Fascinations MetalEarth – Gold Kinkaku-ji

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  • Three Sheet Model
  • Ages 14+
  • Simply pop out the pieces and connect using tabs and holes.
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging

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4.72 x 0.04 x 6.69 inches

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0.704 ounces

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13 reviews for Fascinations MetalEarth – Gold Kinkaku-ji

  1. Jen

    Terzo modellino Metal Earth costruito. Bellissimo. Tutto in lamiera color oro. Non presenta grosse difficoltà. Solo la punta presenta pezzi piccolini. Ci vuole un po’ di tempo per farlo, perché a differenza di altri modelli che hanno 2 fogli, questo ne ha 3 per l’assemblaggio. Le raccomandazioni sono le stesse; leggere bene le istruzioni, utilizzare pinzette, e tronchesi, e munirsi di tanta pazienza e passione. Non è un giocattolo!

  2. Zeph

    This is my first time doing something like this & it was so much fun. I love puzzles & i love 3d puzzles but ive never tried metal or one this small. I did have to buy mini jewlery pliers but thats fine with me. Overall, it only took one day to actually remove all of the pieces & put the entire thing together. It fits into the palm of my hand & thank goodness my eyesight is only minimally poor. Otherwise, i suggest a lit magnifying lamp or something. There are small tabs that you have to bend/twist & are hard to see sometimes. I will definitely be buying more of these in the near future.

  3. Dany

    Dà molta soddisfazione nella costruzione e il color oro lo impreziosice alla vista. Nonostante sia uno dei modelli da tre fogli indicato come impegnativo, è piuttosto agevole con delle semplici pinzette e giusto una banale penna per i pezzi da arrotondare. Basta procedere con un pò di calma e attenzione, senza sollecitare inutilmente i piccoli pezzi (di quelli ritenuti fragili c’è comunque un doppione di sicurezza per un secondo tentativo).

  4. Justagirlinpnw

    They’re all impossible, until you develop your technique. I’ve ruined two, succeeded in two. I remove the pieces by pushing the tiny connectors with an exacto blade on a cutting pad until I hear a little click. Also, sometimes I cheat by applying a drop of mixed-up epoxy with a toothpick. This particular model was very satisfying, and went together easier than some.

  5. Etaoin

    As others have said, this metal earth model would be a good starter. It has lots of simple folds and a fairly low parts count. However, this model requires long, straight folds and will be much easier if you use the Small Shop bending tool. I did and had an easy time of it. The only tricky parts are the roof curves and the Phoenix. I used dowels to create the roof curves and got an OK fit, not perfect, but ok. It is hard to do the curves and get the four quadrants of the roof to match.

    Lucky for me, Metal Earth gives you two birds for the tippy top, so if you mess up the first one, then you have a spare.

    I like the gold colored metal. It is a nice touch, even if Kinkakuji is only gold leaf on the top story. Sticklers for authenticity can paint the lower stories the correct colors if they wish.

  6. D. P. Daniel

    This was high on fun and low on frustration. It’s a wonderful intermediate piece for people already familiar with Metal Earth models. The instructions were clear and followed a logical sequence. A reviewer took off a point for the directions, but never clarified what the problem was.
    This is one of the “easier” 3 sheet models. I felt it was comparable, in size and difficulty, to the Neuschwanstein Castle.
    It’s a beautiful model with tons of details – railings, doors that open and the little bird on top. A gorgeous addition to anyone’s model collection.
    I would definitely do this before attempting the Himeji Castle. The castle is much more challenging!

  7. Pao

    Está bonito el producto, pero se armó en 3 hrs. Es una miniatura.

  8. Mark V

    Details are easy to take out of the metal sheets. The GOLD metal seems softer and easy to work with than the SILVER one. Instructions are very easy to follow. The pieces are big enough to handle/bend without breaking. I had a feeling of joy and excitement while working on the project. My daughter (13 years old) took over and easily completed the project. We had some duplicate pieces left over.

  9. Dany

    I’m loving this product, it was a lot of calm fun to put together and the end result is just gorgeous. Very pleased

  10. Cochran-Law

    I’m still putting this one together, but having gotten through the first section (the full base of the temple) I have to say I’m VERY impressed with this model. I’ve done around 9 Metal Earth kits so far, but this is the first I’ve done in the gold color rather than the usual aluminum/silver color. It may be my imagination, but the gold sheets feel sturdier. This one is going together very nicely.

    Just a note – PLEASE heed the manufacturer’s warning that these are NOT toys and are not for children. These kits require patience (particularly the 3-sheet models, which can take a couple hours to complete). These do not go together like simple puzzles.

    Also, without a few tools, you simply cannot complete them – in particular, needle nose pliers are helpful and flat-nose pliers are basically required. The company sells a branded kit, but I bought it and I can tell you the quality is VERY mediocre.

  11. JC

    Very excited!!

    Took it out of the envelope and the first thing that struck me was how heavy it was. I’m used to dealing with photo-etched bits, which are much finer and lighter. I realize these aren’t the same thing, but it still (pleasantly) surprised me.

    There is no “flap” on the package to open so just rip off the top. Inside you will find the separate sheets of parts, two in the case of this model. Also a double sided folded sheet of paper that are the instructions. The instructions seem deceptively simple. The individual parts of the model are not labeled on the metal sheets, only on the instruction sheet. Do carefully go over the instructions before you start fiddling with the pieces.

    The instructions don’t tell you how to remove the pieces off the sheets, which seems a terribly odd omission. The back of the package does state “Parts can be easily removed from the metal sheets using a pair clippers …” though it fails to mention what kind. I use the 

    Xuron 410 Micro-Shear Flush Cutter

    . Works great. The package does go on to say that tweezers are good for “bending and twisting the “connection tabs.”

    I’m not going to get into the details of building the kit, other than to say you should take your time and not be in a rush. There are a lot of videos on YouTube of people doing step-by-step construction, some with just the basics while others document the entire build of specific kits. You should heck them out.

    Finally, enjoy putting together these little masterpieces!!

  12. Igor Diakov

    This was my first time building anything like this. The instructions were a bit daunting at first reminded me of building Ikea furniture. The metal is very soft and I did break one of the first pieces, so I was more careful after that. It definitely takes a delicate hand and attention to detail. As well as wire cutters, tweezers and/or a pair of small pliers. Luckily I had some made for jewellery making. Overall I had fun and I’m very happy with the end result, I’ll probably do another one in the future.

  13. D. P. Daniel

    It wasn’t as easy as I had thought. That being said I’d recommend needle nose pliers for the tabs that are in awkward spaces because so of the tabs can be hard to bend. But overall it was fun to build and took about an hour to build it.

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