Guillow’s Sopwith Camel Model Kit

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  • Sopwith Camel has a 28″ wingspan
  • Series 800 kits are truly model building worthy of the time and effort and contain the best quality materials and instructions
  • Designed for U-Control or rubber powered free flight
  • Guillow’s – your one source for model plane kits since 1926
  • Made in the USA

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20.25 x 2.5 x 8.56 inches



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1.4 pounds

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20.25 x 2.5 x 8.56 inches

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Flat River Group

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October 2, 2001

13 reviews for Guillow’s Sopwith Camel Model Kit

  1. Parker

    really enjoyed making it a fine model

  2. Lanke

    I just finished Guillows1/16 P-51 with lazer-cut parts. What a joy to build! Now I’m sure the Sopwith Camel will also build into an impressive finished product but it’ll be a harder road getting there. This must be one of their oldest kits because the die “cuts” across the grain are now just squished lines. If Guillows is going to continue this kit, they need to either retool their dies or, better yet, go with lazer cutting. Personally, I’d be willing to spend a few more bucks for the better technology.

  3. Liz

    The balsa parts are well cut and the basic design is sound. There were too many, two-piece plastic parts that I would have expected the manufacturer to substitute with better quality, wooden or fully assembled plastic parts including: the prop (a decent wooden prop should have been included) the two-piece plastic version is crap!, the two-piece machine guns are excessively finicky, prefaced wooden pieces would have made for a better product. The decals are poor quality. Two of the important decals fractured as soon as wetted making for required touch-up paint in the finished product. Better quality vinyl versions would be better. Considering the manufacturer deliberately leaves out a number of parts needed for U-control or free flight adaptations, I would have expected them to compensate the kit with some higher quality finishing details. Overall Ok but not really worth the price.

  4. DOOM

    I bought this kit as a warehouse deal – It was all intact. . . . I scored!
    I’m not sure when I’ll get to it, but, perhaps soon – there’s no deadline when your retired, there’s only dead..

  5. Steven T.

    It was a gift to a friend. He liked it but it was quite difficult. I might have misjudged his level of ability. I think he liked rising to the challenge though.


    I got it for my daughter who was interested in this and it’s no less than what I expected. The instructions are reasonably clear but not necessarily complete, but from what I recall, they were written about 50 years ago and assume you have a certain amount of innate knowledge. And of course, 50 years ago this was a very male gender-centric activity so my daughter keeps noticing that the instructions implicitly assume that it’s a guy building the thing but that’s a relatively minor irritation.

  7. DOOM


  8. Lanke

    This kit was relatively easy to build for its size. The first picture shows not only a 12 inch ruler but a plastic 1/72 Camel in front to get an idea of its size; it’s big. The only problem was with the substitute plywood that was supplied; it was useless. I had to make my own wing struts out of wood. Had this been an earlier kit, they would have given you the plywood.
    As well as painting the model with acrylic paint, I need clear acrylic medium to make the decals stick on. Without it, they would just have peeled off.
    I looked in Time-Life’s aviation books for the color scheme. Roy Brown, credited with shooting down the Red Baron used a red cowling, as I painted it, not the usual aluminum cowling.
    A word about the plastic parts: If you trim them to the edges and try to glue them together with plastic cement, its unlikely to work as you are butting 1/32 of an inch to another 1/32. There are two alternatives to use: One leave a 1/16 of an inch flange around the edges. It won’t look good but you’ll be able to glue the halves together. Two fill the entire parts with plastic modeling clay, non drying, and press the halves together. I used the later method for the pilot halves and machine guns.

  9. xyzzy

    A mix of Balsa and polystyrene, very low quality build material, not what I expected from guillows, I won’t be using them again.

  10. Jerry Downing

    So far I have gotten 4 of these for my 96 year old grandfather and he couldn’t be happier. He just finished the Red Barron with ease, now time to finish the plane the shot him down!

  11. R. E. Wood

    bought for my dad & should keep him entertained for months. Very detailed, comprehensive instructions, options to make as a replica display model or as a flying model with either rubber motor of glow engine.

  12. Anne C. Buell

    Great model, it is Di-cut, but I’ve found no issues with it so far. As long as you’re careful, it’ll look great. Not too hard, and also not too easy. I’m 15 and have a little backround in modeling, but never with Balsa, if that helps your experience reccomendation.

  13. Parker

    Excellent kit and good value for money EXCEPT the plastic parts which are shoddy

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