Estes 1491 Taser Rocket Launch Set,Brown/A

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  • There’s no thrill quite like launching a model rocket, watching it streak skyward, reach peak altitude, and then return gently to earth. When you build them, the thrill is even better than ever. Thanks to Estes model rocketry, kids can explore the wondrous world of science while experimenting with different combinations of rockets, engines and accessories to better understand how rockets reach outer space.
  • SKILL LEVEL: The Taser is an easy-to-assemble, Beginner level rocket with pre-colored parts.
  • RECOMMENDED ENGINES: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, B6-6, C6-5, C6-7
  • PROJECTED ALTITUDE: 1100 ft. (335 m) on a C6-7
  • ESTIMATED ASSEMBLY TIME: 1 Hour (painting and glue drying time not included)
  • Ready to fly in minutes
  • Custom 3 Fin design
  • E2X Skill Level
  • Flies up to 1000 ‘
  • Launch System Included

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1491 Taser Rocket Launch Set, E2X

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January 1, 2018

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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17 x 0.98 x 17 inches


Rocket Launch Set

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12 Up

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1.34 pounds

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Estes Rockets 1491 Taser Rocket Launch Set, E2X



Item Dimensions LxWxH

17 x 0.98 x 17 inches







9 reviews for Estes 1491 Taser Rocket Launch Set,Brown/A

  1. Matthew J. Hunt

    I have a couple of different launch pad setups and this is the most recent addition to our “kit” for Cub Scouts.

    It assembles pretty easily (like most other, modern Estes sets) and adjusts angle in case your ground is terribly uneven or you are fighting prevailing breezes.

    The launch control is essentially the same as all of them with the little “key” to complete the circuit and the button to launch… which you have to press really hard and hold until launch. It uses 3 AA batteries, instead of a 9 volt battery like the older ones.

    This is a great set and the included rocket kit is nice. It flies well, but it is constructed with the modular plastic rear pieces for the fins and motor mount. A C motor sends it super high! LOL

  2. Sean Mongan

    My son’s first rocket, spending time together to build it and ready it, a few days of inclement weather delayed the launch, he was so excited the first clear sunny day. Set everything up correctly, the whole family came out to watch his first rocket launch…
    And the controller didn’t work, rechecked all continuity points, replaced the new batteries with more new batteries, and… doesn’t work.
    The controller itself has missing wires inside of it!
    Very low quality control, and my son was sad, embarrassed in front of the whole family and is likely never to show interest in rocketry again.

  3. James C.

    The media could not be loaded.

     To start with, a good recommendation for beginners would be to buy a rocket “kit” rather than just a rocket. Rocket kits come with a launch pad and the launch pad’s accessories so buying the kit gets you that required stuff; the kits also come with with a rocket. From there what you will need seperately will be recovery wadding (which gets added to the rocket tube before each launch to protect the parachute from the engine blast and provide flame retardant), engines (to power the launch), some craft glue or super glue (for rocket assembly) and 4 AA batteries (for the ingenious electronic launch kit).
    This TASER rocket kit was a great place to start. For a modest price, this included a TASER rocket and the adjustable angle Porta-Pad launch pad (*reference the reviewer from 2014 that stated the pad is not adjustable, I can only assume Estes upgraded the launch pad in the last several years). Some assembly is required; together with my tween kids this took about a half hour to assemble; most of that time being dedicated to waiting for the super glue to set as we added each piece. Directions are fairly straight forward and the process is safe.
    Another recomendation I can make is to consider buying a seperate, fully assembled rocket in addition to the basic kit; doing so is a few dollars more but gives the flexibility of having a backup rocket in the event the assembly goes awry or the rocket cannot be recovered after a launch. That is what I did, and despite the assembly going fine and having recovered the rocket after our first launch, it was good to know we had a backup because on a few occasions our launch resulted in a never-to-be-seen again wind blown rocket and a rocket-in-a-tree situation. Plus you can set up for two launches at a time which is nice. All tallied up, I was in for about $48; that included this kit, wadding, engines and a back up ATHENA rocket. I had glue and batteries at home so I did not count that. The launch process is relatively simple and my kids have done it as well. The long wire extending from the launch kit allows the person launching to be a safe distance away from the rocket. I have included a short video of our first launch for reference; you can judge by the enthusiasm of my two boys how much kids (and many adults) dig rockets.
    One last tip I can offer is to start out with the lower powered A engines; then if you stick with it and get the hang of it, go to the C engines. Have fun, this is a nice hobby to do with kids. It makes them focus, build, get fresh air and think about physics while also getting the rush of launching and recovering a rocket. Have fun.

  4. This Guy

    I like this starter kit because it combines a model rocket and a proper launch pad system with ignition package. This allows beginners to start off on a good stable footing for their future enjoyment of rocket flight.

  5. Tec

    Great rocket bad explanation of what it comes with. Had to buy alot of extra bits

  6. Ssgt Barboza

    Impressive kit for beginners, my son and I are having a blast!! Remember to buy a motor and wadding!

  7. James C.

    This rocket exceeded expectations. My son is only 6 years old, so just wanted a fairly simple rocket that would not take too long to put together so we could get to the fun part of launching it. This kit comes with just about everything you need, rocket, parachute, launch stand, etc. The only things you need to purchase separately are the engines, recovery wadding, glue, plastic cement, and batteries for the launch control.
    It took about 20 mins to glue all the different components together and then, once dry, complete the final assembly. I did not have the plastic cement that was recommended, so I used some gorilla epoxy that I had. It held just fine, but application was a little messier than I would have liked and I ended up having to sand some areas clean after it had all dried. After it was assembled, i let my son apply all the decals and we were pretty much ready to go.
    We went to the park the next day to try it out. I used the A8 engines for our first go…. they fit very snugly in the rocket and I actually had to sand the end down a bit in order to get the cap on (may have been some dried epoxy inside preventing me from sliding the engine all the way in). Packing the parachute and shock cord too me a little while the first time, but was easier on subsequent attempts after i had gotten the hand of it.
    My son and even my 3yo daughter absolutely loved launching the rocket off. My son would hold the launch key down and my daughter would press the ignition button. Then they would both run after the rocket after each launch and pick up the bits of recovery wadding that rained down. We got in 9 launches in 90 mins and recovered each time, with almost no noticeable damage/wear to the rocket. Parachute fully opened every time except one, but fortunately I was able to catch it before it hit the ground. Overall it was a great way to spend an afternoon and we’ll definitely be buying more engines to use it again before winter.

  8. Rob

    The product is just a mess, lots of useless steps Nd things to put together. The person who actually created and engineered this product should quit the job. And when you assemble the thing is just so brittle and ready to break parts. Don’t waste money!

  9. Tec

    great but even though it says set you need many other items to launch, will probably be in box for a while yet

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