Revell 04992 U.S.S. Voyager 1:670 Scale Unbuilt/Unpainted Plastic Model Kit

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  • Detailed surfaces
  • Illustrated multilingual assembly instructions include extensive directions
  • Non assembled plastic model kit
  • Step by step illustrated instruction manual

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Additional information



Number of Pieces



1 Unknown batteries required.

Item model number


Product Dimensions

12.24 x 12.52 x 1.85 inches



Model Name

Revell 04992 4992 1:670 U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 Plastic Model Kit





Age Range Description

Child, Adult

Item Weight

12.3 ounces

Included Components

Parts to make one model kit



Item Dimensions LxWxH

12.24 x 12.52 x 1.85 inches

Cartoon Character

Kathryn Janeway







13 reviews for Revell 04992 U.S.S. Voyager 1:670 Scale Unbuilt/Unpainted Plastic Model Kit

  1. A. hunter

    It took a bit longer than I expected it to be for shipping, but when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised about that the kit was in such good condition compared to other reviews I had read for this model. It was much larger and more detailed than I expected it to be also. I think that it was worth it, although it was pretty pricey though. I also wish this model kit had the option for the landing struts as well.

  2. Ivan

    Very challenging model to put together but lots of fun. Decals are an absolute bitch and are very small. Great value for money and very detailed. Some of the decals wouldn’t peel off unfortunately but they tend to be the really small ones. Just make sure you have a very good quality glue to put it together.

  3. The Prisoner No6

    Really enjoyed the TV series and had to have the model kit. First purchased one in November 2010 for £19.87 and it went straight into the “stash”. Recently re-watched some TV episodes, got inspired again and bought this kit in July 2021 on Amazon for £34.99. The 2010 kit has crisp lines, minimal flash and few obvious sink marks. The Voyager I have just bought is almost the opposite of the first kit in terms of flash, sink marks etc. and also has marks over hull top that look like liquid plastic has been dripped over it! Not good and it means a lot more prep work (sanding and possibly filling) to be done to achieve a good build. The problem is almost certainly down to old, worn moulds. Otherwise the model looks very good and the instructions are far superior to those in the 2010 kit.

  4. Denny

    Have not attempted it yet, but it looks to be a quality model. Definitely my winter project this year.

  5. MattA

    I’ve been wanting to build Voyager for awhile. This kit is much larger than the Polar Lights kit, but you have to drill the windows if you want to light it (that part is annoying). It’s going to take some time to build, but it should be pretty nice when it’s done!

  6. Mr. Lee

    This is an absolute bargain compared to the older production run of the same Voyager kit sold on ebay. This also features the opentable shuttle bay door with a shuttle. That was a feature only the special edition of the older production had. Also included is a gorgeous color detailed instruction book great for painting as u build. The updated box art design is very contemporary/modern & is nice enough to keep and display next to the model. Tons of value here, what a great modern update to a classic model kit.

  7. debrareas husband

    i have typed in the search bar large scale star ship models and have bought some on what has been described just to be disappointed..WELL GUESS WHAT???? this time from this seller i got what i was looking for so good people who sold this to me EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!!! i got what i was looking for AND AT A FAIR AND HONEST PRICE! keep up being awesome human beings.. thank you so much sincerely.there is not a single word to describe the feeling i got when i opened the box and seen i got what was advertised….if i had to it would be joy to the highest level

  8. D. W. Hills

    Nice scale, well molded and heavy duty. Extensive and detailed instructions included (in color!) along with highly detailed decal sheet. Took over a year to find this model in my location as this was never widely available where I live. Super excited and worth the money!

  9. Nikki

    I don’t typical write reviews, but I was very disappointed in this item. I received the box and the edges are completely dented in and ripped in a few spots. The box came taped up so clearly it had been used. Opened it up (since it was already open) , just to see some of the pieces looked bent and warped. I’m returning this item and will try to get a new one. If it happens again, shame on me, but my husband really wants this for Christmas.

  10. Erik

    As a hobby issue love I was able to grasp this item. It really does embellished my collections.

  11. T. Charles

    Really washed too build this bad boy and it has now joined the stash with some purge Trek kits. Lots of parts which are crisply moulded, clear decal sheet and for the price I paid is incredible bake for money

  12. christopher wright

    Unfortunately revels moldings are still mediocre lots of faults and mold bleeds that needed tidying up and the instruction manual is awful. And I build Bandai models were all the instructions are in Japanese.

    But if you take the time to clean the mold faults up and fix and fill all the massive gaping issues you can have a pritty great model.

    Also really good model to add in lighting and can look very effective if you take time.

    Product delivery was fast and box came in perfect condition.

  13. Alan

    I built this kit previously, as kit number 04801, when it was priced at £16.99. It has since been re-boxed and re-priced, to more than £90.00.
    This kit, number 04992, contains exactly the same sprues, parts and decals as the more expensive kit but, with a new style, coloured instruction sheet.
    This is a good model of the USS Voyager, from the Star Trek “Voyager” TV Series. The detail is quite good and the decal sheet makes for a well detailed model.
    With just 69 parts, the kit can very easily lull the builder into thinking it will be an easy build. However, be warned, the shaped parts can be difficult to place! Especially the clear plastic parts. Care is needed as you build this kit, if you don’t want it to be spoiled by parts that move before the cement sets.
    The decal set requires patience as most are tiny but, they do give the completed kit a really detailed finish.
    For fans of the Star Trek Voyager series, this is a very good kit.

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