AMT Ford C600 Stake Bed w-Coca-Cola Machines 1:25 Scale Model Kit

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  • Brand: AMT

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‎Round 2, LLC




‎AMT – Ford C600 Stake Bed w/Coca-Cola Machines, (AMT1147)

Item Weight

‎1.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches

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9 reviews for AMT Ford C600 Stake Bed w-Coca-Cola Machines 1:25 Scale Model Kit

  1. William Whitten

    As with most AMT model kits, the casting is clean and sharp. The tires are soft rubber and easy to hub fit. There are many added feathers, including two large modern Coke machines, and 5 oil drums (hard to come by in 1/24th).
    I have unboxed the model, but have not put it together yet.

  2. andrew rogers

    lots of detail i.e. many parts-time and patience-this is a repop of an old kit which explains flash and fit issues-it is expensive to retool or machine new molds and they get worn-hats off to Model Empire for stocking this kit at a reasonable price

  3. rgcook513

    Easy to build, but a lot of excess flashing on the parts which hasto be careful he removed. I also found that some of the parts did not fit together as neatly as they should, and it seems as though these “Cabover” designs never line up when you close the cab over the engine. Some thing is always out of place!

    Other than that I’m pretty fun model to build.

  4. James Michel

    This model is not clear on parts they are not marked.
    Have trouble putting together because instructions are not clear. I whould not reckemend this model to any one.

  5. Amazonカスタマー


  6. BTG20

    This model was alright, I personally enjoyed this model, but beware, the fit for a lot of parts is quite bad and you will spend a lot of time sanding parts to fit. Also, the instructions are rather vague and it’s easy to get lost. Oh! Also the parts are not numbered, so you have to guess and hope. But if you have the patience, the model is quite fun.

  7. Douglas Stone

    they don’t number the parts but take your time,it will go together nicely.

  8. Tom maguire

    Its a cool old school truck

  9. ARayF

    It will go together without too much extra work to fit things together. Fairly good details, including engine, frame, and body details. Looks pretty convincing when finished if you work on it. Starters will find it challenging, experienced builders will find it satisfactory but not challenging.
    The Coke machine is a neat item.

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