HAPYLY Scale DIY Hobby Wooden Ship Science Equipmen Assembly Model Boat Kits Sailing Boat Kit Decor Toy Gift (1:70)

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  • This product is a wooden classic sailing model kit,not a finished product. It requires buyers to have strong hands-on ability. The kit is designed for low-cost help the players to experience and master the structure and production process of wooden sailing models and it belongs to a self-assembled kit.
  • It is a great size,Suitable for home, dining room, hotel, living room, hallway, bedroom.has vibrant colors,looks great.This set of products is suitable for young science kit, to improve the intellectual development and practical ability of young people have a good role in promoting, it is recommended that parents or tutors under the guidance of the production.
  • In order to fit the small and exquisite design of the ship model itself, our sailboats use high-quality thin wood boards. Compared with the low-cost thick planks, the thin wood with high quality can highlight the nobleness of the ship model.
  • Cut the parts one by one according to the assembly order to avoid loss and confusion.
  • NOTE:Apply glue in proper amount. Do not allow glue to splash inside or in the eyes.Children under the age of fourteen should be accompanied by adults.

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

12.76 x 4.45 x 1.1 inches





Number of Pieces




Model Name

Model Boat Kits

Product Dimensions

12.76 x 4.45 x 1.1 inches

Item model number


Item Weight

5 ounces



Date First Available

October 20, 2021

8 reviews for HAPYLY Scale DIY Hobby Wooden Ship Science Equipmen Assembly Model Boat Kits Sailing Boat Kit Decor Toy Gift (1:70)

  1. WJS

    It is hard to imagine finding a better wooden kit of the Yacht America for under 18 USD. This is a plank-on-bulkhead kit, so some patience and previous experience with that type of construction would be helpful. The instructions are in Chinese; however, you can decipher the assembly sequence by following the graphics on the instruction sheets. An inventory of the kit upon arrival showed that all of the parts were cleanly laser cut and no parts were missing.

  2. 4J2C6

    This kit is definitely not intended to produce a quality model. The instructions are in chinese and the few picture look like a very poor quality copy. If you have experience with models this could be a nice challenge, if you don’t then you’ll have to do a fair amount of head scratching and adapting to produce anything acceptable. The quality of the wood and the laser cuts is acceptable, however, the parts supplied were not planned well. Some parts in the limited pictures available on the listing are not included.. And several parts not on the instructions ARE included. I definitely don’t think that it’s possible to produce anything close to the quality shown in the listing.

  3. Jacob Alexander

    Only inconvenience is there are no written instructions. Only pictures , I am good with just the pictures however, not everyone is a visual learner.

  4. Logan777x

    I bought this for myself and my brother knowing it would be a challenge with minimal instructions. But the fact that a full balsa sheet of parts are missing at least is a different story. You can look up a series of videos on Youtube on how to work around the missing parts. If you don’t mind macgyvering a few parts out of spare balsa or using a hot glue gun to cheat a little bit, it’s still a fun hobby project.

  5. Bruno

    The parts and the kit are made well, the direction are iffy though and the build takes patience for sure.

  6. Bruno

    I really enjoyed building this model.
    For a very reasonable price, you have a challenging, interesting and enjoyable activity.
    The assembly description is indeed not very clear, and I had to do a lot of guessing and I made some mistakes on the way, but it does not affect the overall result. I would say that it made it more interesting
    The hull is quite difficult to build and required a lot of gluing and clamping.
    I am very satisfied of the result as you can see in the pictures.

    I would not recommend it to a beginner.

  7. m3gz

    I bought this as a gift for my brother. The directions are very hard to see.

  8. Thank you

    This is not suitable for beginners.
    It was difficult to make, but it was a good experience for me.

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