Trumpeter 1/350 Scale USS San Francisco CA38 Heavy Cruiser (1942)

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  • Photo-etched parts included
  • Ready-to-assemble plastic model kit
  • Includes hundreds of pieces
  • Glue and paint not included

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

20.48 x 2.18 x 5 inches



Item Weight

1.7 pounds

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Product Dimensions

20.48 x 2.18 x 5 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Stevens International

Date First Available

October 11, 2007

13 reviews for Trumpeter 1/350 Scale USS San Francisco CA38 Heavy Cruiser (1942)

  1. 鎌倉三郎

    トランペッター社製 (中国, 厦門) で部品の質は良く, 小パーツも切取りでつぶれない。特徴の2本の長煙突, その間の4台の照明灯設置の塔構造もよく再現。20cm砲3連装3門兵装の重装備ながらスマートな重巡である。艦橋後部の電信塔は問題なく挿入できた。説明書も一部パーツ部位の脱落があるが組み立てに支障なし。戦績の説明は無し。良質な模型セットであり日本製より安価で推奨できます。 
    本艦 (SF) は太平洋全域で活躍し米海軍最高の合計17個の戦功勲章を授与されている、真珠湾攻撃ではドック上で対空射撃で活躍し, Cassig Young 艦長は海軍十字章を。最後は沖縄上陸作戦援護に参加, 4月中旬には97式艦攻、99式艦爆、特攻機, 海上特攻の震洋らの直接攻撃をうけ撃墜、撃沈。 特筆すべき戦績は1942.11.22-23夜間の第3次ソロモン海戦 第一夜戦でソロモン島米軍飛行場夜間砲撃に来襲の高速戦艦 霧島, 比叡に対する迎撃戦である。日本側はその他, 軽巡長良, 駆逐艦14隻. 米側は重巡 SF、他一隻、軽巡アトランタ, 他2隻, 駆逐艦8隻。米軍には戦艦未到着 日本側は前の海戦で重巡が沈没、損傷で参加不能。当夜,米側はレーダーで日本艦隊接近を予知、漆黒夜のため 0151, SFは誤って味方の軽巡アトランタを砲撃20cm砲19発を命中させ, 指揮官Scott少将や司令部要員全滅、撃沈。0200 SFは霧島を砲撃、反撃され司令塔破壊され77名戦死 105名負傷、7名行方不明 (搭乗員904名中). 将来を嘱望された司令官DJ Carraghan少将, Cassig Young 艦長が戦死。戦艦の砲弾は飛行場攻撃のため三式弾で艦体貫通力なく, 各種砲弾47発名命中も上部構造破壊のみで沈没は免れた。結果は日本側は駆逐艦4隻撃沈、米側は重巡2隻大破、軽巡2隻撃沈、駆逐艦4隻撃沈。しかし飛行場砲撃は避けられ戦術は米側勝利。翌日ヘンダーソン飛行場からの爆撃機で退避中の日本海軍駆逐艦2隻が撃沈された。

  2. Amazon Customer

    This was bought for my husband.. he hasn’t put it together yet.. but is very excited and can’t wait to start on it.. has opened it and likes what he sees..

  3. Leon,Grimsby

    Nice price, and quality build from trumpeter. Only issue is no Photo etch. Buy some railings and barrels To give it that upgrade

  4. Amazon Customer


  5. もうすぐ50


  6. Larry k. Black

    Very satisfied with the details it shows

  7. Amazon Customer

    Trumpeter products consistently excellent

  8. Mr. David Riley

    The usual high quality Trumpeter model kit. A delight to look at and make.

  9. JDB

    I have never been disappointed with Trumpeter offerings – this is no exception.

    The instructions are VERY clear and easy to follow. The stock kit is extremely well detailed – no need for aftermarket parts unless you really want to go crazy on details. Fit and finish is excellent – there was no call for putty, unless you slip with your x-acto knife.

    Only blemish in my opinion are the cranes for the aircraft. They are not very well thought out as only the main spar is included – either heat and roll sprue or use thread to depict the lines and blocks.

    If you are trying to decide between the 1942 or 1944 version, the only differences are increased 20mm and 40mm Anti Aircraft mountings. These are very tedious to assemble and paint. My suggestion is to go for the 1942 version and then look for a BALTIMORE CA for a later depiction of a CA. This kit would go well in an early battle group with either a LEXINGTON CV or YORKTOWN CV and NORTH CAROLINA BB. There are even kits for early DD’s like the BENSON class for an early battle group.

    Highly recommended for even the lightly experienced modeler.

  10. William W Gauthier

    Good model of a great ship. 17 battle stars in WWII,number 2 on the all time US Navy list. My only issue with this model is not the model but the add for the model, it claims the kit includes PE parts but it does not. Thats not Trumpeters fault its the sellers.

  11. Hopesprings

    Excellent packaging & fast delivery. The model was a little underwhelming & the colour scheme was a little dull, Deck blue & navy blue hull. Difficult to bring alive. However, it was a joy to make & looked better when dry brushed to highlight interesting areas.

  12. William Spearman

    Just finished building this set and was very pleased. I was hoping to complement my collection which currently includes two 1/350 Tamiya models (the Destroyer Fletcher and the Battleship Yamato). Quality-wise, I’d say it is a small step below the Tamiya models and I had to use an exacto knife a few more times than I did when building the Yamato. The ability to make it full-hull or waterline is quite nice but in my kit, the two pieces didn’t fit together perfectly. The model itself looks great and I’d definitely recommend it, particularly since it’s the cheapest Heavy Cruiser kit I’ve seen.

  13. jgorder

    Trumpeter does not disappoint with their 1/350 USS San Fransico! This kit is well engineered and overall fit is very good. The armament of the ship is well detailed is easy to assemble however many modelers will want to replace the quad 1.1 inch guns with photo etch. The 20mm mounts have the shields included and the 5 inch mounts look very good for plastic. One thing I like about the kit is that the part count isn’t crazy like many other 1/350 ships and it is very easy to assemble. There is an option for full hull or waterline and the fit between the upper and lower hull is airtight. However, the catapults and cranes come up short and must be replaced with photo etch to make a respectable model. Also, the fit of some forward superstructure parts require lots of putty to fill. Luckily, large parts like the decks fit well and don’t require modifications. The painting guide is practically useless as it provides colors that are completely wrong, just know that all vertical surfaces were painted 5-N navy blue and horizontal surfaces were painted 20-B deck blue. Railings must be purchased separatly and NO PHOTO ETCH IS INCLUDED in the kit even though the description says there is. Two seaplanes are included in the kit (SOCs) and are molded in clear plastic (urg). Decals include an Americns flag with 48 stars as historically accurate the the ships number, 38. Something to note about the kit is that in its 1942 configuration it can easily be modified to match her sister ships, Astoria (CA-34) or Quincy (CA-39). Vincennes (CA-44) would be a much harder task however. Overall highly recommended, but be prepared to use some putty and some sanding. Gold medal model photo etch set is recommended.

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