U.S. nuclear-powered submarine ‘Skipjack’ class MM350-008

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1/350 Micro-Mir USN Skipjack SSN-585 Submarine

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Package Dimensions

9.76 x 5.91 x 0.75 inches

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2.64 ounces

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6 reviews for U.S. nuclear-powered submarine ‘Skipjack’ class MM350-008

  1. FJMusc

    Wish we could have received a model from the USA. This one came from Europe and took longer than expected to receive. After all the Skip Jack is a U S submarine.

  2. Robert C. Ristuccia

    This kit is molded well, but the whole design is flawed. Who would build a model where the parts don’t have guide pins and slots or holes to make sure they are lined up correctly? Without those, you’re basically just gluing flat surfaces to each other and nothing fits well at all. It’s not worth the frustration.

  3. Michael F.

    much smaller than the american version and it took a long time to arrive.

  4. Denis

    Very poor quality, This model should sell for under $10.00. The rest of the process was good. Delivered sooner than original delivery date.

  5. KMLobster

    There is no reason a modeler with a couple kits under their belt can’t do this. You will need to do a little puttying and sanding for perfect fitment. For the rudder you need to look up Skipjack drawings online to place right.

    You’ve got this.

  6. Thomas J. Dougherty

    Overall the kit is decent, but there is a major error in the kit. The rudder placements are indicated in the instructions to be placed on the stern as indicated by an indentation in the stern, indicating where the rudder pieces (2-upper and lower) are to be placed. The indents align the shorter rudder pieces with the leading edge of the longer stern planes. This is incorrect! The rudder should be placed further astern and the trailing edges of the rudders aligned with the trailing ends of the longer stern planes. Several drawings of the Skipjack class are available online. If you assemble it as indicated by MicroMir and then place the rudder in the indents, you will quickly see from online drawings that this looks very wrong! Even more troubling, the MikroMir kit drawings show the rudder correctly aligned with the trailing edge of the stern planes. So, while the drawing included is correct, the indicator fromrudder placement on the hull is wrong.

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