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US Art Supply Airbrush Cleaner, 16-Ounce Pint Bottle—Fast Acting Cleaning Solution, Quickly Remove Water-Based Acrylic Paint, Watercolor, and Makeup—Clean Clogged Airbrushes, Brushes, and Artist Tools

US Art Supply Airbrush Cleaner for Water Based Airbrush Cleaning Solution.

If you’re an airbrush artist, then you know how important it is to keep your airbrush clean. Paint can build up inside the airbrush, clogging it and making it difficult to use. That’s why it’s essential to have a good airbrush cleaning solution on hand.

  • This is a 16-ounce bottle of US Art Supply Airbrush Cleaner, which is of a significant size. An expedient and efficacious cleaning solution designed for the thorough cleansing of all types of airbrushes. Optimize your efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your airbrush by consistently maintaining its cleanliness and ensuring it is constantly prepared for usage.
  • This is a potent multipurpose cleanser specifically formulated to deeply penetrate and remove water-based paint, acrylics, gouache, watercolors, inks, dyes, cosmetics, tanning solution, cake decorating colors, and other substances from airbrushes.
  • The solution is highly effective for rapidly cleaning and purging the paint from an airbrush when switching colors, as well as for swiftly cleaning the airbrush after each painting session. To unclog airbrushes, disassemble the needle, nozzle, and air cap and individually clean them using an airbrush cleaner.
  • This high-quality concentrated solution is designed for the purpose of cleaning, softening, and eliminating dried-on paint from airbrushes, paintbrush bristles, artist equipment, and supplies. Additionally, it can be used for ultrasonic cleaning of technical pens.
  • An odorless and eco-friendly cleanser that is free from toxins and complies with the ASTM D-4236 criteria.
US Art Supply Airbrush Cleaner
US Art Supply Airbrush Cleaner

The US Art Supply Airbrush Cleaner for Water-Based Airbrush Cleaning Solution is a great option for cleaning your airbrush. It’s made with a non-toxic formula that’s safe for use on all types of airbrushes. The solution is also water-based, so it’s easy to rinse away and won’t leave any residue behind.

What We Liked

Non-toxic formula: This is important for anyone who uses their airbrush frequently, as it can help to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.
Water-based: This makes the solution easy to rinse away and prevents it from leaving any residue behind.
Safe for all types of airbrushes: You can use this solution on all types of airbrushes, including single-action, double-action, and gravity-fed airbrushes.
Affordable: This cleaning solution is very affordable, making it a great value for money.

What could be improved?

Could be a little stronger: While the solution does a good job of cleaning airbrushes, it could be a little stronger. Some users may need to use it more than once to remove all traces of paint.


The US Art Supply Airbrush Cleaner for Water Based Airbrush Cleaning Solution is a great option for anyone who needs a safe and effective way to clean their airbrush. It’s affordable, easy to use, and safe for all types of airbrushes. If you’re looking for a good airbrush cleaning solution, this is one that you should definitely check out.


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7.9 x 5.8 x 8.8 inches

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US Art Supply

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December 12, 2014

8 reviews for US Art Supply Airbrush Cleaner

  1. Michael Lewelling


  2. Jessica K

    I’ve got a cheap airbrush that clogs up constantly so I’m liberal with this stuff. Helps a lot.

  3. Hawk eye

    I got an entry level airbrush kit recently and have been enjoying airbrushing, so I’ve bought supplies and some gear to complement it, this cleaner being a staple.

    I don’t know if my airbrush is of poor quality, if the compressor is weak and not outputting the pressure it’s supposed to, or if my lack of experience just makes it bad, but my airbrush constantly clogs, so I’m always using this cleaner on it.

    I recently got a cordless airbrush, which is yet to clog on me, hence my rant about my first airbrush, but I’m digressing here; This cleaner works like a charm on both of my airbrushes. Only the biggest and most stubborn of clogs need to be scraped or pulled away, this cleaner will blast anything else away without me needing to disassemble the airbrush.

    So in regards to this cleaner doing it’s intended task, I am all smiles here. However, I rarely wear gloves when I airbrush, so there’ve been times where my first airbrush badly clogged, and I got messy with this cleaner. This cleaner will BADLY dry out my fingers and hands, to the point I have to hurry and go wash it off immediately because the dry skin will start hurting. I’m sure it’s a given that you should wear gloves at all times when using an airbrush, but I’ll at least be wearing some when I need to use this cleaner beyond a simple pour into an airbrush cup.

    I may try a different brand of cleaner when I use this one up, but overall I’m still pleased with it!

  4. Lyle Briggs

    A very good airbrush cleaner

  5. John C. Morris

    Excellent price compared to other brands.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Tastes great and mixes with Vodka!

  7. Bobby

    Seems to work good I’m pleased

  8. Walker

    Good for cleaning airbrush parts

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