Zvezda 3688 – Soviet Tank Destroyer SU-100 – Unpainted Plastic Model Kit Scale 1/35 289 Details Lenght 11″

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  • Unpainted plastic 178 parts
  • Imported
  • Model kit for assembly
  • Detailed plastic kit in scale 1:35
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to stick together

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

6 x 34.5 x 24 inches

Item Weight

7 ounces

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Release date

October 1, 2019



8 reviews for Zvezda 3688 – Soviet Tank Destroyer SU-100 – Unpainted Plastic Model Kit Scale 1/35 289 Details Lenght 11″

  1. Kindle Customer

    Firstly, this is not really for the novice model builder but anyone who has built a few kits. The tracks are not the rubber band type so are very detailed although I had an issue getting them to fit nicely. The kit also needed a bit of filler on the body work but nothing too major and may have been my fault.

    Overall a nicely detailed kit.

  2. Natalia

    Todo perfecto

  3. Paul Kiley

    Instead of a usable engine grill you get a piece of paper to cut out. Mold quality is poor. The plastic is thin and brittle and the part to allow the gun to elevate and depress is bent. The quality of the model doesn’t even match models from 40 years ago. Avoid at all costs.

  4. Paul Kiley

    Overall, this is a very good kit at a value price. It is well detailed, allows plenty of options for open or closed hatches, positionable gun barrel, etc. It has a logical assembly process, and is basically a fun build.

    The one caution, that I would voice, is that the engineering of the kit, in my opinion, makes it more suitable for a moderate to very experienced modeler. For instance the lower hull, rather than being the “bathtub” style you see in many kits, where the bottom, sides and lower front and rear of the hull are all molded as one piece, are here provided as five separate flat panels, in a thin gauge styrene, that must be joined to assemble the lower hull, there are locating indicators, but they are somewhat subtle in places. For a builder with a few kits under their belt, this would not be a huge challenge, but for a beginner this could be very overwhelming. Getting all of the panels to line up at the same time could be intimidating. Beginners, would probably be best served, looking at options from Tamiya, as their kits in most cases have about the most straightforward build sequence.

    Another thing I would address here is one of the other reviews claims that the rear grill on this kit only includes paper for the grill material. This is incorrect. The kit includes a very nice nylon mesh material to make the grill out of that provides a nice scale appearance when in place (see photo). It is easy to miss this material as it is white in color and packed in the little baggie with the decal sheet. Nylon may not be as fancy as some of the metal screening options that come from higher end kit manufacturers, but it looks good and is very serviceable in this application.

    Overall I have enjoyed assembling this kit. The level of detail is satisfying, and I have to admit I get a slight kick out of assembling a world war II Soviet tank kit, that was produced in Russia.

    Value for money is high here, while the kit may not have all the bells and whistles of top of the line offerings from Takom, Dragon or Ryefield, etc It also doesn’t list for $75 plus, and will build up into a very handsome model, for short money.

    Additional thoughts 1/31/20:

    Having just completed my full build, except for a bit more weathering, I have a few things to add.

    The assembly of the tracks is fairly straightforward, but Zvezda provides an assembly jig that has to be glued together from the edges of two of the sprues. While no doubt economical and quite clever, It is not as good as some of the fully molded assembly jigs from other kit manufacturers. Does the job, but could be better.

    The kit does not include polycaps for the wheels, It is best not to glue the drive sprocket and return idler, until you have the tracks ready to install. The spacing between the fender and these parts is tight and can interfere with installing the tracks if they’re glued on in advance.

  5. Penguinclaw

    nice tank nice detailed

  6. D. garlans

    OK, so overall this kit is pretty decent, but if you’re spoiled by high quality kits like Tamiya then you’ll be a bit underwhelmed.

    Ultimately, the level of detail is pretty good, and generally the kit is easy enough to make, but as the other review mentioned, the lower body panels are all separate and if something isn’t perfect you may not notice it till much later. A few of the detail pieces are a little bit too small and end up being more fiddly and fragile than they’re worth. There are a few really thin edges especially on one of the top hatches and one of the grilles for the back. The commander’s cupola is pretty rough, it ends up looking alright but it really could have used another revision to make it go together neatly.

    There is at least one mistake in the instructions, in one of the early steps there are actually two sets of different parts with the same numbers. The pictures are clear enough you can tell if you picked the wrong ones, but considering it was step 1 or 2 it was annoying to see a mistake so early. The gun mount is neat because it offers some deflection and elevation, but it’s floppy so it droops down a little bit.

    The plastic itself is decent but not as good as Tamiya, but better than other kits i’ve seen. It doesn’t sand or smooth out super nicely so the sprue cuts don’t clean up as nicely as some do. There was some flashing on some of the molds, and some pieces are a little bit thinner than they really ought to be. The plastic also reacts fairly strongly to the model cement. Which is good in one way because when it hardens it forms a nice bond, but if you have to tweak or adjust things it can end up getting a bit gooey and stringy.

    I would say the kit is about 10% too expensive for the quality you get. It ends up looking good, it goes together OK, and it has the advantage of actually being available, so it’s certainly not a bad product. But when you compare it to the quality that you can get for cheaper, it feels like maybe the price is a little off.

    Still, i did buy another Zvezda kit as well, so I’ll see how that one turns out too.

  7. Mad Mark

    Muy entretenida de montar aunque faltan explicaciones. Hay piezas duplicadas, otras que no sirven para nada y otras con la numeración duplicada y que llevan a engaño. Pero por lo general la maqueta es muy correcta y el encaje de las piezas perfecto. Tal vez el montaje de las orugas sea lo mas complejo. Ha sido mi primera maqueta de Zvezda pero no la última

  8. Mad Mark

    El vendedor envaló muy bien el paquete, gracias.
    La maqueta no tiene gran detalle (no hay textura ni cosas como soldaduras), pero el molde es muy bueno, piezas bien difinidas y sin rebaba, asique por los 21,60 que me costó, merece muchísimo la pena.

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