Revell 05207 Harbour Tug Boat

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  • Beautifully detailed deck and bridge
  • Includes: movable rudder, three figures and display stand
  • 1:108 Scale, 84 parts, skill level 3
  • Includes waterslide decals
  • Illustrated assembly instructions
  • Skill level: Advanced

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Additional information







Item Dimensions LxWxH

13.82 x 8.35 x 1.73 inches

Included Components


Item Weight

9.3 ounces

Number of Pieces


Model Name

Harbour Tug Boat

Product Dimensions

13.82 x 8.35 x 1.73 inches

Item model number



1 Unknown batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Release date

April 1, 2020



13 reviews for Revell 05207 Harbour Tug Boat

  1. Keith

    I haven’t modeled in years but needed to build this one or a work related presentation. The model was an old school plastic model, kind of cheaply made and molded in red plastic that needed primer to properly paint the model. Kind of occurred to me that Testors appreciate this fact… sells more paint and primer! The one big plus was using loc-tite glue to set up and fasten quickly. All in all its a good model kit and bought back great

  2. brian

    The parts are small and too easily broken. I will not buy them again. I’m a wood model person, but I wounded to try something different!

  3. Christian

    Great little model. Had a bunch of fun with it for under $25. Not too many pieces and not too difficult. Plastic comes in red. Added my own lights and fake smoke for extra kick. About 9″ long. Anybody need their ship pushed? 😅🤣

  4. Coachkerry

    This is a nice little kit, but it’s a very old mold and it shows! There was a lot of flash on the parts of my kit, and detail is minimal.

    There are no clear plastic parts, and the cabin windows are just holes in the plastic. However it is very easy to fabricate and fit some window panes from thin styrene or acrylic sheet if you’re not happy.

    There is some rigging to do, but not much. The thread isn’t supplied, so you’ll have to buy your own or make do with sewing thread. (Run it over some beeswax or a candle to subdue the small hairs.)

    If you buy this, make sure you’re ready with your primer. (I used the excellent Vallejo grey primer.) For some reason this has been molded in bright red plastic. That’s not a problem for the brown/grey/red hull, but much of the superstructure is white or pale grey, so unless you want your boat looking pink it really does need a coat of primer to cover that aggressive bright red.

    Once the parts had been tidied up and the flash removed it went together fairly well. This is obviously one of Revell’s more popular models to have remained in production for so long. (It was originally released as “Harbour Tug Taurus” in 1956) and it’s a shame they haven’t retooled it in all that time.

  5. Rob Dixon

    Good piece of kit with lot’s of detail and smooth surfaces to practice building and paint spraying.

  6. Ray

    Box looks like it has been stepped on sevral times all peasis broken

  7. ivor brown

    Quite a few pieces had detatched from their sprues which increases the chances of of loosing them. We shall see.

  8. Gary W.

    Instructions that came in box are printed in Polish not a word in English. Instruction says printed in Poland. Due to cost of gas and the distance to return might end up keeping it. Lesson learned buy model kits from local store and read info on side of box.

  9. T

    This is the first model I’ve built for years. I haven’t built any kind of model for about 20 years or so. I thought it was going to be bigger than it actually is. The dimensions that are shown in the information seem to be corresponding with the box, not the model. The model is maybe 6 inches in length, not the 13 that it states below. This makes it a bit challenging to clean the model parts and sand them down. I’ve had to build up a couple spots where I took too much off but it’s not a big deal, just time consuming.

    I noticed that the figures have bell-bottoms on. I looked at the bottom of the hull and noticed that the mold was made in the early 70’s. They could definitely update it. Some of the pieces also had some pits in them and some pieces missing. Some of the instrucions don’t exaclty match up either.

    Besides that, it is fun so far building it. I’ll put up a picture of the finished product when I’m done. Try not to laugh too hard, it’s been a very long time since I put a model together. I think I was 9 when I put one together last time. This is a whole new experience for me but a fun one at that.

  10. T

    I have modeled this kit several times, and have found it to be a very Detailed and accurate kit of a Harbor tug. The Long beach a Tug in California is one of these tugs and the model matches very well to her. The only short falls in the this kit. are the crew could use to be reworked. the figures are nicely detailed but are a little out of scale. and a tug usually has more than three hands on them. The life boat is a nice detailed part but most tugs in the late 40’s had a double ended boat. not a boat with a square stern. by the 60’s most of these boats were removed to make deck space and only a co2 life raft was carried.
    In fact working with photos, you can actually model this tug as it was built as per the kit. or add and remove parts to show these tugs at different stages of their careers. on my last model of this tug I removed the after mast, life boat, davits. added a flag staff and modeled her with Moran tug colors on her.
    Unlike one reviewer claimed. the model is NOT deceiving, and is fact worth every nickle. It is an excellent kit of a harbor tug. and a great addition to any maritime collection. I in fact intend to build another of this kit.

  11. Big Al, H

    The kit is not the best I have made just recently. the directions are rather mixed up and don’t show the part numbers as they should. Also there are too many extremely small parts which are extremely hard to hold when fixing them in to place. The guide holes to help you place each part where they go are too small and I have had to drill these holes for the kit to go together.

  12. Gary W.

    So far, this model is very well made and all the pieces seem to fit. Unlike some brands, where you have to be able to think outside of the box to make the pieces fit together. Well done Revell!

  13. Geoffrey Holmes

    after cleaning up the parts this is a good little kit all the parts went together well I gave it my own colour scheme and enjoyed building the kit it certainly looks the part for the price I would recommend it

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