Guillow’s Cessna 180 Model Kit

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  • Cessna 180 has a 20″ wingspan
  • Series 600 build by number model kits feature die-cut balsa parts and plastic accessories
  • Perfect beginner’s model plane kit for builders ages 14+
  • Assemble an attractive model with good flying ability
  • Made in the USA

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

13.75 x 1.31 x 4.5 inches



Item Weight

5.4 ounces

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Product Dimensions

13.75 x 1.31 x 4.5 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Flat River Group

Country of Origin


Date First Available

November 22, 2004

13 reviews for Guillow’s Cessna 180 Model Kit

  1. eric

    good thanks

  2. G. Michael Gougler

    Purchased to help grandson learn what’s involved in building a wooden model.

  3. Ain’t mine

    I built 1 of these same kits 50+ years ago finished nicely. There are some problems, same ones of 50 years ago. The cutting dies still crush some parts, not enough to make the parts unusable but enough to make you pay attention while recutting the parts, it’s still a very good first buy. If properly assembled the cessna 180 will fly.

  4. heather

    It is super difficult to assemble cause you have to cut the pieces out and it’s not laser cut but the kit is from the 60’s so considering that it is a nice project.

  5. Amazon Customer

    A great toy for a 12 year old. Still flying !

  6. Wayne caouette

    I had fun building this plane

  7. Schana Donefeld

    It came out well, but the parts are not quite as accurately cut as laser ones are. The wing ribs needed a lot of sanding so they wouldn’t show through the tissue covering so much. Wings also tended to droop, so will need extra support which you will have to improvise. Either that, or I screwed up, but I don’t think I did. Overall, looks pretty good, and flies well, too. Painted mine sky blue, and looks really cool.

  8. certacito

    A poor quality kit very difficult to build because of the poor quality balsa ,not that cheap .buy something else .

  9. J. Miller

    First build, P-51 Mustang, went very well and looks great. Used the now hard to find Nitrate Dope for the covering. Yeah, it can get you high and then make you sick but just treat it with some common sense (like people used to have once upon a time) and read the precautions. There is nothing better as a long lasting paint base for the silk span covering or as a sealant for the balsa in a non-hot fuel situation. And, it gives a medium shrink not pulling the covering to tight causing it to pull away from the frame in places. And it won’t sag when you paint it. And you won’t find it on the River. Just make sure your glue is compatible. Your can always test it on some scrap pieces first. One of the grand-kids saw the Mustang and liked it a lot and began asking for his own. But I have 4 grand kids so I bought 4 +1 more of these for myself in this series with close model nos. All with 16″ – 24″ wingspans. The larger ones are just stupid $$$$ for what they are. The only Con so far is the thickness of the balsa is not what it used to be. Even decades later since I built these in the 60’s I can tell it is all thinner. But, the pieces all separated easily and fit well, even the non-laser die cut ones. The Mustang does actually fly some but I beefed up the landing gear structure which seemed quite flimsy as designed with the thinner wood. You don’t get more than a few seconds of power out of the rubber band though. Be sure to shop around for the best prices. They vary a lot and it adds up esp if you are buying more than one. If you are really interested in flying these get one that says “Endurance” on the box.

  10. Tool Guy

    My 94 year old uncle has completed this model.
    Once I had the plans set up on a soft board and covered with wax paper, he was off and running
    Be sure to buy (here on Amazon) a quality X acto knife set, a good file, a bottle of elmer’s wood glue, some small clamps, the right tissue glue & sealer, and a box of small diameter push pins to hold the parts onto the board.
    He only needed help with cutting the plastic windows and attaching the rubber band from the rear dowel to the prop assembly
    (I cheated and used a bent chicken truss to pull it through the fuselage)
    His next model has been ordered and on the way!
    Yup, I’ll be there helping on this one too.

  11. Gino gonzalez

    La calidad del material es regular y hay que dedicar tiempo para corregir imperfecciones. Aún así lo volveria a comprar.

  12. Love23

    Gave it to my husband for a birthday/Father’s Day gift. He worked at Cessna and will probably put it together on cold, snowy days here in CO.

  13. Soyoung Choi

    package says, “can be built in 2 hours” or some such… haha… glue drying time will surpass that by itself. great value. unique model building experience. very delicate balsa, so builder needs to put on the baby hands. if you like to build models, and you give one of these a try, you will want to build more.

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