Academy U.S. Army RQ-7B UAV Airplane Model Building Kit

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  • 1/35th scale
  • Two U.S. Army figures in camouflage uniforms are included with a digital camouflage decal
  • “Cartograf” premium quality decals included for four versions
  • Detailed engine, realistic fixed tricycle landing gear and includes a display stand
  • Paint and glue not included

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

3.82 x 4.84 x 1.12 inches



Item Weight

6.9 ounces

Number of Pieces




Product Dimensions

3.82 x 4.84 x 1.12 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Model Rectifier Corp.

Country of Origin

Korea, Republic of

Date First Available

August 21, 2012

6 reviews for Academy U.S. Army RQ-7B UAV Airplane Model Building Kit

  1. mrmag1


  2. Nickolas Williamson

    Had a customer want this UAV built for his collection, and figured it couldn’t be too bad. Typically 1:35 scale projects are a nice little break, because you’re not fiddling with tons of tiny parts. That’s until the box for this thing showed up…..It’s small. Real small….the RQ-7B is a hand launched UAV for Army ground troops, and they pretty much put all the muscle into getting this thing airborne. This is NOT the conventional Global Hawk, Predator, or Reaper that you’re accustomed to seeing on TV. If that’s what you’re looking for, then try somewhere else. Again, this thing is tiny. That being said, it could be a really cool weekend project if you’re in the mood for a quick project to spark your interest back up. It comes with two figures that are really nicely done, although my customer was only interested in the UAV, so I scrapped those to the spares box, and they’ll make great crew chief figures in a later build should I so choose. Essentially the build has three major sections..the main body itself, the wings, and the aft stableizor, and the engine. The only real problem area I saw for this kit was the small rods that extend to the tail itself. These are pretty flimsy, and can easily be bent or damaged if handled too rough while trying to install. Also, on the tail plane piece, do not shave off the little tabs on the sides, as these are lineup marks to help the piece fit into the small grooves on the tail poles. I made this mistake, and had to apply additional work trying to get it to come together. The engine stacks together nicely, and can be taken care of with a few coats of aluminum and silvers to bring out some engine detail. Nothing is really difficult about this kit, and painting and decaling it are no big deal either. The decals offered no problems, which was a joy. If quick and small are your thing, then this kit is certainly recommended. That being said, I can’t for the life of me figure out why they are charging so much for it. Perhaps because of the included figures, but even then I cannot justify the price tag. This kit shouldn’t go for anymore than $20, and that is still a bit of a stretch in my opinion. I’ve seen 300+ part kits run for cheaper than what you’re getting here, and these are two very simple sprues of small parts. There is an included base with a launch mechanism included if you’d like to pose your UAV ready for take-off. I didn’t paint mine, just glued it on the black base to keep it from getting damaged while sitting on surfaces. I simply rated it a three because it was a bit of a bore for me, as I prefer more detailed subjects. But for what it’s trying to accomplish, it does it well. Recommended.

  3. William Rutledge

    I flew this UAV when I was in the Army. Very good on detail and not too difficult to put together for someone like myself who had not put a model together in 20 years. Is missing the tail hook and I could never figure out how it was supposed to go on the stand without glueing it.

  4. K Lee

    Very good model kit , no flash on my sample, came on time , and packed very well , tree figures included look a little mushy molded but a little putty and shine detail’s will fix that .

  5. Jorge

    Awesome quality.

  6. Nickolas Williamson

    This is a RQ-7B SHADOW! not a MQ-1 PREDATOR! This is not correct and the army doesn’t even have Predators!

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