Woodland Scenics SP4122 Scene-A-Rama Ripplin’ Water Kit, Multicolor

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  • Good item for making many types of arts and crafts projects
  • They are ideal for home decor projects, holiday ornaments and decorations, or handmade gifts that will add charm
  • Manufactured in china

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Woodland Scenics

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7.5 x 5.8 x 2.4 inches

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7.4 ounces

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7.5 x 5.8 x 2.4 inches



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10 reviews for Woodland Scenics SP4122 Scene-A-Rama Ripplin’ Water Kit, Multicolor

  1. Peter Beutel

    Woodland Scenics delivers awesome quality, every day. I came looking for one or two products for my landscape needs for wargaming and very quickly discovered that Woodland Scenics provides everything one needs to make everything or anything fronm scratch … but which looks professional. Very quickly, I decided that this would be the company I would use. Everything is made in USA, which compared to products made in a few select locations that seem to make everything, represents quality. I have not been disappointed.

    The Ripplin’ Water exceeded my expectations and I have since made half a dozen water structures using Realistic Water, Water Effects and other products introduced in this kit. This kit is perfect for getting started and for learning how to use their products together to get professional results. It takes a little practice, but I feel like I am an expert now and my first purchase was just about two months ago. I have used a couple of these kits to get used to the products, which I then later bought in larger quantities. They all work perfectly.

    I bought this latest one to keep for friends and family should they ever want or need to model landscape for dioramas, school projects, wargaming or train layouts. I have all the ingredients in larger quantities, but this kit helped introduce to me them at first. I highly recommend it and everything made by Woodland Scenics. They deliver awesome results, consistently. I think they may be one of the best-run companies in America and hope they never get bought by some Wal-Mart type group. Woodland Scenics products are quality and I buy and use their products almost every day now for a couple of months. Modeling landscape for soldiers has become something I enjoy and have become good at, largely thanks to the excellent products made by Woodland Scenics.

    Buy it. You will not be disappointed. The only possibly ‘negative’ I have ever had is that most modelling requires drying time. If you are working with a child on a project, have a few things going simultaneously so you do not lose the child’s interest while paint or water are drying. That is not really a complaint as much as an observation that has to be universal when constructing any landscape. I really adore this company and everything they make … and I have tried almost everything they make, largely after starting with their beginning kits.

  2. Sheldon C Barb

    Brilliant product that is great foryour diorama instructions come with it to give you idea’s

  3. Amazon Customer

    Worked as per expectations. It requires some practice to get good results.

  4. Mike B

    arrived before noon on Sunday, thanks UPS. Clear instructions. Very understandable. Used foam as a base. Lots of additional instructions on Youtube . Don’t see what all the crying is about.
    Made small channel on foam painted with acrylic paint. Sealed channel with water under coat which was still wet several hours later. Didn’t like the appearance due to color of undercoat. Painted channel light blue. Made ripples as in instructions. Used non stick frying pan instead of release paper. Was able to use after 12 hr of drying. Used ripples to seal the channel. A 1/8 coat of realistic water takes 24 hr to dry. Poured heavier coat. Has been 21 hr since. Waiting for it to dry. Much happier with second attempt . Recommend not using water under coat unless you are looking a dark appearance. Have experimented with water affects and find it useful. Still have about 2/3 of an oz. of realistic water and have ordered more with the blue tint. would have preferred to buy it in a larger quantity the 2 oz.
    Hope this review was useful. Comments welcome.

  5. Amazon Customer

    We were trying to make a pond with another kit we purchased from this company, and found that we screwed up the basecoat for where the water was supposed to go, and the previous kit’s water went to waste. We purchased this to remedy that error, and it worked well. The water looks good, and I recommend this line of products. My complaints are that they don’t give you very much basecoat or water for that matter, and you REALLY need to basecoat thoroughly to avoid wasting the water. Still, it looks good now that it’s fixed and done.

  6. Michael S

    I was expecting to receive s omething that would cause ripplin on the surface of realistic water, What I received was a very small vials of water effects and realistic water with no real instructions.

  7. Amazon Customer


  8. Mike B

    Unless you’re doing a small pool or shallow river in your diorama, this may not be enough water product. Realistic water affects product included seems to be plenty, however it is somewhat difficult to prepare or apply. My suggestion is to buy the water effects product in the squeeze bottle with the tip or figure out how to get the product from the small tub in the starter tip into some sort of plastic plunger syringe or some kind of way you can control appearance and application. Also the gray undercoat maybe should be more brownish and resemble a pond mud bottom or riverbed. You might want to mix it with acrylic paint colors to achieve the look you want.

  9. Amazon Customer

    the seller was fast at shipping and the item is great love it

  10. Peter123

    The amount of water undercoat, water effects and realistic water you get for the cost of the product is ridiculous. I bought this kit so I could finish my project that I started with the woodland scenics water diorama kit. It still wasn’t enough to finish the project so on top of this box, I purchased a large bottle of realistic water from another brand which was a lot cheaper and just as good. I also had to purchase more water undercoat and water effects in much bigger bottles.

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