Hobby Boss HY83401 USS Arizona BB-39 Boat Model Building Kit

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  • Decals and color painting reference.
  • Completed length is approximately 10.4″. Ex-Banner/Trumpeter/Minihobby mold.
  • 1/700 Scale Ship

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Hobby Boss





Item Dimensions LxWxH

10.42 x 1.66 x 3.2 inches



Item Weight

2.99 ounces

Number of Pieces


Product Dimensions

10.42 x 1.66 x 3.2 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



MMD Holdings, LLC

Date First Available

June 15, 2009

8 reviews for Hobby Boss HY83401 USS Arizona BB-39 Boat Model Building Kit

  1. Terry L Everett

    Purchased for my brother

  2. Andrea Medina

    Model is low priced and not bad for the price. I have bought a few of these kits mostly for spare parts for alterations on other kits. I’d recommend this model for people just starting out as It’s rather well laid out with directions and not overly complicated. Ideal for younger or beginning modelers and the finished product is nice looking. Their may be better kits out there but you’d have to pay almost 3 times as much for them. You get what you pay for and price is right.

  3. Jessthemess

    I picked up this kit for practice because I really wanted to do the Arizona justice when I moved on to a bigger scale, namely, Revell’s version in 1:426. I had never built a ship before, (I mostly model armor), and had to familiarize myself with some of the various USN terminology to be able to properly research the build for historical accuracy. I found some very informative posts in the Airfix tribute forum, as well as a complete (and very extensive) build review online by Charles Landrum. He builds the larger scale also in his review, but nevertheless, the information he provides about the Arizona itself is extremely helpful for this kit also.

    The kit itself is mostly what you would expect for one of it’s age and make. I had no issues with the fit of the hull, but when it came time to work on the superstructures I had to make some modifications, so make sure you dry fit EVERYTHING. The yardarms in particular were very fragile, so it took an extremely light touch. I drilled out all of the portholes, and after some research realized that some are misplaced. If you are terribly concerned with historical accuracy I strongly recommend the book that Mr. Landrum references in his review. I still haven’t worked the rigging yet, because, quite frankly, I’m afraid of breaking stuff. I ended up lighting the model with some small LED’s that I found online at (also for practice for the larger scale Arizona). Their lighting kits are easy to use, inexpensive, and don’t require soldering.

    All in all, this was a great introduction to the USS Arizona. Since I was mostly concerned with the fundmentals to base my next project on, I’m not going to post a picture of the finished product. I will say that this kit could be built up into a fantastic display piece all on it’s own with little extra effort, at least in my opinion. Tom’s and GMM do make PE kits for this kit also if a person was inclined to go all out on it. If you’re new to modeling and/or ships, and want to build a display-worthy memorial to the USS Arizona, I strongly recommend this kit to practice on (for the price you can’t beat it).

  4. Michael J Rondhuis

    This is a great kit, very detailed, but very small. The finished boat is about 10″ long or so. I bought it for my 4yr old who became obsessed with the Arizona after a trip to Pearl Harbor. It took me several hours over 3 days to put together. I’m very good with tweezers now. And I used super glue so it would dry faster…for me, it was not fun to put together. The hardest part was the barrels on the main guns. They are thinner than toothpicks and don’t have any mechanism to line them up or hold them in place. I used modelling clay to make a slight wedge so I could line them up parallel and at the same elevation.

    I’m fairly proud of the fact that its still mostly intact after 3 months. He plays with it, but he’s surprisingly careful. We (and I mean me) also put together a model of the Missouri. It was a larger scale and went together much more quickly and easily. Unless you’re a masochist, listen to the guy in Jaws and “get a bigger boat!”

  5. Gin

    The parts construction is good quality and detail; durable and not likely to break or snap while removing from the spars or fitting in place.

    The scale of the model is off however. In the description it says it measures at just over 10 inches long but when measured actually comes in around 8.75 inches, making it not 1/700 and out of scale if you have other 1/700 models displayed.

    If you’re going to build it as a standalone model then go for it, but if you want to display it as part of a 1/700 scale fleet then absolutely do not purchase this kit. You’ll be disappointed.

  6. fasdfdjkl;

    This is a relatively easy model to assemble at this scale. It is not the “highest quality” model out there as far as detail goes but the pieces fit together nicely and when painted it can actually look pretty great even next to much more detailed and expensive models. It does come with the bottom hull with the option to leave it off for a waterline look, however it doesn’t have a baseplate for waterline. All in all a great model for the price!

  7. Shae Lynn MaLayley

    I think it was a good buy I would recommend someone who really likes to do models and has a like to navy ships

  8. Jessthemess

    My Dad built models when I was a kid and the USS Arizona has always had a special place in my heart, so when my 9 yr old son asked to start building model battleships – this is the one I ordered. It was easy enough to figure but know that we weren’t perfect in our application – I’ve got more skills that need harnessing here – however, quality of the model was good enough for me to figure and for him to love.

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