Black Primer PAcry-Poly 200ml Paint is its fast drying time. It dries to the touch in just 15 minutes, which makes it a great choice for projects that need to be completed quickly.

Overall, Vallejo Black Primer Acry-Poly 200ml Paint is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality primer. It is versatile, easy to use, and dries quickly. It is also very affordable, making it a great value for the money.

black primer paint acry-poly
Vallejo Black Primer Acry-Poly Paint

Here are some of the pros and cons of Vallejo Black Primer Paint Acry-Poly 200ml:


* Versatile: can be used on a variety of surfaces
* Compatible with a variety of paints
* Fast drying time
* Affordable


* Some users may find the smell to be strong
* Can be difficult to remove if it gets on skin or clothing

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Product Dimensions

‎1.88 x 1.88 x 5.75 inches

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‎200 Milliliters






‎Black Primer Acry-Poly

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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‎7.2 ounces



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‎MMD Holdings, LLC

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Age Range Description

‎168 months to 1200 months

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‎Hobby, paint

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‎Water Based

Unit Count

‎6.76 Fl Oz

Item Volume

‎200 Milliliters


‎6.76 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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‎No Warranty

13 reviews for Vallejo Black Primer Paint Acry-Poly 200ml

  1. Chad

    I’ve discovered the fun pastime of airbrushing the various figurines and statues I 3D print to use up old filament, and until now was using a spray can of primer to prep the prints for painting.

    I saw this and had to try it. I’ve got a small booth I airbrush my prints in for ventilation, so the thought of being able to primer prints in a controlled booth instead of going outside and hoping that the wind wouldn’t mess with the primering process was a major factor.

    As expected, I’m able to airbrush this cleanly onto 3D prints in my booth. This is my second Vallejo product and I’m just as pleased with it as the first (which was matte varnish). This primer flows nicely, and I don’t add any thinner or reducer to the primer.

    Having said that, I run my compressor at higher pressure for primer and sealants. For airbrushing acrylic paints, I run a working pressure of 15-35 PSI, depending on how much volume I’m pushing through the airbrush. For this primer and sealants, I run a working air pressure of 40 PSI. That is, when I activate the airbrush, my compressor’s regulator reads 40 PSI. At a full tank and switched off, my compressor’s regulator reads almost 50 PSI.

    Aside from a little tip drying which is easily cleared with a brush soaked in airbrush cleaner, I have zero flow issues with this primer. It does atomize a bit roughly, but I still get thorough, consistent coverage on my prints.

    I’ve since used up my spray can of primer and won’t be getting another one. But when I use up this bottle of primer, I’ll definitely be back for more!

  2. Julio Cesar

    Great primer for my warhammer 40k minis and applies really well with brush. Don’t need to water it down and it shrinks while drying so you don’t lose any details.

  3. Hawk eye

    produto otimo

  4. Jorge Miranda


  5. Jonathan

    Its black, it primes, its tough and its easy to use. Not much else to say but it’s great stuff.

  6. Brandon Norcross

    I use these black, gray, and white primers to do a zenithal prime on minis. I’ve tried some other primers, but they seem to soften up the details of the minis. This primer seems to be about the perfect consistency to let the details show. Great for contrast painting. Fast drying as well. The only issue I’ve experienced is when airbrushing with it, it kinda puddles up and sprays around. That is most likely the fault of my airbrush skills.

  7. Todd Lyon

    I was immediately sold on this product on the first brush stroke. After using a bottle of Army Painter’s brush-on primer and finding it a bit thick and difficult to get into fine details, and not being a fan of using rattle cans and risking losing detail, I decided to give this one a go.

    As soon as I applied the first bit of primer, I was convinced. It flows beautifully into the nooks and crannies, provides a solid base coat, and holds paint like a dream. There’s a reason that Vallejo’s products are so heavily touted by the miniatures painting community, and this does not disappoint.

  8. Dawson

    I paint a lot of miniatures from Reaper’s “Bones” line and spray on primer eats the plastic. This brush on primer works wonders. It coats very well and dries nice and flat and doesn’t muck up the detail unless you really glob it on (I’m the worst about having a heavy hand when priming and even I manage not to screw it up). It also doesn’t get that gritty, sandpaper texture that other primers get.

  9. Alan Beggerow

    This primer is great for plastic models. Gives the surface a nice ‘tooth’ for the finish coat. You can feel the brush slightly drag because of it when you hand brush over it. Will take acrylic or enamel paint when fully dried (recommended 24 hours drying before painting per manufacturer). I’ve brushed it on and sprayed it on, and it’s suitable for both. It needs to be thinned when using in an airbrush, I used 50 percent primer, 50 percent windshield washer fluid. I don’t know if you can paint lacquer over it or not, but for acrylic and enamel, it’s good stuff!

  10. Alan Beggerow

    Goes on smooth and let’s paint stick to it very well. I found this out by accident but rubbing alcohol seems to almost completely dissolve it so if you make a mistake you can try again after you let it dry again.

  11. Chad

    Get it!! Wish I knew about this paint a long time ago

  12. Siadream

    Excelente relación costo/volumen/disponibilidad

  13. Amazon Customer

    Even works brushing on. My new favorite primer.

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