Tamiya 35088 – 1: 35 WWII Special Automotive 162 Jagdpanzer IV L/70

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  • Scale: 1: 35
  • Length: approx. 251 mm

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Alloy Steel

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Item Weight

1.1 pounds

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Product Dimensions

14.09 x 8.03 x 2.13 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Release date

August 8, 2014



13 reviews for Tamiya 35088 – 1: 35 WWII Special Automotive 162 Jagdpanzer IV L/70

  1. Ben Bagley

    Shipping was prompt and on time. I love working on Tamiya’s “vintage” kits (they bring back lots of memories), and good deals are hard to pass up!

  2. Donald F. Lum

    Great kit!

  3. kev.b.

    Great model

  4. Wolf-kretin

    a great kit for its age and with a bit work it can be exellent

  5. drew

    I liked this kit a lot so I have bought two more like it. I added a Zimmerit texture to it as it is really basic in design representing the need for the Germans, in the latter stages of the war, to get these tank destroyers out to the front lines as quick as possible. It was fun building and airbrushing so I bought the two extra to give me variety in camo and final design. Pieces fit well and the instructions are clear and very easy to assemble.

  6. Kindle Customer

    Good model despite its age

  7. Samuel Schaeffer

    The kit was a fun one to assemble and since it was a late war design it was perfect for more experimental painting like I have done here!

  8. Jon

    Ok so this is the Tamiya Jagdpanzer IV. The old one. *sigh*. Well, the year is 1976 and Tamiya is churning out 1/35 armor kits at a very high rate. Since the Jagdpanzer IV is based on the Panzer IV Tamiya decided to have a go and release this kit since they already had the tooling from earlier kits. The trouble was at this point it wasn’t clear whether these kits were models toys or scale models. As a result, this kit has some issues. When I say that keep in mind that, for most of these at least, unless you are a serious student of German armor of the second world war you likely will not notice these. But here are a select few:
    1. Motorization holes. The lower hull was engineered to take a small battery powered motor and gearbox plus the batteries to make it run. To correct this you will need some plastic sheet, and some putty. That will correct those.
    2. Rubber band tracks. These are pretty standard in older kits, while they aren’t as realistic as the individual link type tracks they are MUCH quicker and easier to work with. If you plan on building any number of older kits with these tracks invest in a can of duplicolor bumper paint. It is a flexible paint intended for bumpers and trim on cars that is black and dries to a matte sheen. Once painted with this as a primer you can paint and weather them as you like.
    3. Return rollers. The lower hull has mounting points for four return rollers per side which would represent an early production vehicle. If you want to build a later variant you will need to remove these mounting points and reposition them, and source new steel roadwheels for the
    front. (or you could use the kit supplied ones and figure that ANY German arms factory in 1944/1945 would use any parts on hand to get something out the door that would kill Russian tanks).
    So what is right about this kit. You always hear what is bad awful and terrible about it how about the good schtuff:
    1. It looks just like every Jagdpanzer IV I have seen in pictures and films. I highly doubt it would be mistaken for a 1969 El Camino or the HMS Bounty.
    2. It fits together right just like most Tamiya kits do. Not a load of drama getting things together.
    3.It will reward any TLC you give it! You can build this in a weekend or go absolutely all out on it. On top of that…
    4. It’s $20
    Yes, Tamiya has a new Jagdpanzer kit out and yes, I am certain it is a better kit (I have not seen it…. yet :)). That new kit is…between TWO and THREE TIMES the cost of this one. the question is then, is it three times better?

    I don’t think so for most people.
    So If you are considering scale AFV modeling you can’t really go wrong with this kit. Give it a try!

  9. peter

    The model is usual Tamiya quality . Fairly easy to build . Had to be ‘creative’ at some points in order to get pieces to fit correctly .
    The hardest part ( as usual ) was fitting the side skirts , finicky as hell .
    Overall fairly pleased with the result.

  10. john b

    Pieces fit well together.

  11. Samuel Schaeffer

    great model kit easy to build rare model so good

  12. James Bednar

    Here is a good older kit from Tamiya in 1/35 scale of the WWII German tank destroyed Jagdpanzer IV L/70 LANG. Kit is from the 1970s and the hull will have holes in it. Tamiya used to offer a small motor with their kits and that small motor was to be placed inside. The holes in the hull were for the ON/OFF switch to stick out. Motor mounting brackets and battery holding brackets still in place.

    Kit comes with: 1 piece track shoes with good detail on both sides; full commander figure; side skirts (schurtzen); poly-caps for the wheels; 2 instruction sheets (1 in Japanese & 1 in English/German); 2 different styles of gun barrels with the long barreled 75mm gun in single piece & a shorter barrel 75mm gun in two pieces. I used the longer barreled gun – just looks neater and more menacing!!

    Instruction sheet is easy to follow/read and gives a brief history of vehicle in multiple languages. Decal sheet provided and some good decals. Decals are generic numbers, German crosses, and some unit markings. Paint/decal suggestions provided as well.

    For such an older kit from Tamiya, I really did not have any problems with this kit. Was expecting some fit problems, but none discovered. There are roughly 175 or so pieces to kit, so this kit can be built in a weekend. Hatches can be posed open/closed. This would be a great kit for younger persons, or anyone, to build whose is starting out in modeling. Remember that this is a plastic model kit and construction is required. Paint/glue not included. Ordered via Amazon and arrived well in advance of promised due date. Product arrived well protected and in good shape.

  13. Coli Brockway

    Great kit. Great price.

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