LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR Race Car Model Building Kit 42096, Advanced Replica, Exclusive Collectible Set, Gift for Kids, Boys & Girls

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  • Build and explore the LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR—an icon of innovative engineering and design
  • Features aerodynamic bodywork, black spoked rims, working differential and steering, independent suspension and a six-cylinder boxer engine
  • Open the doors to access a radar screen, working steering, fire extinguisher system and a track map of the Laguna Seca
  • Includes white, red and black color scheme with sticker detailing to add the final touches to this awesome LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR
  • This LEGO Technic model features realistic movement and mechanisms and is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience

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13 reviews for LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR Race Car Model Building Kit 42096, Advanced Replica, Exclusive Collectible Set, Gift for Kids, Boys & Girls

  1. FMTTM

    This particular build is comparable to the Lego Ferrari 488 AF Corse and not to the “supercar” builds like the Lamborgini, Bugatti, or Ferrari Daytona. There is no transmission to be built, just an engine bay with moving pistons that move with the rear wheels. Also, the level of detail is somewhat less than the higher end (and higher priced) Lego Technic cars.

    Visually impressive build. Good use of technic pieces to make it look like a Porsche when completed.

    This set did not have numbered bags like most of the recent Lego sets I’ve built, so it was slightly more work to sort the pieces to build. There are a lot of stickers which are not fun to install just right (lining up multiple stickers across multiple pieces to form one decal on the vehicle).

    If you’re only going to buy this or the Ferrari 488, I’d buy the Ferrari. If you want a different set in this price range, the Land Rover Discovery is a much better and more rewarding build.

  2. Andy


  3. fps_colton

    good gift for kid

  4. Chris

    Really enjoyed building this. Haven’t built with Legos since I was a kid.
    My only complaint are the parts are spread between allot of bags. It was a little annoying to hunt for the next piece. Other than that it’s excellent. The size is bigger than expected


    This is the first LEGO I’ve built in 15+ years! It was a very fun, calming experience. From clearing space to build the kit, sorting the pieces into separate bowls, and following along the instructions with a TV show on in the background, very therapeutic! I will say, it would be nice if the parts were in numbered bags, so I didn’t have to open them all right away. Also, some of these pieces feel like they will be very difficult to take apart, so be careful when following instructions. Quite a few stickers too, but they really make the final product look much better. The car is quite large when complete! Small cat for scale.


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     This build was a bit of a love/hate relationship for me. I waffled between 3 and 4 stars for a long time but I’m settled at 4. Fair warning, if LEGOs addiction to stickers on builds is a pet peeve…there are 2 full sheets of them with this kit and they are on all the vital bits of the car including all the Porsche badging. I just went with it since most race cars have decals all over them. In THIS case, it seemed authentic to the build type.

    First, the cons
    The build has over 1500 pieces and a lot of them are tiny. That isn’t the con…the con is that the bags are not numbered and they do not seem to follow any logically pattern. What this means is, you will have to open ALL of them at the beginning of the build. Yes, you read that correctly. You’ll have all of these tiny pieces that will need sorting and storing as you build. As an adult with a hobby room, it wasn’t the end of the world. As a 10 year old kid…that’s a big ask in a lot of cases! I used zip sandwich bags and little plastic cups to sort the pieces into. I recommend the resealable bags to keep tiny bits safely stored in between build sessions!
    The second con was the instruction guide. I would highly recommend the digital version be used on a tablet. The book was difficult to decipher at times and I had to rely on my knowledge of hundreds of previous builds to decipher exactly what the picture was trying to convey. Depth and relationships to other pieces were oddly distorted. The downloadable guide was more true to color and could be manipulated for alternate views.

    The Pros

    The build is remarkable accurate! I loved getting to build a 6 cylinder boxer engine. The models accurate depiction of the engine block and the intricate gear system that make the pistons move as you move and steer the vehicle brought out the gear head in me!

    It’s also a big build! The size of the completed car was a cool surprise.

    The lightweight frame was perfect and the front and rear detailing made the build. I loved the back wing and give LEGO huge marks for the interior details. It makes these Technic builds a cut above that the interiors that you’ll likely never see again once the roof goes on are as kitted out and accurate as the exterior body pieces.

    Overall, I landed at a 4 on this one. I would recommend this one to any petrol head or racing fan. My build tips would be the resealable bags for the parts and taking the time to do a proper sorting before you launch into the build. Trust me, that boring prep work will save your sanity in this one!

  7. CCaidan


  8. fps_colton

    It looks really cool all put together. My husband loved it and enjoyed the process of making it. I had to buy the light kit separately. (They should really sell it all together.) It is quite expensive for a bunch of plastic blocks though. Just my opinion.

  9. Andy

    He took hours to finish and bought him two more cars!cost him a Thousand dollar!

  10. CCaidan

    This is a great build. It has working suspension and steering and also has a working “open” differential and engine so you see the components moving if you push the car, very cool. It always amazes me how LEGO engineer their models. The only thing that made it a bit more challenging was the bags of parts are not numbered so you have to hunt through all the parts when building. I built a Saturn V rocket recently and the bags were numbered consecutively which made it simpler. Definitely recommended.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Almost a 3 rating but at the end of the build the car just looks way too cool to rate a 3. The issue was with the bags. Normally separated by numbers according to how the model will be built. None of the bags were numbered. Pieces for one part of the model not in conjunction with the portion being built we’re mixed in with other parts of the car. Basically, be prepared to separate the pieces. It does require additional patience and time. But once separated and organized the building was pretty straightforward.

  12. ash

    I bought this for someone. He loved it, everyone loved it. Looks amazing. I mean what else can we say about lego right? Assembly was a little tedious because the bags weren’t numbered, but overall great experience and very fun. Loved it

  13. R. Kirby

    Just wanted to share that I as well received a box that open and taped back up. Since Amazon is unreachable and the automated options only allow for “request refund” I reached out to the seller directly. He was very nice and surprised to hear this open box business. I told him I’m not the only one and to check out the comments. He’s open a case with Amazon. I decided to roll the dice and start assembly anyway. All the pieces are in sealed Lego bags. The seller assured me he and Amazon would make it right, plus I’m sure Lego will as well. On the product itself, it’s BIG lol but so far fun to build. I can’t wait to finish.

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