Hobby Tools Set Kit: A Must For Hobbyist

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The 85 PCS Gundam Hobby Tools Set Kit is a comprehensive set of hobby building tools designed for the construction, repair, and maintenance of various models such as cars, airplanes, buildings, Gundam, and robots.

The function of the hobby tools set kit is that it can assist both novice and experienced modelers in their modeling endeavors.It can be utilized for the production and maintenance of a wide variety of toys, including automobiles, robots, air, cartoons, buildings, airplanes, and other types of crafts.

FULL RANGE AND EFFICIENT IN TERMS OF COST: Included in the kit are: The following items are included in the package: four pieces of sandpaper; one cutting pad; one saw and two saw blades; one pen knife and nine blades; one electric grinding machine with five grinding heads; one separator; one nipper pliers; and one pair of diagonal pliers; a rule made of steel; a rule made of cloth; Ten color clips, including ten pieces of pegwood and five red clips and five black clips; one knife; four polishing blocks; four knife stones; one hand drill; ten drills; one pair of scissors; one pair of compasses; five files; five tweezers; two screwdrivers; one packaging box made of plastic

The cutting pliers are made of carbon steels, which allows them to have a high level of durability.For a considerable amount of time, the tweezers might be utilized.The plastic box serves as a protective barrier for the items.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The model tools are tiny and lightweight, making them incredibly portable.It is simple to transport to any location.

AWESOME PRESENTS: It is an excellent present for your children and friends.They will use it to create works of art that are stunning.

Hobby Tools Set Kit
Hobby Tools Set Kit: A Must For Hobbyist

85 PCS Gundam Model Tools Kit Hobby Tools Set Kit:

Key Features

  1. Comprehensive Tool Kit:
    • The 85 PCS Gundam hobby tools set kit includes a wide variety of tools tailored for model building, making it suitable for a range of projects, including Gundam models, cars, airplanes, buildings, and robots.
  2. Precision Cutting Tools:
    • The hobby tools set kit comes with precision cutting tools like hobby knives with multiple blade types, sprue cutters, and nippers. These are essential for cleanly removing parts from sprues and making detailed cuts.
  3. Filing and sanding tools:
    • Assorted files, sanding sticks, and sanding papers are included to help with shaping, smoothing, and finishing model components. These tools are crucial for removing mold lines, smoothing rough edges, and preparing parts for assembly and painting.
  4. Tweezers and clamps:
    • Various tweezers and clamps are included for handling small parts and holding components in place during assembly. The hobby tools set kit aids in precision and stability when working with tiny and delicate pieces.
  5. Pin Vise with Drill Bits:
    • A pin vise with a set of micro drill bits is part of the kit, allowing for precision drilling of small holes. This is particularly useful for adding details and modifications to models.
  6. Polishing and cleaning tools:
    • Polishing blocks and cleaning brushes are provided to help with final touches and ensuring that parts are clean and smooth before painting and assembly.
  7. Rulers and Measuring Tools:
    • The kit includes rulers and other measuring tools to ensure accuracy and precision in your builds.
  8. Storage Case:
    • All tools come in a compact and organized storage case, making it easy to keep everything in order and transport the tools as needed.

Performance Review

  1. Quality and Durability:
    • The tools in the 85 PCS Gundam hobby tools set kit are made from quality materials, ensuring durability and long-term use. The blades are sharp and retain their edge well, while the nippers and cutters are robust enough to handle repeated use.
  2. Precision and accuracy:
    • The precision cutting tools, pin vise, and detailed sanding implements allow for high accuracy in model building. These tools enable clean cuts, precise drilling, and smooth finishes, which are essential for high-quality model assembly.
  3. Versatility:
    • This hobby tools set kit is versatile enough to be used for a variety of modeling projects, not just Gundam models. The range of tools makes it suitable for assembling, repairing, and detailing cars, airplanes, buildings, and robot models as well.
  4. Ease of Use:
    • The hobby tools set kit is designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring comfortable grips and easy-to-handle designs. This makes them user-friendly, even for prolonged periods of use, reducing hand fatigue and increasing efficiency.
  5. Comprehensive Selection:
    • With 85 pieces, this hobby tools set kit offers a comprehensive selection of tools that cover most, if not all, the needs of a model builder. This extensive range ensures that users have the right tool for each specific task, enhancing the overall building experience.
  6. Value for money:
    • Given the number of tools and the quality of the kit, it offers excellent value for money. Purchasing the hobby tools set kit individually would likely be more expensive, so the kit is a cost-effective solution for model builders.
  7. Customer Feedback:
    • Customers generally praise the kit for its completeness and quality. Positive reviews highlight the sharpness of the blades, the effectiveness of the nippers, and the usefulness of the sanding and filing tools. Some users have mentioned that the kit provides everything needed to start building models right out of the box.


The 85 PCS Gundam hobby tools set kit is a highly comprehensive and versatile toolkit designed for model building. It includes precision cutting tools, sanding and filing implements, tweezers and clamps, a pin vise with drill bits, polishing and cleaning tools, and measuring devices, all housed in an organized storage case.

The key strengths of this hobby tools set kit are its quality and durability, precision and accuracy, and comprehensive selection, making it suitable for a wide range of modeling projects beyond just Gundam models. Its user-friendly design and extensive range of tools make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced modelers. Given its affordability and the quality of the tools provided, this kit represents great value for money and is highly recommended for anyone involved in hobby model building.



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2.99 pounds

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9 reviews for Hobby Tools Set Kit: A Must For Hobbyist

  1. David D.

    Every single tool in this kit is useful and well made. Excellent value for the price, highly recommended for any hobbyist.

  2. Maurice Kirouac

    Les mèches fournis ne sont pas compatible avec la perceuse fournie

  3. Jimj

    A box of junk

  4. Chris

    This has been super helpful with all the different tools that come with it for creation of little projects, especially when I use it for 3-D printing would highly recommend getting this to other people

  5. CMA

    This kit looks like good value but is a bunch of stuff cobbled together and of poor quality. Impossible to get the drill bits into the hand drill. Drill bits blunt and don’t do anything. Polisher fell to bits when I opened it. Big disappointment.

  6. Daniel Sooley

    Bang for your buck is exactly what this product will give you. Unbelievable how many useful, high quality products they were able to fit into the convenient packaging.

  7. DonRiz

    I bought this kit specifically for working on Ugears and WoodTrick models. It has been a perfect fit for the task as well as other applications. I highly suggest this kit for any model hobbyists.

  8. Daniel Althoff

    Came in, all parts were fine but storage container was shattered.

  9. daypin

    It had many tools. It allows my grandson to build the models he likes. It had many tools to build the models with for the cost. My grandson was thrilled with it.

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