Vallejo Grey Primer Acrylic Polyurethane, 200ml

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  • Surface Primer can be cleaned easily using water
  • It is recommended to avoid mixing Surface Primer with alcohol and/or solvents Apply with airbrush or brush
  • Packaging: In bottle sizes of 17, 60 and 200 ml

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Item Weight

‎6.6 ounces

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Special Features

‎Non Flammable, Non Toxic

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‎200 Milliliters







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‎2 x 2 x 6 inches

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‎MMD Holdings, LLC

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Is Waterproof


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‎6.76 Fl Oz

Special Feature

‎Non Flammable, Non Toxic

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‎200 Milliliters


‎6.76 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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‎No Warranty

13 reviews for Vallejo Grey Primer Acrylic Polyurethane, 200ml

  1. Pirot

    Auch wenn hier andere Rezensenten etwas netter bewerten, obwohl sie enttäuscht sind: Von mir gibt es nur den einem Pflicht-Stern. Warum?

    Nun – dieses nicht gerade günstige Zeug wird überall so hoch gelobt, dass ich mich entschlossen habe, alle drei “Grund-Farben” zu kaufen, um damit meinen Airbrush-Projekten den notwendigen Haftgrund/Haftvermittler (denn GENAU DAS bedeutet das Wort Primer) in Form dieser Grundierung zu geben.

    Aber GENAU DAS macht dieses Zeug nicht. Keine Verbindung zum Material (hier: Spritzguss, Messing, Stahlblech) – das Zeig lässt sich in Fetzen abtragen. Trotz intensiver Entfettung, Anschleifen, nochmal reinigen, verdünnen…nichts hilft, damit dieses Zeug hält.

    Auf Kunststoff soll es gut haften, aber ich brushe nun mal kein Plastik, sondern Metall. Damit entspricht der Vallejo Primer NICHT dem, was vorgegaukelt wird.

    Ich habe mir übrigens mal die Mühe gemacht, in mehreren Foren zu vergleichen, wer diese Marke imme rund immer wiede rhochlobt und anpreist. Das Ergebnis erlärt einiges.

  2. Scubydive

    je utilise

  3. Chad

    It says you need an airbrush on the bottle, but you really don’t. It looks like it goes on unevenly, but it never obscures details on my minis and paint goes on really well. It’s very thin so don’t worry about watering it down. I just use a regular brush and brush it on without really worrying about thickness, just making sure the entire thing gets covered. Let it dry for 12 hours or a day and it’s ready for paint.

    I’ve read other reviews that say it’s “sticky” but that’s not my experience. It dries normally and the texture left behind is one that paint adheres to well. If you are going to paint a bunch of minis I’d really recommend this primer.

  4. Aaron

    My son likes to paint minis, and he wanted a quick drying primer. This is perfect. The primer sticks to any mini we’ve tried and it dries quickly. A good price too.

  5. Chad

    I use these black, gray, and white primers to do a zenithal prime on minis. I’ve tried some other primers, but they seem to soften up the details of the minis. This primer seems to be about the perfect consistency to let the details show. Great for contrast painting. Fast drying as well. The only issue I’ve experienced is when airbrushing with it, it kinda puddles up and sprays around. That is most likely the fault of my airbrush skills.

  6. Brandon

    Definitely a good value for quantity vs price.

  7. lordcenzin

    Inizialmente ero perplesso sull’utilizzo e sul costo di questo prodotto in relazione ad altri primer, ma sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso dalla qualità altissima che lo caratterizza. Il primer è estremamente fine e coprente, bastano poche gocce di utilizzo senza diluente per avere risultati eccezionali in poche passate. Asciuga velocemente nell’arco di pochi minuti e non emette cattivi odori. Può essere passato a spruzzo con aerografo o a pennello. Il colore grigio neutro costituisce già un’ottima base di partenza per le successive fasi di colorazione. Ottimo per figures stampate a resina

  8. Just me

    Ottimo primer per utilizzo con aerografo.
    usato con pennello, mi sono reso conto di non riuscire a stendere uno strato uniforme e preciso.
    con aerografo cambia tutto, è perfetto.
    Unico punto è che mi sono reso conto che probabilmente non è il grigio il colore che serve, ma il nero.
    Ad ogni modo lo uso su miniature warhammer, e spesso si consiglia la base primer nera per fare effetti di chiaroscuro usando la tecnica a livelli. Esistono tantissimi tutorial online.
    tornando indietro prenderei il nero, ma ovviamente dipende dall’utilizzo che ne si fa

  9. Christine Rains

    It covers well but a little to dark

  10. Travis

    Got two big ol’ bottles of Grey airbrush primer when it was on sale. Good deal, & it was fresh!

  11. roger williams

    It lays down nice did not have to sand. I use on plastic model cars for painting with airbrush!

  12. Markpr73

    I jumped on a bottle of this Vallejo Gray primer as soon as I saw the largest size on sale for $10.00. Man, what a STEAL! I had heard good things about this primer but already had plenty of Rust-Oleum gray primer in a rattle can that had served me well up to that point. But I was looking for an acrylic primer so that I could use it indoors with my airbrush. This stuff couldn’t fill that bill any better! It applies very easily with a 1-1 ratio of thinner to primer, and I also add a drop or two of Vallejo Flow Improver and a drop of Vallejo Retarder Medium as well, just like I do with a lot of their colors. The smell is slightly sweet but not unpleasant, and a whole lot more acceptable than lacquer or enamel paints. It dries very quickly and is very durable. I also bought some of the black Vallejo primer but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I’m totally sold on this Vallejo line of paints, washes, and primers. They’ve made getting back into modeling a real pleasure!

  13. Emanuele

    Vallejo, una garanzia, primer eccezionale, provato per la prima volta grazie ad un campioncino presente nel kit Vallejo Air da 80 colori. In 35 anni di imbrattamento di miniature et simili non avevo mai provato questo prodotto, ora non posso più farne a meno. Importante tagliarlo con l’apposito thinner se usato con aerografo.
    Si presenta molto denso, se non diluito intasa le duse da 0.3 in pochi minuti. Le 0,5 durano un po’ di più, nella 0,2 non c’ho manco provato 🙂
    Ripeto, diluito in rapporto 50:50 con il thinner (sempre Vallejo) diventa uno spettacolo.

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